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Eyeliner comparision - MAC vs Avon

So with so many brands on the market it is often hard to know what to choose plus what will meet your needs. So I'm going to be doing a months versus and beauty chat post now to see what I've been using and how i think they compare. 
Now I've chosen eyeliners as i use these so much and the pencil ones i would use as a waterline product. Now i have a MAC pencil and 2 Avon pencils that are well know for quality.
So this is the start of something exciting as i can pick one high end then compare to a more affordable range. But by all means comment your thoughts to me.

The 3 eyeliners i will be testing 
Now all the liners are black in shade and i have above the MAC liner , Avon glitter-stick and Avon super-shock to test and in the swatches (L-R Super-shock (literally), Glitter-stick and MAC).
Now I've separated each below and given the swatch and look of the pencil in more detail, apologies the Avon writing is very metallic so the flash bounced off it so much.
So shall we begin ?

MAC Eyeliner in Black

So i did 2 batches of swatches to see if i could notice the differences more by looking at them from different angles and applications. The MAC i really thought would just overstep the avon. In saying that i think this has a dark brown and black undertone. It is a twist up and a more of a brow pencil design. So i did find this one i did have to warm it a lot to get the same colour pigment as the others, plus i really had to in doing this found it would then give the colour if it was more warm. 
It disappointed me as i really do think for a quite expensive eyeliner this would perform better. It also chalks and flakes when you are working it into the place you want, so i can see the precision not being great and you may end up needing to touch this up. So MAC need to see that drugstore brands have really upped the formulas and look back at all the formulas to see if they better the standard.

Avon - Glitterstick in black

The Glittersticks again have the same twist up design as MAC plus they come in a range of colour and i already own some of these. They don't take as much work as the MAC liner plus the pigment is really dark and will not break when applying. It also holds a little sparkle so when you hit a certain light, I'm sure it will give them some extra POP to an eye look for an event or during the day.
So i would say these are great on a budget and everyone can easy access a Avon rep in your area by checking the online site and can order there too. The formula is creamy too but i really think these twist ups due to the nature of the stick needing to be quite firm to hold up or not melt within the tube. So you will need to warm it first plus i think these pencils work better personally under the waterline or as brow tools.

Avon - Supershock in black 

So the Super-shock is the one thats the only pencil design i have. Now this one is really creamy and reminded me so much of perversion that i was double taking and re-swatching all the time to check i wasn't going a bit ga-ga. So i wasn't and now by the swatch you can tell its very creamy and the pigment is so black, plus the swatch shows a little bit will give a great layer of product. This was the hardest to remove off my hand after swatching. 
I have a spare one of these in my draw. So I'm happy with this Avon supershock as it offers a gel based liner which then sets so it wont move nor run if you want to use it in the waterline.

My friend sent me these along with the YSL mascara for my birthday. I am going to open the YSL now as its so pretty, plus i know that this will be fabulous in moisturising (so I've heard). Plus a Shadow stylist which I've not seen as yet so thank you.

Birthday parcel from a lovely and generous friend

Gold place - Avon Supershock
Silver place - Avon Glitterstick 
Bronze place - MAC 

What is your most relied on Kohl eyeliner ? Liking the versus series ?

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