Saturday, 18 July 2015

My little Road Trip Box - July Edition

With summer blooming and sunshine everyday, we finally have a summer season. Sun, relaxation and fun go hand in hand, as we enjoy the season while we have it. This month's theme is "Road Trip" and like Thelma & Louise let us get behind the wheel, kiss the past behind us and dive into this box. 

They say : 
- Must-have beauty products 
(including one from our own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) 
- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 
- Our magazine (My Little World) 
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 
- Travel Organiser
- Ready to send Notebook
- Cristal stylus pen
- My little world Magazine
- My little beauty bag (4 Beauty item's) 
- Quote card 
Ready to send Notecard's & Pen
This beautifully unique and fantastic product can be used by traveller's or penpal's. You jot down your memories, picture's, souvenirs and doodles of the place your in and then once full send it too a loved one. (Or Keep it as a memory book). I love the concept of this and think its a fantastic way of sending someone you love a little place of where your visiting. I have a lovely pen-pal in the US whom i am going to send this too after i fill it with UK items. 
My beauty bag 

Included : Garnier Micellar water 
I love Garnier micellar water, it cleans and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It doesnt irritate my skin or cause any sensitivity. It removes makeup easily and also refrehes skin when its feeling less then perfect. This bottle is the perfect size for travel. 

My little beauty : Summer Sorbet
Summer sorbet is a After sun for your skin. Its a really good size and can be taken in your beach bag if you need some hydration for your skin. Really lovely light texture that absorbs so well into the skin. 

Essie Nail polish 
I recieved a lovely Orange shade which has sparkles within, which will give a beautiful finish. I think this colour would be lovely if i had a tan. Very excited to see this colour on, also I love Essie polish in the way it applies. 

DCER : Golden Temporary Tattoo's 
I havent tried any of the golden tattoo trend, I am welcome to try them as i do like the more boho look. So i think i will indulge a little and try one on my wrist.  

Travel Organiser 
Really handy organier with a zip lock side for travel items. Also has pockets for passport, cards, money and map's. You can use this as you wish for travel and its also waterproof so will protect items within it. 
I love that this organiser has a wallet side for pens and loose change etc. its a really handy item to have on holiday and is lighter then heavy purses. So i can take this and use it for the relevant day to day items i will need. 

My little World Magazine & Quote Card 
Again i really love the Quote cards and this months is a particularly beautiful one. So i will more then likely frame this one.  The little world magazine is as always a nice edition but i still would love the old format to be applied. 

So this months box is lovely and i will be using all of the items within it. The beauty items are perfect for me and im so glad with the choice of Essie polish. The tattoo's are a nice item to try and i do love trying new products. The Sorbet as an after sun i wont be using myself but passing on to a family member whom is in the sun alot and will need this. My favourite item would have to be the Ready to send Notebook and pen. Im really excited for next months edition. 

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