Tuesday, 28 July 2015


A spa within your home, what more could one wish for ? These are perfect products for people like myself, whom cannot visit a spa for whatever reason. We associate the spa with being decadent, luxurious, relaxing and atmospheric. Award wining TempleSpa offer a wide range of product's and i wonder what they will deliver. 

About us : 

Our team includes world renowned doctors, herbalists, professors of biochemistry and dermatology from Switzerland, Italy and the UK. Our skin care was first created in laboratories near Lake Geneva.

The business creators and owners are Mark & Liz Warom.

“It is not very often that a brand comes across my doorstep that demands immediate attention… Temple Spa is one of  those few. How lovely the products are will keep you coming back for  more.”  John Gustafson (UK’s leading skin and makeup expert) 

Red Carpet Collection

Is a beautiful collection of products, All meant for giving skin a boost for any occasion. They can be used before your makeup routine or as often as you wish. 

The Big Reveal : Don’t you just hate it when you have somewhere to be and you don’t have time to look your best; well now you do! This state-of-the-art, re-surfacing treatment gel, offers a liquid facial in a flash. It miraculously lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave the skin unbelievably smooth, clear and gloriously radiant. The clever formula includes natural exfoliating ingredients plus a cocktail of botanicals. So take it away and let the glow begin.

Benefit's: Instant resurfacing facial

Brightens & smoothens

My thought's : This clear massagable gel is gentle on the skin. It has a slightly more thick consistency when applying. When rubbing a layer onto the skin it feels cool, then whilst waiting for it to dry it has a slight tightening effect. When the gel had turned to a film and i used my hand to rub off this layer. (I did this over a sink as it becomes quite messy) then i used my facial cloth to wash off the remainder and cleanse it fully. 

 This treatment is for days when you are having a bad skin day's when you want to look fantastic. It really is brilliant for anyone whom cant get to a spa and wants that amazing clean skin rejuvinated feeling. Removing that layer of impurities easily and effectively. I loved having the oppertunity to have a home spa day during the week, it gave me something to look forward too. Improving the look of my skin and gave me a lovely feeling of confidence which is what i miss about visiting a spa. 

The Contourist
The Contourist : Hello firm, tight, radiant skin. This ingenious red carpet treatment is much more than just a mask – it’s a transforming experience you’ll want to repeat again and again. The magic is in the state-of-the-art diamond-weave technology that hugs the face tight whilst infusing the skin with an advanced, miracle working, skin perfecting serum. It literally lifts, helps reverse sagging, helps define contours and remodel the whole face from chin to forehead, giving you an instant facelift, without any ouch! The result ? Instant wow! That chiselled look of youth isn’t so far away after all.

My thought's : This ingenious mask not only hydrates your face but also holds your chin up to improve tightness in that area. I would definatly want to try these masks over a set period of time, to see if it improves the sad slow appearance of my double chin. Im very aware of this and contour it like crazy, so it would be good to see progress. From using 1 mask, it is refreshing and perfect for just relaxation time. Good music and a quiet room using this mask was just bliss, it felt cooling and refreshing. The serum soaked within the mask allows it to adhere, then the holes which go round your ear's help to keep it taught on the face. After the serum had soaked in, I rubbed in any excess obtain maximum effects of this mask. Fantastic unique design is a perfect method to deliver serum for anyone worried about that second chin. Really unique product i would defiantly want to try regularly. 

Its all a blur
It's all a Blur : Let’s face it – we love the soft-focus filter on the camera don’t we? Well here’s the effect in real life. It's all a Blur has an amazing matt finish formula that instantly and cleverly minimises crow’s feet, fine lines, visible pores and uneven skin tone. Anti-ageing red clover and pomegranate work with ingenious wrinkle-filling ingredients to give this formula its special powers. Perfect for those times you need to prime skin before a big event, or use any time to look simply gorgeous. 

