Friday, 14 November 2014

Degustabox - October edition

My first Degustabox and i have to say October has me hooked and November sign up here i come. Have a look why this box is not like your usual subscription box. 

They say : 
Enjoy your Degustabox, share with friends and family. Review your products. Then give your opinions and suggestions to the brands, who you did and didn't love. They want to know what all our Degustaboxers think, so tell us and make a difference.

Enjoy 9 to 14 surprise products, many are completely new to the market. Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies. All for much less than you would pay in the shops.
Sign up: Only £12.99 inc. delivery. 

So this first box you have to get to the bottom of the box for the card. Which i didnt mind much, as hey i got to see the goodies.

Special K : Cracker crisps (£1.29) in flavour barbecue. 

Now perfect for the bonfire season, i however love barbecue flavour. So these will be demolished.
Taste : They taste amazing and light, full of barbeque flavour. They are not scrimping on the flavour and dont taste overly healthy. They are light and ive found a handful is enough to snack on. As the flavour is so intense i drank alot of water.

Brioche Pasquier : Pain au lait with choc chips (£1.60) & Brioche loaf (£1.69) supplied. 

Pain au lait : Tastes amazing and just like the beautiful french addition. Again i needed just one and it was sufficent to fill my sweet craving. Beautifully made and just enough to chocolate. 
Brioche loaf : Is lovely toasted sweet tasting bread. Now you can make desserts or add some sweetness to spicy meals. I found sweet bread can cut the chilli to make the flavour intense. Like raisins adding sweetness to nan bread. This can be a lovely alternative. 

Get Buzzing: Flapjack (£1.30) is a beautiful snack. 
It really was very filling, i struggled to finish it. I will next time cut this bar into 2 portions. I love healthy snacks.
Bear : Paws fruit snacks (£0.55) & a sample of Alphabites cereal. 
 Alphabites Cereal : is amazing and tastes really wholesome. Has a light honey taste with a filling balance of wholegrains. Great for kids with the design's. I really lovely this cereal. 
Paws fruit snack : is a lovely nutritious snack, with just the right amount per pack. Plus with the natural sweetness from the fruit, this is perfect for those whom need to watch there sugar intake. I will be looking into more Bear products, as i found just sucking one gives you that distraction from feeling hungry. 

Jelly Belly : (£2.50) Over 200 flavours, your bound to find one you like. 
 Are really fun and tasty sweets. I love fruity sweet flavours and again, i really only found i needed a few. 
Solo : Toasted Marshmallow (£1.99) creme whip. 
 Is the most addictive item in this months box. Ive used this in a dessert and the smooth spread is just so tasty. Ive had to hold back and resign myself to having it with my weekly treat. 

Dr Oetker : Premium 90% dark chocolate (£2.49) & Fine dark (£1.89) cocoa powder.
Dark chocolate : Is not really my taste, however it was lovely drizzled on dessert. My husband loves dark chocolate, so tasted it in raw form. He said it was rich and great quality he would purchase again.  
Dark cocoa powder : Is lovely dusted over any dessert. We have made hot chocolate from the powder with milk. Its so rich and there is alot of powder in one sachet. It really is a product for multi uses. 

 Enhance Drinks : (£2.49) Orange & Passionfruit flavour
Is an amazing flavour and i prefer this too just plain orange. The tiny concentrated container is perfect for me. Going in hospital alot, not wanting huge bottles. This is perfect to refil a small water bottle with. Will be investing in more flavours. 
Kent's Kitchen : (£2.50) Bengali kit included  
I have not used this curry as yet. (We will be using this kit, with week chicken). It has oil, spices and coconut with the sauce provided. I think there is alot of oil, in the pot. It is a perfect amount of sauce for 2 portions. 
Blue Dragon : (£1.39 for 2) Sweet chilli sauce 
I love this sauce to accompany any dish or even raw vegtables. A small little amount can turn a once boring snack, into something with a bit of flavour. Not too spicy either. 

Degusta fridge : Benecol
Yogurt voucher which can be used in any supermarket. Cant wait to try this brand because of the health benefits. I want too see how they compare to the normal yogurts sold with no added benefit. 
This is one of the most amazing boxes I've had the pleasure to review. It gives you a chance to try new foods and experiment. We have a pretty straight forward diet and can stick to the same foods. My husband's the cook in our house, he is not afraid of new recipes. Which is good as then we can try the box for new ingredients, we would have never thought too before. My husband made a dessert that we will be showing in a separate post. 

I have a discount coupon code, which gives my readers a £3.00 discount when registering. My code is: 4HLU8. Using the social media links provided, what do you think of degustabox ? Use the @degustaboxUK.

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