Monday, 17 March 2014

Nourish - Revival eye cream (Kale biomimetic formula)

It was no secret that I fell in love with Nourish products last year. There natural ingredient products are lovely and don't clog the skin. So with the introduction of the new " Revital eyes cream", it's intrigued me to see if it can help my sore and tired eyes. 

They say ; 
Supercharged with peptides, amino acids, B vitamins and antioxidants to boost natural resilience against signs of ageing. Biomimetic peptides boost the production of structural skin components to firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Vitamin-rich kale extract, macqui berry and pomegranate enzymes help counter puffiness and dark circles. 

Kale Biomimetic formula is an intense treatment for tired and puffy eyes, affected by dark circles and wrinkles. This 79% organic formula harnesses the power of ‘superfood’ Kale extract, which is used to protect skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and redness whilst promoting healing and a reduction in swelling. Kale extract, combined with anti-ageing bio-peptides: Chronoline and Kollaren for fine lines and wrinkles and healing yeast extract Drieline for ‘crows’ feet’, works to target internal cellular metabolism mechanisms influencing premature ageing and darkening around the eyes.

So the packaging is very small and sleek, making this perfect to carry in your handbag. To give a boost of hydration during the day when felt needed. I apply in the morning, to give my tired eyes some hydration. During the day i apply a small amount, as my eyes feel tired and need a little help. The cream is so light and absorbs into the skin with ease. It's a pale yellow cream, that feels like a serum when applied. 

One pump shown in the picture above, is plenty for both eyes. I found just lightly tapping the cream, onto the delicate eye areas. As the cream absorb's, I find my eyes don't feel as sore or heavy. I have heavy eyes with bags, mostly because I don't sleep easy. This little tube of revital eyes is the product, I would say has been a joy to try. 

 I would say this is another lovely product from nourish. It's been a essential addition to my handbag. Giving my tired eyes a boost during the day. Also I've found that having my eyes more hydrated, makes applying makeup easier.  No dry areas for product to stick too plus less concealing and creasing. 

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