Monday, 29 June 2015

Mi Ti Hair Ties - Supplied by Lacey's Hair & Beauty

Having long hair means using loads of product's and hair ties. I too stock up on the hair ties i know wont pull, dent or damage my hair. Plus wont break by the sheer volume of hair I have when im out, leaving me with an unruly head of hair. 

About us : The gentle hair tie for you and your hair. Mi Salon Series is a brand developed to bring the best of salon professional products to both the salon and their clients. Mi Salon Series' Mi Ti gentle hair ties have been developed to fulfil crucial hair up needs.
  • - the perfect hold
  • - gentle on the hair
  • - ideal during sleep
  • - for all types of hair
  • - leaves no hair indent
  • - reduced head stress

These hair ties come in a wide range of colour's for any occasion. Available in a 3 pack and the colour being made visable by the top of the pack. For my thick hair they are a godsend. I have curly long hair which when need's tying back or overnight to help prevent huge knots. I also have an array of wigs which i use Mi Ti's for, as i know the hair will not become tangled or damaged. As wigs are not cheap. 

In my latest lookbook photos you can see how i used the red & blue version. This shows up really well on how they look when using within your hair. They are simple to use and easily removed with no hair's getting matted or damaged. 

Im loving all the bright colours to co-ordinate them with my outfit and keep my long hair up. These Mi Ti's also do not kink my hair if i straighten it, which takes a while as my hair is very curly. If you find they are becoming mis-shapened or loose you only need drop them in hot water, I will be trying this when they do shop signs of give. So thats a real lifesaver to anyone whom uses and breaks hairbands frequently. As my hair is thick and curly, hairbands snapping is a real issue and having to carry spare's. Mi Ti's eliminated my need to carry spare's or worry about breaking when i go to tie my hair back. Im a huge fan of this hair-tie and think they are great long lasting, efficent and colourful range.  
Supplied by : 
Lacey's has been providing the highest level of service to the hair and beauty industry since 1989. We have continued to enhance our portfolio with the highest quality salon products available including salon furniture and design.

I want to say thank you to Lacey's for providing me with these amazing Mi Ti hairband's. They are perfect for anyone with hair that can be difficult to tie up. 
Lacey's stock the most beautiful salons across the country with a wide variety of product's. 

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