Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New releases - Playboy

Now this is a brand where you just see the bunny, to know the name of the company. With a new set of high quality products, in my opinion. Playboy has really come into contend with the beauty community.

They say ; 
The Playboy brand has been synonymous with sensual glamour. Now one of the most highly recognized logos in the world, the cheeky bow tied bunny can be found on a new range of high quality colour cosmetics. It is that playful glamour that has been encapsulated into the new Playboy Make Up collection.

So the rundown of the products for your face. "Blushing Bunny" is multi tonal Blush/Bronzer. With the mixture of bronze, tans and vibrant pink within the bronzing pan. The rich warm hues of this matte powder will add a subtle glow to your face. In saying that, its very pigmented and i would use this more as a bronzer then a blush. The darker shade is very pigmented so just be aware when swirling your brush. 

The compacts have a leopard print design into which the infamous Playboy Bunny logo is embossed. The compacts contain a large mirror and a brush. Its also a secure compact and wont click open within your bag. I would say this type of blush is more of a bronze with a rose gold undertone to it stunning.

 I've used this for a while now, plus use a small angled brush. I love this blush bunny compact as it's so pigmented and just lovely. It's finely milled and a must have. 

I was kindly sent 2 lipsticks. Amazing packaging being that of a lustrious, alluring red with black writing. The shades I have are below and for a brand relaunch into makeup. Playboy really stepped there game up.

So as above you can see above, the red packaging with the bunny logo all over. 
Also on the bullet on the tube says "Playboy"in a way it's like a signature. 

I love centrefold pink, it's a vibrant and hydrating lipstick. Gives a beautiful even coverage on application. It's a really beautiful addition to anyone's makeup collection. 

Bunny girl is a vibrant vivid red. I was amazed how pigmented this lipstick is. Plus reds have a habit of not being so kind to wear. I didn't see any feathering or bleeding. Just a beautiful lipstick. 

Nail polish 

Is not usually my forte as I don't wear much. Il do the odd coat, as I do have shakey hands. 

Again vibrant pink with an extra bottle of polish sparkle. So application I must say was flawless. I only needed one coat and the above picture is the one layer. It goes on really smooth plus so vibrant and well pink. The pink is beautiful shade I would use. As for the sparkles will give you some bling for the weekend.

So the new releases I've not had the pleasure to review as yet, are below. Im looking into finding a supplier, so you can purchase if you like the cosmetics. Plus i myself wish to purchase some more facial items to try.

Introduction to the New Eye products from Playboy

Liquid Eyeliner & Mascara Kitten Eyes is a fabulously flirty, Liquid Eye Liner by Playboy Make Up. Kitten Eyes comes in a sleek black pot, the long wand and thin brush enables precision and perfection during application. Kitten Eyes has a wet look, jet black finish. 

Sleek Lashes
Sleek Lashes has lengthening, qualities ensuring your lashes appear longer. 

Playful Lashes
Playful Lashes volumizing to spread your lashes, too create fabulous 3D effect lashes.

Eyeliner and Mascara

New releases - W7

So we have had some amazing products, hit the shops and online in spring 2014. So shall we run down some more W7 cosmetics. Sorry this is going to be a long and in depth review. I'm just ready to share the innovative, quality and overall product's.

(W7 In the Buff-palette review, Coming soon)

They say ;
Step into the world of glamour and high fashion at affordable prices with W7 cosmetics. 
 W7 offers everything you need for a perfect makeover from grooming to dazzling that includes 
nail treatment, manicure items, eyebrow utensils, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, eye makeup, 
face makeup, applicators, makeup palettes and 150 shades of nail polish. 
Add lustre, funky colours and flavour into your regular makeup.

So firstly we have "W7's Honey Queen, honeycomb blusher" 

W7 have a new boxed powder, which have been compared to other brands. I love W7 boxed powders and find they are amazing for quality and price. The packaging is professional and no different to a bigger brands offerings. I'd use a compact mirror with the box powders, for on the go. 
Now the powder within you almost get a confusion, as if its a dusky orange/blue blusher. 
In this case it's not what you expect at all. 