My thought's : I used this on days when i was having friends over and i wanted to look my absolute best. It gave me a lovely base to apply my makeup on by covering pores and worked as a refreshing primer. My makeup applied with no problems due to using this product as a pore filler and primer. I dont have many crow's feet thankfully, I do believe in taking preventaive measures with anti-ageing skincare. When i felt my skin was looking slightly tired i would apply a small amount just to help keep my skin feeling soft. The texture is a gel/serum like consistancy applies on to the skin easily and absorbs quickly also. It leaves your skin feeling so soft to the touch, which makes this a truly lovely product.  
Templespa products are at the highest quality. On arrival the products are wrapped in tissue paper and have Templespa rock sweets enclosed. This was a lovely touch and gave a lasting impression of excellence. I unwrapped the tissue paper around 3 of the Red Carpet collection products, which are presented in a silver box with embossed writing. The packaging is too such a high standard it can be proudly shown off. I displayed them on my Vanity unit where your eyes are instantly draw to them. 

The red carpet collection is fantastic to rejuvinate and give your skin a instant lift. It boosted my confidence in my skin and also allowed me to take time out to relax. Giving me the ability to simulate the spa experience in my own home, it is something i really needed to do to boost my moral. I therefore gave my body and mind therapy with TempleSpa. I will be looking at more of the TempleSpa range to try as i loved using these products. 

So first class experience from TempleSpa. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

KISS - Brow Kit

KISS are well known for there lashes and nail's, now they are branching into more products starting with a brows kit. I have used a few brow kits from high end to the affordable ranges. This kit looks like it's fully packed and catering for all.

They say : 
Shape, define, fill and set eyebrows to perfection. Featuring two brow powders to customize your color, stencils to assist with shaping, highlighter, and wax to tame brow hairs and keep them in place.  
Contents of the kit 
- 2 Brow Colors
- Highlighter & Wax
- Razor, Spooly, Angled brow brush 
- 4 Brow Shape Stencils
The kit is very well thought out. It contains a Spooly, arched brow brush with a sponge applicator. It even has a small razor and comb to tidy up any stray hair's. There are 3 shades available, 1 being a highlight and 2 being brow colours. The clear wax helps to ensure the colour stays in place. 

Perfect for travelling as it contains everything needed for perfect brows. If your new to perfecting your brows, the kit also provides stencils to use as a guide. The powders are pigmented and apply easily to the brow.  Also they are easily removable with warm water or makeup remover. 
The shades contained within the palette are, highlight is a lovely pearl shade to put on the brow bone. Then you have a brown shade with a subtle red undertone. Also along with that there is a dark shadow which is a black tone. Now i have brunette hair which is very dark so i mixed the shades together, to obtain my shade.

 I shaped my eyebrow's using the mini razor and spooky provided within the kit. Then using the shades available, using a mix of both the brown and black to define my eyebrow's. Taking the spooly to do the final comb through and blending before placing the fixing wax.  

Overall this brow kit is a really well thought out and it will last you a long time. The sponge applicator i dont feel is necessary for this kit and the angled brush could have been abit thiner. I did miss having a pair of tweezers to hand for small stubborn hairs. Its a minor flaw in the scale of things and would be good for anyone not used to using a razor. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My little Road Trip Box - July Edition

With summer blooming and sunshine everyday, we finally have a summer season. Sun, relaxation and fun go hand in hand, as we enjoy the season while we have it. This month's theme is "Road Trip" and like Thelma & Louise let us get behind the wheel, kiss the past behind us and dive into this box. 

