Monday, 3 February 2014

Kiss lashes : Double pack "Wink" review

So Kiss lashes are not new to me and I've used the single packs before. They are ideal for beginners learning the art of lash application. I was kindly sent a double pack to review. 

They say ; 
Made with premium quality, natural hair these lashes are lightweight and reusable; add them to your everyday beauty regimen. The enclosed applicator makes them so easy to put on and this convenient double-pack is added value for the Lashionista!  

So this double pack comes with applicators, which do assist in really pressing that fiddly inner corner down. I have shakey hands so this really does help in maintaining the lash in place. Also with getting it as close as possible to the lash line.  The glue included also still changes colour to help you gage the application. If you need longer to place your lashes then this is helpful and also gives you a idea of when to apply. When they are at there most tacky you can apply then adjust. Which is a bonus for me as I can't apply lashes under pressure, also find waiting for glue to become tacky tedious. 
This double pack is also longer lashes so I did have to cut mine back. As they hit my glasses and looked un-natural. So a little trim was all they needed and the length is perfect. If you want long lashes for a night out, then the double pack can serve as a day and night pairs. So all in all this is a brand I still love and helped me in my lashes journey. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to perfect there skill and have comfy lashes. Also they are so comfy and the right band size, you won't even notice they are on.

As you can see by my pictures the length of the lashes. They really are amazing lashes so I'm really honoured to review Kiss lashes.

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