Monday, 29 July 2013

Ellis Faas - Creamy lips present

Now Ellis faas is a brand I know of and I recieved this as a total surprise this week as a gift from a dear friend and person I consider as a sister. I really was so grateful as you'll see below how beautiful it is.
She had shown me some Ellis faas that she had bought and I was impressed with the colour ranges and overall quality.  Especially the creamy lips product as the colours are so vibrant. There are 9 shades in all and so rich and vibrant. Its now making me think i need to get a creamy eyes. However my spending ban is in full force still. So Xmas list it goes lol 

They say

For classic lipstick definition and longwearing coverage, use soft and velvety Creamy Lips. Apply Creamy Lips with the spongy applicator first by painting the lips with just a small amount of lipstick, then fully load the applicator to fill inside of the lips. Versatile Creamy Lips is also great for a more stained effect -- just load a tiny bit of the lipstick onto the applicator, apply and blot for a matte stain.

As you can see the packaging is sleek and the tube within very stylish in a silver bullet shaped applicator. It took some twisting to get the product to come through but once it did, my goodness what a beautiful way to apply this. It has miniature hairs on the end so its not just a flat tiped gloss type applicator. Its innovative like a wand and sponge in one to apply this beautiful product. 

Apologies for my bad photo but I had recieved this just after returning from hospital. So as you can see its intense and beautiful. I'm in love with this colour so much as its not sticky. Doesn't dry the lips and feels luxiourious. I'm so grateful to receive this product. Pigmentation is amazing as you can see, lasting power is a good 6 hours or more as your lips do remain stained. The packaging reminds me of the elongated bullets you see and the collection itself all the packaging is very army inspired in my opinion. I really do think its lovely and a collection that you can have that is with-standing and timeless. I think the message is not in promotion on war but brings a new meaning to the saying "putting my war paint on" and i think every woman daily puts war paint on for empowerment and not suppression. So I'm so happy i was introduced to this makeup designer. I may actually defiantly look into purchasing a few more items or putting them on this years, xmas list. 

Within the gift box from were these generous samples and I will be using them as they are lovely, good sized and well picked to my skin.

I can't keep thanking my friends enough for there continued support and generosity when I'm il and I wish to publically say it here to them all. (They know who they are). Thank you to my soul sistah, my Scottish beauty, my sense when the world seems lost and all of you whom make this world a brighter place for me. Your my shinning lights and I think of you all as family and where my heart calls home. Xxxxxxxx 


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