They say : 
- Must-have beauty products 
(including one from our own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) 
- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 
- Our magazine (My Little World) 
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 
- Travel Organiser
- Ready to send Notebook
- Cristal stylus pen
- My little world Magazine
- My little beauty bag (4 Beauty item's) 
- Quote card 
Ready to send Notecard's & Pen
This beautifully unique and fantastic product can be used by traveller's or penpal's. You jot down your memories, picture's, souvenirs and doodles of the place your in and then once full send it too a loved one. (Or Keep it as a memory book). I love the concept of this and think its a fantastic way of sending someone you love a little place of where your visiting. I have a lovely pen-pal in the US whom i am going to send this too after i fill it with UK items. 
My beauty bag 

Included : Garnier Micellar water 
I love Garnier micellar water, it cleans and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It doesnt irritate my skin or cause any sensitivity. It removes makeup easily and also refrehes skin when its feeling less then perfect. This bottle is the perfect size for travel. 

My little beauty : Summer Sorbet
Summer sorbet is a After sun for your skin. Its a really good size and can be taken in your beach bag if you need some hydration for your skin. Really lovely light texture that absorbs so well into the skin. 

Essie Nail polish 
I recieved a lovely Orange shade which has sparkles within, which will give a beautiful finish. I think this colour would be lovely if i had a tan. Very excited to see this colour on, also I love Essie polish in the way it applies. 

DCER : Golden Temporary Tattoo's 
I havent tried any of the golden tattoo trend, I am welcome to try them as i do like the more boho look. So i think i will indulge a little and try one on my wrist.  

Travel Organiser 
Really handy organier with a zip lock side for travel items. Also has pockets for passport, cards, money and map's. You can use this as you wish for travel and its also waterproof so will protect items within it. 
I love that this organiser has a wallet side for pens and loose change etc. its a really handy item to have on holiday and is lighter then heavy purses. So i can take this and use it for the relevant day to day items i will need. 

My little World Magazine & Quote Card 
Again i really love the Quote cards and this months is a particularly beautiful one. So i will more then likely frame this one.  The little world magazine is as always a nice edition but i still would love the old format to be applied. 

So this months box is lovely and i will be using all of the items within it. The beauty items are perfect for me and im so glad with the choice of Essie polish. The tattoo's are a nice item to try and i do love trying new products. The Sorbet as an after sun i wont be using myself but passing on to a family member whom is in the sun alot and will need this. My favourite item would have to be the Ready to send Notebook and pen. Im really excited for next months edition. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

SASS - Intimate range

  1. SASS Website
Feminine hygiene is a topic women are well versed in, yet we rarely communicate our opinions on. We have "aunt flo's" visit which make's me feel desperate to keep fresh and clean. It's already embarrassing to grab and run in the chemist to pick up emergency essentials, desperate to look the other way.  SASS want to eliminate embarrassment when it comes to purchasing feminine hygiene products. This is one package i can safely say you wont be quick to hide.  

