Sunday, 29 May 2016

Detomaso : Airbreaker watch

After an amazing birthday weekend, I just have to bring to you a review showing my husband's fantastic watch. As we move into looking for gift's for father's day, this would be perfect for any dad. 
About : The Airbreaker presses ahead at full speed. Its rotatable GMT bezel with distinctive time zones shows this is a watch to be reckoned with. Featuring a precise Ronda movement. At the push of a button, its Super Runner function speeds up the seconds up to the stop inside its hexagonal eye. Super-LumiNova light pigments on the hands, and tachymeter display, guarantee visibility at all times. A genuine leather band with stylish stitching fits perfectly on the wrist. 
Brand : Detomaso
Packaging : Detomaso packaging
Guarantee : Detomaso 2 year guarantee
Case Material : Black Ion-plated Steel
Case width approx : 45mm
Case depth approx : 12mm
Gender : Gents
MPN : DT-YG101-A
- Official Detomaso presentation box
- Official Detomaso guarantee
- Instruction manual (where applicable)
Dial & Strap Colour : Black
Strap type : Genuine leather strap
Water resistancy : 100 metres
Clasp type : Strap buckle
Movement : Quartz (battery)
Chronograph : Yes
Features : 
- Chronograph with movement by swiss manufacturer ronda
- Super runner function and rotatable gmt bezel
- Robust casing with sapphire-coated mineral crystal glass
- Featuring a strikingly stitched genuine leather band
- Cosmopolitan aviator look with distinctive features

Overall verdict 

This watch is stunning and comes packaged with the most amazing detail. The workmanship is to the highest quality and is definitely fitting for any man. It looks professional aswell as fashionable with any outfit. 
Its comfortable leather strap gives a secure, reliable way to wear this timepiece. Perfect if you have young children or valuable's,as the strap cannot snag or cut like metal version's. 
The clock itself is beautiful and once the time is set, which is easily done. It's definitely ideal for any man looking for a watch befitting any occasion.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Dolce Vita - My little box : May edition

So its that part of the month where "My little box" arrives. I get very excited and always wonder what french influenced goodies will be inside. Its called Diva Vita this month, so an italian summer theme. 
About : My Little Box is a hand-picked and beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. With accessories, products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight the lucky recipient.
- Beauty bag 
{Body oil, Perfume, Sun lotion}
- Green coloured Turban
- Leaf ring 
- Magazine 
- A4 decorative card 
- My little box Magazine 
As always the feature magazine from my little box. This has a pasta scene, for this italian themed box. 

- A4 decorative card 
Again numerous item's illustrated with the italian name inscribed next to it. All these item's are classic thing's you will experience in italy. 
- Gold plated "Leaf ring" 
This beautiful ring is really to my taste, I love all kind's of jewellery. I really love ring's and even though this is gold plated, it's petite and unique.I think this is my favourite item in the box this month. 
- Beauty bag {Body oil, Perfume, Sun lotion}
The beauty bag this month has a very summery feeling. Featuring a beautifully scented Jasmin body oil by Baija, its presented in a chic glass bottle stunning for any vanity unit. 
The next item is a perfume automiser with a lovely fresh scent of summery blossom's. Almost like when the flowers are just releasing there scent, the woodland is the undertone bringing it all together. Its ideal for your handbag but it is glass, so i would recommend a hard-case for travel. 
The last item from "My little beauty" is a cream sun lotion. Its a really generous size with a lovely consistancy that is light and absorbs easily. 
- Green coloured Turban
I love the colour of this turban headband and the detail's on the back of the box for more use's. It's great that I can utilise the hairband over the summer. It's well made and look's like it will last a good while. It's truly beautiful. 

Overall view
I love to try new item's and brand's, yet this month again felt like something was missing from this box. 
The beauty bag really I felt could have just had the perfume or oil and then added another more summery product. As these two item's are perfumed so why not have a little colour in there, instead of always skincare item's. I have so much skincare and its why I mainly leave a box due to lack of beauty sample imagination. Its summer and yes skincare is important, I cant help feel the oil should be in a box whilst summer is in full flow when we are all a little more sunkissed. 
The "my little beauty" own brand of products, It's again a cream. I get the sun theme but Ive seen other product's, id love to experience rather then endless cream off "My little beauty". The beauty bags are just so underwhelming as there are no new brand's, plus it would be nice to see more unique and also french brands plus some makeup. Im not sure if its me expecting too much but I seem to have hit a empass with "My little beauty", stay just for the unique lifestyle or unsubscribe as im wasting money on endless beauty item's I really wont use ?  It's so hard as Ive seen my little box at its best. Again this month was not very wow for me and I maybe on my final stretch with subscribing. 

