Monday, 10 March 2014

W7 - New for spring 2014

So W7 is a brand of affordable makeup that I really enjoy using. I love the box powders especially and can't wait for the release of "Honey queen". They have just released some new products for eyes, lips and face. Also introducing real hair lashes. I've split the review into sections, so I can give an in depth.

Chunky eyes review 

So there is an endless choice of eye bases within the beauty world. I was very happy to see Chunky eyes. They are affordable. I love the colours in the range so far, hoping they release more options. 

Chunky eyes ; Cappuccino 

Chunky eyes are as good as the eye bases currently on the market. They are pigmented and butter soft sticks of colour. I use this as a base then set it with an eyeshadow, as a casual daily eye colour. You could use as your eye colour, set with a translucent powder so it can last. Very handy for travelling with being so compact. The shades I recieved are cappuccino and mocha. Cappuccino  is a dark bronze/gold mix and absolutely stunning. I would use this with my smokey bronze looks, as it really will make golds and taupe shades pop. 

Chunky eyes : Mocha 

Mocha is a lighter rose gold/bronze and the perfect base for daily/night out looks. Just shaded with some light chocolate brown. The options in which to use these are endless. The chunky eyes are so multifunctional, I will be looking for the other colours to purchase.

Get real lashes review 
So with the eyeshadows completed,you may require some lashes. W7 have released a new range called "Get Real". Made from real hair to get that natural look. They seem very light and also look so soft. So I wasn't expecting much, however they are really good lashes. The glue included is so strong, plus turns blue on contact with the lash. Also the band is  sturdy so you can apply the glue. They are easy to apply,to blend with your own lash using mascara. Light and natural finish for the day or add volume for night.

Here I am wearing the Chunky eyes in cappuccino, using a light dust of eye shadow to set it. Then using the Get real lashes to add some volume. I did not apply mascara, as I wanted to show the initial appearance when applied. 

Chunky lips : Scandal 

Chunky lips review 

Chunky lips I would say is the same principle, as the lip crayons in the beauty market. Same packaging as the chunky eyes for easy application. These are also creamy and highly pigmented. They are very nice on the lips giving a hydrated, non heavy or sticky feeling. 

Chunky eyes : Delicious 

They are very vivid colours, perfect for the spring/summer season. I the love Chunky lips colours I was kindly sent. I will also be buying more colours, on the release date. As you can see the pigmentation is fantastic. 

Honolulu box powder review 

Now we move onto "Honolulu" box powder, which is beautifully presented. I love box powders as they are different. The pigment on this bronzer is beautiful and not muddy/reddish looking. It comes with the softest brush, which I now use to contour. I found the powder was easily blendable, giving a soft warm bronze finish. I would always buy this now, Instead if the more expensive variety. I can't wait to purchase them all. 

Overall impression

So my overall impression on W7's new additions are really positive. I love the Honolulu box powder, so I'm excited to purchase the rest in the range.The Chunky eyes are fantastic quality and affordable. Again il be sticking with these bases, hoping they release more colours. The Chunky lip crayons applied to the lips were so creamy. They have a lovely finish, which helped my dry lips look a lot better. The formula didn't make my lips feel heavy, nor leave a sticky finish. Perfect for travelling, as the are easy to fit into a makeup bag. The lashes were soft and easy to use, they felt secure as the glue is so strong. The lashes give a boost, if you want a more natural look. So W7 are releasing some amazing additions. 

I am going to do a second part to this review, which will feature face products. (Primer, foundation, box powders etc). Then a review featuring my  "In the buff" palette. 

Are there any W7 products you love to use ? Which would you like to see in my next segment ? 


  1. I'm 100% certain I bought the honalulu box a couple of years ago, so is it just a new formula?

  2. Not sure if it's a new formula ,the box is study and very pigmented.
    Thanks for your comment xx


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