They say: 
At SASS we believe that women like you deserve to have something that fits your lifestyle.  This is why we have created a range of products that will help you feel your best, look your best and give everything. 
We believe all women should be able to be who they want to be. That’s why we promise all our products:
  • - Maintain your intimate harmony and help to prevent unwanted smells.
    - Are dermatologically tested & gynaecologist approved.
    - Have been tested by our SASS® sisters, never our pets.
SASS Full Range
Intimate Purifying Cleanser
Start each day fresh with SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser. Our gentle formula soothes intimate skin and helps to:
- Maintain intimate harmony
- Ensure everyday freshness
- Gently purify
When to use it: Everyday in the shower, you’ll wonder what you did before finding SASS Purifying Cleanser. Our Intimate Purifying Cleanser has been created for daily use when washing. Gently apply two pumps and then rinse with fresh water. 
My thoughts : This cleanser is light and leaves you feeling so fresh. This summer has been just so hot that when "Aunt flo" is calling, we all want that extra feeling of cleanliness. So I've been using this not just in the shower but anytime i want to freshen up.  This cleanser is freshly scented with a light formula and a firm favourite of mine.  I will be repurchasing this and it's a must have in my routine.
Freshness Gel 
Rushing from one challenge to the next can sometimes make it hard to stay fresh throughout the day. 
- Scent protection
- Maintain your intimate harmony
- Cool & refresh
When to use it: Use every day after your morning shower. Gently apply two pumps to your intimate area for all day protection. For best results, use after SASS® Intimate Purifying Cleanser. 
My thoughts : Perfect and easy to use without causing any irritation to the skin. This leaves me continuously feeling fresh with no issues of sensitivity or inbalance to my intimate area. The best product for keeping the skin moisturised and in amazing condition. Also gives some relief when sanitary protection can leave me feeling a little sore. 
PH Balanced Serum 
Lots of everyday things can cause pH imbalances leading to discomfort and compromise. Your intimate harmony being disrupted can bring you back down to earth with a bump. SASS pH Balanced Serum has been specially crafted to help cool, soothe and restore the intimate pH so you can get back to your best.
- Maintain Intimate Harmony
- Soothe and Calm
- Cool and Refresh
When to use it: When your intimate pH has been disrupted and things don’t feel quite right. Gently apply the serum around the area once or twice a day until you feel like you are back to your best. 
My thoughts : I found this to be an amazing. As i admittedly have a very heavy "aunt flo", which can leave me feeling sore and very sensitive. This calms any area where sanitary protection can cause dryness and imbalance's, really helping me to feel fresh and back to normal quicker then usual. As I usually dont have time before its my next "Aunt flo" to have some comfort. Noticed a real change with this product, it gave me a  sense that i wasnt fighting the clock to have time where i feel comfortable. So great for anyone whom has more heavy and demanding lady week's. 

Intimate Dryness Gel
At SASS we believe that intimate dryness shouldn’t hold you back. This gentle formulation can be applied manually to provide long lasting relief and hydration.
- Soothe
- Freshen

- Provide intimate hydration

When to use it: Once or twice a day to feel instantly hydrated and freshened. After washing, gently apply a drop of gel internally with your finger tip. You are unique - use as much as you like, once or twice a day. 
My thoughts : I experience dryness until the week after my dear old "aunt flo" visits. This time can be sore and generally very sensitive from the extra washing etc. So this really helped me be more comfortable and not squinting in pain. Heavy flow can be sore at the best of time's so the dryness gel is a welcome relief. This really did make the weeks less sore and uncomfortable. 

Refreshing Mist
It’s not always easy to stay feeling fresh when you are dashing from one challenge to the next. The Refreshing Mist’s odour neutraliser, crisp fragrance and its small subtle pack. Will refresh you anytime, anywhere, so you can fill your days without worry.
- To refresh anytime, anywhere
- Scent protection

- Crisp subtle fragrance

When to use it: Anytime, anywhere, when you want to feel instantly refreshed. Gently spritz the Refreshing Mist on & around your intimate area. Get ready to rock your day & night. 
My thoughts : Hands down my favourite product in the range. (Well top of the bunch as they all are amazing, for my needs) All i need say is summer & "aunt flo", this is a little bottle of goodlyness you can take anywhere. Plus the packaging does not draw any attention so its a life saver when you want to freshen up. I wasn't left feeling so self conscious at my appointments with this in my bag, especially on my heavier flow days. The scent is light and gives lasting confidence without causing any irritation or sensitivity. I cant use scented feminine products due to sensitivity, so this is the perfect product for me.  

Perfect Skin Concentrate
Have you ever felt that no sooner than you’ve finished shaving, or waxing that it’s time to start again? At SASS® we wanted to change the constant intimate hair battle. Use after wax or shave, this serum is suitable for intimate use and has a unique formulation to protect against skin imbalances, soothe and hydrate the intimate area and help prevent ingrown hairs and hair regrowth. A prefect mix for perfect skin.
- Prevent ingrown hairs
- Reduce hair re-growth
- Soothe post-shave or wax
When to use it: After you shaved or waxed your intimate area. For perfect skin, gently massage two pumps onto the dry shaved or waxed area. If you shave, use SASS Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel.

