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Silk bedding direct - Silk filled duvet review

So duvets and bedding is an item we all use within our homes. However to some of us the type of bedding we choose,can be essential for quality sleep.When i was made aware of a new type of bedding company. Whom make there products entirely from silk. (Including the filling within).

 Its said to help the many sufferers of allergies, asthma, skin conditions etc. I was intrigued as i have asthma, allergies and a skin condition, so i wanted to see how feather filled duvets fared against the purely silk filled duvet. 

About Silk bedding direct
Silk Bedding Direct is the result of a labour of love by its founding and current director Andrew Clarke. After spending over a decade as a director / CEO of companies based mainly in China.
“ What's the very best product China has to offer, that the world knows little about and would love to know about ?"  The answer – Silk-Filled Duvets
Silk-filled duvets “breathe”. They allow excess moisture and heat to escape, if
you become too warm then keep you snug if conditions get colder. They offer luxurious comfort not provided for by other bedding. 

Health benefits 
All bedding except silk contain's dust mites. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, as dust mites cannot live in silk. Generally its not the dust mites that cause the irritation, its the droppings.  It's not pleasant to think about but if you are not using silk-filled bedding, you are breathing dust mite droppings every nightIt can cause allergic reactions, sneezing fits, exacerbate asthma etc. It's not very pleasant for anyone.

Using silk-filled duvets can help with the following conditions:
● Allergies
● Asthma
● MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)
● Eczema and dry or ichy skin
● Skin inflammations (psoriasis)
● Burns (particularly 1st and 2nd degree)
● Post-chemotherapy sensitive skin
● Vascular sclerosis
● Osteoarthritis
● Shingles
● Overheating
More information can be found here Health benefits of Silk bedding

So my experience with the Silk filled duvets are based on mine and my husbands experiences. Mine from a health perspective, plus our joint opinion from a consumer point of view. 

What does a consumer feel in the quality and comfort of the bedding ? 
The bedding arrived in a luxurious storage bag, which it can be stored or transported safely and cleanly. It was presented beautifully and for a silk filled bedding this was not what i expected. Ive never had bedding presented in such a professional manner. So within the storage bag is the bedding, this is folded within a plastic. Now i have the Double bed, summer quilt which is light, thin and soft. It has hooks to secure bedding to stop it from bulking within one side or moving within your covers. This is something I've not seen and i find a great addition, as i hate having to pull corners of bedding thats moved. 

So the Bedding being entirely silk does this make a difference ? As a consumer this is the most luxurious item i have tested with my husband. It being thin threw us a bit, as most quilts can be bulky even the low tog count ones. We thought as its coming into winter that this maybe quite thin, however its surprisingly very warm. The nights in fairness have been warmer then usual, so as it cools we will see how this fares on a thermal basis. So far however its been so soft and warm, very light to have on you so there is no uncomfortable kicking the covers off at night.

What are the health benefits and does it work ?
So my experiences with the duvets bare on my skin cause itching and general discomfort, if only for the duvet cover keeping it from touching me. I had never thought much about my asthma and allergies until i swapped my duvet for the silk filled bedding. Now i am not exaggerating when i say i would wake most mornings and have fits of sneezing non stop. Plus my eyes would water and itch, my husband also had some allergy symptoms but non as excessive as mine. Plus i would wake most nights over and over needing my asthma pump from coughing or my husband waking me from fear of my breathing. Then my skin would itch excessively in winter mostly when my psoriasis is flared to its worst. 

Now my experience since using the bedding has been positive so far. My allergies have so far surpassed with no sneezing or problems with my eyes in the morning. My breathing has been better in that i don't wake at night gasping for my inhaler. My husband has noticed that whilst i snore (yes,admitted fully here) I'm not giving him fearful nights. Plus my covers are not covered in blood and my skin does not look like I've had a fight with a cheese grater. These are all my personal opinions, from a health point of view. My Overall view will reflect this 

Hubby and wife view that ?
Overall i can say that my allergies have improved on many levels. Silk filled bedding has helped my sleep comfort level improve. Its so comfortable against the skin, being so light there's no friction to cause any skin irritation. Professionally  presented and can be purchased if you are looking to treat yourself, to some luxury bedding or if you require this for health reasons. Either way myself and my husband agree, Silk bedding direct offer a quality product with there Silk filled products. I am looking to save up for the pillows, as they will help for my winter breathing. 

If you wish to purchase any product from Silk bedding direct. They have kindly given a discount code,for 10% off any purchase SBD10E

Thank you Silk bedding direct.

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