Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dove - New hair conditioners

So I find its important to review the daily essentials, as well as the makeup additions to my collection. After all I love to know products I can use that are affordable and work. 
So I was asked to review the Dove conditioners, after being so impressed with the haircare range. 

They include ;

- Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner (Gold)

- Dove Intensive repair Treatment Conditioner (Blue)

Intensive Repair ; 

Introducing the next generation of daily conditioner with the added benefits of a treatment. Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner works in just one minute. Our dual action formula contains Fibre Actives™ technology which penetrate deep inside the hair to help reinforce damaged proteins without weighing hair down as well as helping to repair and sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage. Prevents split ends and breakage.

My Review ; 
I think this and the Gold were my overall favourites to use as they really did help rejuvenate my hair. They are thick and deep penetrating conditioners which for my hair is just what's needed. (corse and thick) I do need a conditioner that I can work into my hair and not it just rinse off within the shower. This coats the hair and within the steam, this gentle heat means the moisture can make the conditioner really work its magic. My hair has been less tangled and flyaway, easier to style and the least work for a good time. I think these are excellent choices for the affordable, everyday woman whom wants quality and results.  

Nourishing oil express treatment ;

 Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner smoothes up to 100% roughness and controls frizz (when used with Dove Nourishing Oil Care shampoo).

My review ;
Now as I said above, my review for the Blue intensive repair would be a close call.  Now the nourishing oil is as again for my hair, (which I do use oils as treatments) a perfect addition to my haircare range. It's affordable to use regularly so you can gain a effective result and also it works for me. I used this when my hair was struggling to re grow and gain strength. It has served as a wonderful contionditioner to my hair which is re growing plus the hair I have. It maintains and helps restore the hair I have, making it less dull but makes it look  revitalised. The oils I'm sure have put nutrients and health into the hair regrowing. So the process of me loosing hair has slowed considerably. I know it was a hormonal accurance, it's good to know I can feel a little more confident now. 

Colour radiance ; 

Dove Express Treatment Colour Radiance Conditioner gently conditions colour treated hair in just one minute, leaving it feeling with a glossy radiant colour that lasts without weighing it down.

My Review ; 
Now I reviewed this for Dove a while back in summer when it was released as a duo with the shampoo for Buzz agent. I did love the formulation as I regularly dyed my hair and it was damaging. This shampoo and conditioner duo is fabulous for maintaining colour vibrancy and health to the hair. It again is affordable and works to maintain your hairs health. 


  1. I love Dove products! I use the body wash and the bar soap all the time! I love their ads about accepting who you are. I don't use the shampoo because they contain sulfates but if they ever make a sulfate free shampoo I would use it!


  2. The first one sounds like it would be good for me as I have really thick and heavy hair so thank you for such a thorough review x


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