My thoughts : When i shave the one thing i don't enjoy is the thought of regrowth. This product I hoped would calm any irritation etc, as regrowth is not a pleasant process. I cant use chemical removal so i have to shave, so the less times i need to do this task the better. I shave when its grown past stubble stage. It soothes skin post shaving and it didn't feel itchy or irritable. I'll need to test it longer to assess regrowth but its not been as noticable as it was before using this product. So im hoping this is a sign it's working towards slowing down the time between shaving.
Sportive Recovery Serum 
Whether you’re training for a marathon or doing a quick spin class, intense activity can take its toll on your intimate area. SASS® Sportive Recovery Serum has been expertly designed to help soothe, cool and moisturise post-workout skin, whilst also providing antimicrobial protection against skin imbalances.
- Cool & comfort
- Soothe irritation
Relieve after intense activity
When to use it: After any intense exercise. Jump in the shower, dry then gently massage a small amount of ‘Recover Me’ onto your intimate skin. For best results, apply SASS Sportive Protection Barrier Cream before exercise. 
My thought's : I cant exercise currently due to dr's advice, this product was given to a panel member to try and relay there thoughts back.  
They say : After a long and very active day i can feel sore and sensitive, where clothes rub or just the heat makes my skin become irritated. It can be painful if i have recurrant days and more then likely i will grin and bear it. I wasnt aware that any products could help this specifically. After using this it  really does help to calm red, sore areas in particular and helped to lessen the discomfort. This really did help protect the skin from excessive irritation and during the most humid of summer's.

 Protection Barrier Cream
Intense activity can take its toll on your intimate area. At SASS® we don’t want irritation or skin friction to stop you pushing your limits. This cream provides protection against intimate microbial imbalances, reduces skin friction and provides ultra hydration during exercise.
- Reduce skin friction
- Soothe & hydrate
- During intense activity
When to use it:  Before exercise, shield your skin with a small amount of the Protection Barrier Cream. For best results  follow with SASS Sportive Recovery Serum after exercise.
My thought's : I cant exercise currently due to dr's advice, this product was given to a panel member to try and relay there thoughts back.  
They say : This really did help protect the skin from excessive irritation and during the most humid of summer's. My job being so active has meant that the Barrier cream and Recovery serum really protected skin which easily can break down.  Really great well thought out and packaged product's. Great for your esteem and also using during lady week. 
Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel
SASS® Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel has been specially designed to allow smoother shaving in your most intimate area. Regular shaving gels are often unsuitable for intimate use and can cause bacterial imbalances. This formula is pH balanced, crystal clear so you can shave precisely. With a unique formula to protect against ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
- Crystal clear, non-foaming gel
- Designed for intimate use

- Helps reduce ingrown hairs

When to use it: Whenever you need to shave your intimate area. After washing, apply in the shower. Wait for one minute before shaving. Shave precisely & then rinse with lukewarm water. 
My thoughts : Finally a shaving gel that you can see what your doing, plus not feel as though your at risk of doing some serious damage. Its not a plesant experience so any product that makes getting the job done more efficient gets a big thumbs up. Also it leaves your skin feeling nicely hydrated and no stinging or razor burning sensation. Quickest shave ive ever achieved and felt more confident in doing so. 

Now i was interested to gauge the opinions of other women around me on what impression SASS give's.  {I did not say or specify what the product's were used for so everyone guessed skincare of some description.}

Packaging & presentation: 
The overall impression was the packaging is very high end and gives an expensive finish to the product.

What is SASS used for ? 
The word "intimate" was the biggest clue and only noticed on closer reading of the box. Then it was clear this was a feminine product, which left everyone in shock. Aa the positive message on the box and presentation is that of a beauty brand. So top marks to SASS there. 

Would you use and purchase SASS ?
The women would use these products and be comfortable on purchasing them. They liked the scent and range offered, saying this covered the elements women look for. 

