Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New blog topic - My planning passion

For 2016, Im wanting to add some additional topic's to my blog. These are passion's of mine, which I would love too share with you. So firstly I want to get into my collection of planners & Journal's. I love to write and since a young age ive always's had a diary, written poetry and filled notebooks full of idea's. 
Since being introduced to the world of planner's, the possibility for creativity is endless. You can take your sense of style and make your planner reflect that. 
Planner's & Diary's I own : 
- Webster's planner 
- Paperchase filofax 
- Kikki k mini Diary
- Kikki K full sized planner

Now when i started, I ordered a fountain pen as i love the feel of using this particular writing tool. I create within each planner a part of style's I love and am drawn too. With the use of planner essentials (for which i will post on) and other creative supplies, you really can create as much or little as you like. 

Each of my planner's has a singular purpose of what information they hold, my polka-dot holds household information. My Webster's planner is more personal information which is coded by the use of sticker's. Stickers are also the most helpful as they can be used to mark an occasion, instead of being used as just decoration.

I have so many as I love to write and jot down idea's. I have one for my personal thoughts (small notes over the day), as i cant hold a pen for too long without it hurting. 

So instead of filling one small space with loads of dates etc. I can be creative in each planner, so ill be doing further post's on each one and materials that I use. 


  1. I have that Kikki K diary and love it! It's perfect. I've got 2 pocket filofaxes on the go and 2 personal filofaxes that I use as notebooks

    1. Im the same - I just got my A5 Kikki K and have a Paperchase filofax.


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