 As you can see above, the hexagons are different colours. The light blue are quite hard to see. It's not  shimmery, though flecks can be seen in the light. You would maybe need a highlight, after the first use when the tiny shimmers have gone. I'm actually glad as i can pair this with Honolulu and blend effortlessly. It's an amazing box blush as it's a light coral. 

If you look at my swatch, it's a lovely shade of coral for a slight hint of colour. Perfect for spring/summer looks as its light. Also i find the W7 brushes included are really soft, I use them to contour and apply my cheek items. Ive used other brands brushes included in box blushes and they are like rough sandpaper. I love this blush and will go in my daily routine with honolulu. 

The next is (Cin-Cin), from the new "Full colour Lipstick"

Wow I was impressed with the cheeky lip crayons, a couple of weeks ago. However these "Full colour Lipstick" are very clever and highly pigmented. They are not the usual design for lipsticks. The lipstick within, sits in the tube and has a click mechanism. So you can click up the amount you need, then click down after use. May not impress some but i think its great.

I wasn't aware of full colour, as was trying to find the honey queen blush. I'm so glad I was introduced to the "full colour range". So being budget brand you'd expect a lower quality. W7 have stepped up and delivered quality products.

So Cin-Cin is a pink from first looking but on my swatch, it does have a undertone of purple. I really love these colours as they are brights and exciting. 

Also very hydrating on application and great coverage. The colour is beautiful and seasonal too. So overall I would say these new items are fantastic. Brilliant colour and from a budget brand it's really quite remarkable. I'm so glad that W7 continues to release affordable, quality makeup. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

SteamCream - New 2014 Ltd edition

 I love SteamCream, it's a definite essential. As you can use it for any part of the body that is dry. It's unique in that the tin once finished, can be used again. The tins are quite a collectible, plus a beautiful way to hold small beauty items. 

They say 
- It’s Steamcream's unique steam process that makes our cream much more effective on the skin. The force of the Steam fuses the ingredients instantly holding them together in a very gentle and loose emulsion. 
- When it touches your skin, the naturally moisturising ingredients and pure, calming essential oils are released from the light emulsion so they can sink past the surface reaching the areas they are needed fast. Your skin will feel intensively moisturised and softer for longer.
-By using such a simple process, we can invest in natural materials such as orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine to hydrate your skin. Almond and jojoba oils, with moisturising cocoa butter, soften the skin’s surface.

- This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too. So this tin is called "always" and part of the new collection for spring. The tins that I've seen on the site are stunning.  I would love to purchase them all.
New additions

So let me tell you my review on the SteamCream within the tin. This cream is a rich and applies easy to the skin. Absorption is good but I would (I put a lot of cream on) say if your dry skinned, then it took my skin a little while to absorb. However the day after it was really great and absorbed quicker. I don't if it is because I exfoliated this day. It fits in as a lovely skincare addition. So as you can see above, it's a rich white cream.

New additions 

Has anyone tried SteamCream ? What design would you pick. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Shiseido - Sheer eye zone corrector

Shiseido has always been a brand i feared too expensive. However I was so kindly sent a lovely sample, of there new Skin corrector. Because I was not able to visit the store to try it.
I was sent this beautiful parcel and have to say thank you, to the marketing team. 
So some facts and information first. 

They say ;
With a sheer finish, this unique corrector neutralizes dark circles with exclusive color and an ultra thin formula specifically for the eye zone. Just-applied finish lasts all day. 6 unique shades created to cancel discolouration around the eye's by adjusting the skin tone around the cheek. Sheer and Perfect Foundation and Sheer Eye Zone Corrector are formulated with Shiseido exclusive Reflect and Fit Powder. Rather than concealing heavily, Shiseido’s two ultra thin formula with unique technology of optical correction brings beautifully event-toned complexion.
So with a very detailed colour chart and descriptive text. Shall we see just by testing, how my eyes looked before and after. Bearing in mind I am an insomniac. I also on medication hence, why my skin looks so tired. 

I can say this was beautiful, it dulled the purple haze my eyes have. The perfect base or preparation for one. It removed the tired bags and made them look less noticeable. No creasing that I could detect. I would only use a translucent powder, if you are planning a plain/quick application. So by results alone, I really love this product and will save up to purchase a new one. When this one has been used up, it's a makeup bags must have. 