Overall View
I have to say in very surprisingly impressed. I know of one other feminine hygiene brand and by the very name if it fell out if your bag, everyone would know its purpose. SASS deliver a discreet, professional and higher end look to there product with packaging alone. The product's themself's cater for every senario that a woman could need intimate products for, also if im totally honest these products would be perfect for men too. We both have sensitive area's they just look different. 

In talking to other women and testing these products for myself, i would have no qualm in ordering from SASS again. I would happily have any of the product's within my bag. Each product that helped me feel confident in myself weither it be when dear old "Aunt flo" was visiting or the weeks that followed made a huge difference. I personally have fibroids and very heavy plus unannounced menstration, that can stay for day's or weeks at a time and my breaks inbetween will be less and less. These product's not only helped me feel much more comfortable from the irritation of sanitary protection,plus dryness of constant washing. They gave me the option of using products which catered for feminine need's without causing additional inbalance or issues. My definate favourites for my need's would be the Refreshing mist, Cleanser, Dryness gel and Ph serum. (All of the products are fantastic) 

I cant thank SASS enough for allowing me to review there product's. Its made me see there is a range of products for women we can be proud to put in our shopping basket, without the worry of a strange sideways stare.   

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Discovery club - Summer Edition


I really love this quarterly edition as it has 4 samples for my dear husband to try and he loves samples of fragrance. So for the £5.00 price tag this is great for anyone whom can't obtain samples and is looking to purchase a new scent for the season. Well worth the money in my opinion and I can easily pass on any samples to family and friends. 
They say : This box is bursting with the latest launches for the new year, with seven new fragrances to choose from, we're sure you'll find a new scent for your new year. Plus get discounts when you buy the full size of each fragrance with your VIP voucher booklet.

Introducing the revolutionary new way to sample fragrance from the comfort of your own home.

- Discovery Club Box containing a fabulous selection of the best and latest male and female fragrances

- Exclusive discount vouchers on selected fragrance to spend in-store and online

- Regular updates on all the latest launches from top fragrance brands

Content's : 
Loewe : Solo Loewe Cedro
Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue Salin
GIVENCHY : Dahlia Divine
Hugo Boss : Boss Ma Vie
007 Fragrances : 007 For Women
Paco Rabanne : 1 Million
Prada : Luna Rossa Sport
Dolce & Gabbana : Intenso

Women's fragrance's 

007 Fragrances : 007 For Women

Dark yet feminine ingredients convey an air of thrilling intimacy. An initial burst of spicy Black Pepper enveloped in Rose Milk ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality.

Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue Salin

A fresh floral scent that opens with fresh vine leaves and violet leaves. The heart includes yellow freesia, jasmine and orange blossom. The base notes are amber, cedar and white musk.

GIVENCHY : Dahlia Divine

Like an Haute Couture gown, this fragrance of the light envelops you in freshness and sensual softness that reveal the divine within you.

Hugo Boss : Boss Ma Vie

Ma Vie Pour Femme woman is her most captivating, exuding a glow of femininity and confidence. Fresh, indulgent and unique, experience the blend of cactus, floral notes and cedar for a feminine and elegant fragrance.

Men's fragrance's 

Prada : Luna Rossa Sport

Prada Luna Rossa Sport evokes man’s deepest emotions the night before his defining challenge. Combining unexpected ingredients that express the heightened reality of the race.

Paco Rabanne : 1 Million

A lighter variation of the original 1 Million Eau de Toilette is perfect for Summer, with an energetic and fresh scent.

Loewe : Solo Loewe Cedro

Solo Loewe Cedro is an Eau de Toilette full of contrasts in which the energy of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs are combined with the sophistication, the strength and personality of a great composition based on wood

Dolce & Gabbana : Intenso

Intenso is elegant and pure, the iconic signature of a contemporary man.It is a woody aromatic fragrance that opens with green accents of Basil and Lavender.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...