Sunday, 2 February 2014

Impress nails review

So I've tried impress nails before and loved them so much. I was kindly sent 2 new designs to try. A beautiful floral design and two tone purple/black one. They are the short nail design. 

They are easy to apply and last if you prep your nails right. That means washing your hands and then using the pad included. You then size up each nail and have them done before you apply. 
I choose the floral design first as having 10 minutes to apply some nails, just gave me the therapy I needed on a bad day. 

Now these nails to me seemed different, maybe it's because it was a short length. However on a few nails as I was pulling the backing off, the glue balled up and came off the nail. This didn't happen when I've used them before and they seemed to stick better before. This version the nail glue I found, was further down so it was sticking to my skin. Maybe this is why I had the thumb nails flip off after 2 days. As the skin was making it bend. So I think the normal ones suit me or it might be my thumb nails are a little too short, so need extra stick. I did find using some adhesive helped to stick the thumbs on, then they were on for good. The purple version did not ball up and stuck on fine. So there must have just been a odd nail that was not applying properly. 

They lasted 5 days with only the thumbs needing changing. So maybe there was a few little oddities as my nails were longer before. Hence had no problem with the adhesive, so maybe that is why I had a issue. I love impress nails as they give me the acrylic nail feeling and relaxation to have a pamper with. I would recommend these to anyone whom can't get to a salon. Plus the container means the ones you loose can be kept and used again. You just order some adhesive for nails then re-apply.


  1. I got sent these in a glossy box one but none of the shapes actually fit my nails so that was a bit of a disappointment. - I'd love for you to come check it out at some point :)

    1. That's such a shame , I've been told I have very small nails so I hope they take that more into consideration.

      I'd love to visit your blog.

  2. I tried these after getting them in a Glossybox and I completely hated them!

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    1. I think these nails you they unfortunately work for some people and not others :( .

  3. I've tried these before and they didn't really work for me, such a shame though as they're rather nice x

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    1. Yeah they certainly, I found work better if you do have more nail to stick too. Xx thanks for the commen hun x


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