Thursday, 23 October 2014

Memebox : Halloween edition

So October is a definatly a month of Memebox's. I have a few more on the way, so in the meantime. Im going to show you the Halloween box, which has arrived in time for dressing up. Gothic looks at the ready and lets see what we can achieve with this box. 

This Halloween, your possibilities are endless with a chock-full of spooky makeup ideas. No need to drop loads of cash on costumes you’ll only wear once a year, just grab this Halloween Special box, loaded with fun and crafty makeup ideas that are fit for any party occasion. Whether you plan on being a sexy vamp, a pretty pixie, or just sport your trusty ol’ witch hat for the night, these do-able Halloween makeup ideas will compliment any costume and also be sure to get you a double-take.

Revecen : Liquid Lipstick Blood 
- Elizavecca : Lip tattoo
- Lalanc : Tattoo sheets 
- Revecen : Foundation (Shade 100 white)
- Revecen : Cake eye liner (Black)
- Revecen : Lining colour (Purple)
- Revecen : Eye lashes (No.6) 

- Elizavecca : Lip tattoo is a new product to me. I confess my last try with lip tattoo's (Violent lips) was long and messy. So i hope these will hopefully adhere better and give me a positive experience.

- Lalanc : Tattoo sheets are right up my alley. I love tattoo's and think these transfers are great fun for halloween. They have adult designs but also they can be used, by the whole family if you wish. I cant see any offensive ones visable. 

- Revecen : Foundation (Shade 100 white) is a cream foundation that can be warmed and used for costume makeup. Or it can be used to lighten a darker foundation. Its tacky on application but sets with a powder. 

- Revecen : Cake eye liner (Black) is a water activated makeup product. Where you use a wet brush, then take the product to your thumb joint to control and remove excess. As with it being black you dont want to apply this without first checking the consistancy, texture and ease of use. So i always just check first how much water i need, to gain a opaque nice gel consistancy. 

- Revecen : Lining colour (Purple) is again another water activated product. This is meant for body painting or art, this again does not need much water. These paints are so pigmented. That you risk washing the colour down, by soaking the paint cake. So i tend to go from one corner and then re-use that area, rather then move around. Plus i allow them to dry out completely, i just cover with a muslin to prevent any contamination by dust etc. Great for halloween. 

Revecen : Liquid Lipstick Blood : There's no need to purchase a bottle of fake blood, this Lipstick in blood colour.  It can be used for creating a bloody lip, blood from your eyes, mouth or for a fake scar. Very intriguing product and i cannot wait to use it.  

- Revecen : Eye lashes (No.6) are beautiful and dramatic. They look like cob webs and very spidery. So i could use these for a spider queen look. 

This box is fantastic and i can think of so many looks to do with this. Zombie, Spider queen, biker chick, vampire etc endless possibilities. 

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