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Love me Beauty - September 2013 Menu

So what was is now Love me beauty and i will admit i was dubious but wow nope they are still offering above average offerings of products to trial with the same chance to pick your box from 3 options.

They say 

IT’S  WHAT’S  ON  THE  OUTSIDE  THAT COUNTS    When it comes to packaging, that is. And we strive to ensure ours has the lowest possible impact on the world around us.  That’s why every box that arrives at your door is 100% recyclable.  We even measure the carbon impact of each of our packs, and always live by the following rules:
Less is more: use as little material as possible per box
Old is new: go for as much recycled and recyclable material as possible
Carbon is bad: deliberately avoid high carbon materials
(Don’t worry – we make sure our packaging protects your products just as much as it does our planet!)

It’s all good saying we’ll help towards a brighter future for our planet – but what about those living in it who need a little help too?  Well, that’s where our legacy comes in. We allocate a percentage of the business’ profits to charities that are close to our hearts and our homes. The overall vision being to promote a sustainable future for people and planet alike.

Contents : 
Anatomicals - No bags allowed eye gel
  Murad -  Osmolyte Tonic
Essential care - Lip care balm
Artdeco - Eyeshadow primer
Matriskin - Vitamin C Serum

So i know the Anatomicals brand and I've not had a great experience with the products I've had before but i will give anything a try and will use this. I think its only fair to try a product then just tar a brand by a few not to my taste products.

Also i know essential care and i love the Lip balm as i go through lip balm like its going out of fashion over winter, so i gladly took another one into the stash. So well stocked for winter and natural brand i really like is brilliant. This essential care brand is really good for any skin especially if you want to go natural, so i really enjoyed the light moisturiser in a previous beauty box and have sachets i take with me to hospital when i go. So i know it wont irritate my skin and reliable.

So with this box you may think its not looking much, but believe me that little bottle of Matriskin serum you see itself is worth £40 so thats the box over and above paid for. Now your thinking why is there no Nip and fab product ? Well honestly i don't use leg products bar a razor as ok news to the blog, a first time announcement. Im a amputee and have one leg so having a leg product goes to no use, i explained this to Love me Beauty and i can say the best customer service ever as they offered me a selection of products they had left and i could replace the nip and fab. I loved the ArtDeco primer so i defiantly wanted a backup for the one i use.

Murad spritz is a great addition to the mix as with winter and blemishes, cold and bugs floating around what better then reliable brand to help nourish and keep your skin as in good condition it can be.
This Osmolyte tonic is the perfect refresher to the skin.

I really love this box so much, its natural and offers an amazing value for money. I love that i have a choice of 3 boxes each month as not everyone likes the same things but there is a box there I've never not liked nor had the option given to me to skip the month or trade one product for a choice of another. Thats customer service the bigger brands need to listen to and watch as Love me Beauty i hope continues to rise and meet the competitors as they will be given a shock.
So if they can get more natural brands on board then i will be defiantly enjoying the ride to see and try quality samples, as so far I've not had a bad box.

Come on natural brands !! sign up to this box and promote your products as its really being enjoyed from what i can tell by its subscribers.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing box, wish it was available in Australia!!

    And by the way, I have just started an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY, hope you will enter..


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