Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New releases - W7

So we have had some amazing products, hit the shops and online in spring 2014. So shall we run down some more W7 cosmetics. Sorry this is going to be a long and in depth review. I'm just ready to share the innovative, quality and overall product's.

(W7 In the Buff-palette review, Coming soon)

They say ;
Step into the world of glamour and high fashion at affordable prices with W7 cosmetics. 
 W7 offers everything you need for a perfect makeover from grooming to dazzling that includes 
nail treatment, manicure items, eyebrow utensils, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, eye makeup, 
face makeup, applicators, makeup palettes and 150 shades of nail polish. 
Add lustre, funky colours and flavour into your regular makeup.

So firstly we have "W7's Honey Queen, honeycomb blusher" 

W7 have a new boxed powder, which have been compared to other brands. I love W7 boxed powders and find they are amazing for quality and price. The packaging is professional and no different to a bigger brands offerings. I'd use a compact mirror with the box powders, for on the go. 
Now the powder within you almost get a confusion, as if its a dusky orange/blue blusher. 
In this case it's not what you expect at all. 

 As you can see above, the hexagons are different colours. The light blue are quite hard to see. It's not  shimmery, though flecks can be seen in the light. You would maybe need a highlight, after the first use when the tiny shimmers have gone. I'm actually glad as i can pair this with Honolulu and blend effortlessly. It's an amazing box blush as it's a light coral. 

If you look at my swatch, it's a lovely shade of coral for a slight hint of colour. Perfect for spring/summer looks as its light. Also i find the W7 brushes included are really soft, I use them to contour and apply my cheek items. Ive used other brands brushes included in box blushes and they are like rough sandpaper. I love this blush and will go in my daily routine with honolulu. 

The next is (Cin-Cin), from the new "Full colour Lipstick"

Wow I was impressed with the cheeky lip crayons, a couple of weeks ago. However these "Full colour Lipstick" are very clever and highly pigmented. They are not the usual design for lipsticks. The lipstick within, sits in the tube and has a click mechanism. So you can click up the amount you need, then click down after use. May not impress some but i think its great.

I wasn't aware of full colour, as was trying to find the honey queen blush. I'm so glad I was introduced to the "full colour range". So being budget brand you'd expect a lower quality. W7 have stepped up and delivered quality products.

So Cin-Cin is a pink from first looking but on my swatch, it does have a undertone of purple. I really love these colours as they are brights and exciting. 

Also very hydrating on application and great coverage. The colour is beautiful and seasonal too. So overall I would say these new items are fantastic. Brilliant colour and from a budget brand it's really quite remarkable. I'm so glad that W7 continues to release affordable, quality makeup. 

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  1. I love W7's boxed blushes so I'll definitely be checking out The Honey Queen :) Raspberrykiss xo


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