Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Amie - New leaf exfoliating polish

Another lovely offering from Amie, this is a gentle and natural scrub. Suitable for all skin-types. 

They say - 
Aime's carefully-edited collection of natural beauty essentials work hard and deliver visible results, and the range is particularly great for temperamental, unbalanced and sensitive skin. Specially formulated to work in complete harmony with your skin to keep it clear, soft and radiant, let Amie help you beat troublesome blemish-prone skin, and control oiliness and breakouts with its hard-working collection of natural sebum regulators and anti-bacterials.

 A good way to reduce the appearance of blackheads is by daily washing or cleansing. Using a good exfoliator, such as New Leaf, to unclog pores and deep cleansing skin once or twice a week also helps. I highly recommend including an exfoliator to your skincare regieme.

So it arrived as all Amie skin care comes in a lovely pastel pink wrapped package.

Inside it comes with information on the range for the whole series and I haven't been disappointed as yet with one product. Its an affordable skincare regieme for anyone to start with young or old. It's natural and essential ingredients to ensure your skin is protected and hydrated.

So this scrub is a lovely gentle exfoliate that I use when I have a break from using  my clarisonic. I do not use my clarisonic daily as it can break me out with over use. So I like to use a gentle scrub to clean my face in the morning, as I really do need to feel like my face is really cleaned and exfoliated before my makeup routine.

  If I use this in the morning or evening to really feel fresh and clean, plus if I have missed any areas with my cleansing wipes the night before. It's a perfect first time scrub if your looking for a gentle exfoliator. 

It smells amazing and its mango seed little beeds mixed with the orange fresh smell, it just makes you want to use it as a body scrub .I'm addicted to it and  I think it's a fantastic product. It does same as the more expensive scrubs and offers the same quality. I'm amazed how much I love Amie's contributions, as scrubs usually can have me in agony as they are too harsh and abrasive etc. 

 As you can see below on my hand how it comes out of the tube and then thinned down when it's had water added . The mini orange beads are adorable and just with the orangey smell, makes this product a very well thought of, cohesive product. Its such value for money and i would recommend this to all whom are looking for a brand on a budget but also offers quality. 

I'm  so impressed and cannot thank Amie enough for introducing me to there fantastic line of products.

This Amie gift bag will be a definite on my list to purchase for a few of my nearest and dearest. Plus it's amazing value. 

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