So above is with just the Zone corrector and then with a basic day look. It's not disturbed nor faded in concealing my tired eyes. In fact my eyes looked bright and I was complimented quite a few times. So its a firm favourite of mine. 

Kringle candles - New 2014 scents

I love Kringle candles, they are the most beautiful candles. The scent throw is amazing, making your home smell divine. I was low on voltives and went to stock up. Then was kindly sent the new scents to trial. I love to display (daylights/voltives/tealight) in a big glass jar. If friends visit and would like one to try, I happily give them. I can't thank Kringle enough for being so generous. 

So the new scents for 2014 are
- Grapefruit 
- Sparkling 
- Black sands 
- Coconut wood
- Wild poppies 
- Sail away 

So in a rundown if the scents -
Sail away is a real feel of the seaside, that scent you smell as you approach the coast. Nice hints and reminders of going to the beach. Very fresh and gives your home a sense of peace.

- Black sands is probably one I would say my husband loves. It's very masculine and perfect for him. He really enjoyed the initial scent and will enjoy burning this. It's very much like a masculine aftershave scent, perfect for a man- cave. Seems overpowering on first smelling, however calms to a constant scent throw. 

- Wild poppies is beautiful and I'm not a floral scent kind of girl. However this has a perfect balance of floral with freshness. Not overpowering at all. Just like a hint of  spring entering your home, it's stunning. Would highly recommend if your not sure on florals but would like one to try, this would be the one. Lovely lit and so calming like the same effect as lavender scents.

- Coconut wood is one where you keep smelling it, to get closer to the scent. I can only describe it as raw coconut with some hints of wood. Now I have had fresh coconuts as a child. This is bringing back that scent of the freshly opened coconut. You have the woody tones of the outer husk, the coconut milk and fresh smell from inside. It's really nice and again this would be a calming scent if choose. I love coconut.

- Sparkling is almost a fresh light hints of lemon and lime. Summer sparkling mix of lemonade freshly made then lime added to give a zesty zing. I use this when I want something just really light. However throws different scents every now and again.

Grapefruit is a light and has a hint of the fruity grapefruit scent. Really is impressive how this is a perfectly balanced candle. It's not overpowering and gives a nice throw of scent without being over the top. I don't like grapefruit but I love this candle. 

I had purchased some voltives and was kindly sent an array of sample cards. I found the card lasted a few hours as a air freshener. This gives me an idea of which candles I want to add to my collection. So grateful to Kringle candles for the sample cards. 

So I bought (stocked up heavily) on Pancake breakfast, Sugar plum and Red rum punch. I will say that "pancake breakfast" has an amazingly stong scent, even when it's still wrapped up. When lit it then gives a scent, of maple sugar with hints of pancakes.

Red rum punch is also a lovely summer fruity candle. Hints of blackberries, strawberry and a mix of other lovely scents.I really like this, as it's a mix when it burn's. They have the balance just right on there candles. It's a beautifully rich fruity candle. However they don't overpower, I personally can feel quite ill if a scent becomes too potent. I like a constant nice flow of scent and Kringle offer me this. 

Next on the list to try
Melon, Frosted cake, spiced apple if in stock, most scents from the fruit and food sections. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

YouBeauty box - March

YouBeauty Website

I really enjoy my YouBeauty box, especially for the price per month. It's affordable and gives excellent product choice. At times I find it hard to pick 2 items. Then the additional products included within the box are usually great. This month however was just unfortunate but once I contacted YouBeauty they sent me vintage cosmetic company tweezers. Excellent customer service. 

So the two options I chose were;

- The body shop Camomile cleanser and Muslin cloth 
- Paul Mitchell ; Dry wash 

-Vintage cosmetic company item (toe seporators, tweezers or lashes)
- Butterfly tea, 2 sachets 

My first pick was, The body shops camomile cleanser with a muslin cloth. As I really do love muslin cloths when cleansing. Also the camomile tin is very nice, much preferred to the plastic tubs. I can reuse this tin when it's finished with and use it for decanting or storage. So I can't wait to use this product.

So my second option was the Paul Mitchell - Dry wash. As I use a lot of these dry shampoos, for when I'm in hospital. It makes it easier to maintain clean sense, till you can wash it. It's an essential product in my travel bag. Having used this once it was, light and scented nicely to refresh my hair. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

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