What did you think ? 
Any other boxes I should keep my eye out for ? 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Illamasqua - Hypnotica Summer 2016

So the new summer collection from Illamasqua has been released and what a beautifully colourful range it is. I hope they add to the duo swirl lipstick's line, as the combination's are endless. 

About : The Illamasqua festival spirit lives in your heart, whether its full body paint Woodstock craziness, or a Coachella princess basking in the Californian sunshine. Hypnotica is a carnival of colour that binds the brightest pigments, psychedelic hues and slick textures with a playful festival spirit.
Slick Stick RRP £18.50 
A colour intense, retractable lip crayon that creates long-lasting definition. This creamy, water-resistant liner glides over lips effortlessly and once set it does not shift. Use to enhance the lips and to prevent colour bleed or apply across the entire lip to create a colour-intense lip colour. 
Shades available: Dream (Nude Brown)
Sketch Stick's £15.00 
A multi-use crayon with powerful pigment pay off. The Sketch Sticks allow you to get creative with colour with its creamy texture allowing for easy blending. The faultless way to add a splash of colour to any look. 
Shades available: Fly (Hot Pink), Free (Cornflower Blue), Trace (Bright Orange), Higher (Bright Yellow), Spirit (Pure White), Haze (Jet Black), Trip (Acid Green) 

Lava Lip's £19.50 
Colour intense, marbled lipstick designed with a unique recipe developed from our highly pigmented Lipstick shades. Carefully matched, these colour duos effortlessly blend together on application to create a new vibrant lip colour with a smooth, satin finish. Colour combination at its finest. 
Shades available: Activist (Deep purple and blue) 
Lip Lure £19.50 
Long lasting, colour intense liquid lipstick with a beautiful, glossy finish. Lip Lure glides onto lips smoothly and provides comfortable, continuous wear. The slender shaped sponge applicator allows for precise application and its rich pigment provides the ultimate colour payoff.
Shades available: Pow (Bright Pink)

Dolly Lashes RRP £11.00 
Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes are the go to for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply Dolly to the lower lash line with the latex-free glue provided for a flirty, fun enhancement. 

Available at : Illamasqua flagship store, 20 Beak street London W1, Leed's Victoria quarter, Liverpool Met quarter, Selfridges Oxford street London, Trafford, Manchester Exchange & Birmingham, Debenham's, Westfield's white city, Cardiff, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bradford and Belfast 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Zbox limited edition - Bombshell's Edition

Im a huge comic book lover. The ultimate series I love are the DC bombshells, Harley Quinn being my absolute favourite. So when Zavvi advertised a limited edition box (500 only), I jumped right on an pre-ordered my box. This box was such an exciting and must have for me. 
AboutHey Puddin’! Celebrate all things Bombshells with this limited edition box. Let’s face it, whether you side with the heroines or the renegades of the group, you can’t deny that these ladies are pretty super! This mystery box is packed with DC Bombshells merchandise & collectables. 

Zbox : DC Bombshells content's :
- No 1 Bombshell's comic 
- Bombshell's coaster's set 
- Harley Quinn T-Shirt 
- Limited edition print (500 print's)
- POP Vinyl figure (54 Harley Quinn)
- Bombshells Mug (Wonder woman) 
- No 1 Bombshell's comic 
I already subscribed to the bombshells comic series. As the DC universe rebooted the #52's and being an avid Harley quinn collector, I had to subscribe to the beautiful strong and vibrant bombshell women. So for me this is an additional copy that I can keep or pass on, if anyone's collection is mising this iconic issue. 
- Harley Quinn T-Shirt 
I was so excited to see a t-shirt in my box, it was folded so I could not see which bombshell I was given. So I asked my husband to open it, twist it around as a reveal. When I saw it was my heroine Harley, well i near fell off the sofa in excitement and joy. I have this design as a full sized framed work in my bedroom. So definitely a fantastic addition to my box.
- Limited edition print (500 print's)
Im guessing as the bottom says its of 500, that this is exclusive too this box only. Im not sure if its the same or if everyone got a slightly different variants. I love the fact Wonder Woman is being toured and in awe of AquaWoman's kingdom. Unique amazing print which is sealed to keep it in mint condition.
- Bombshell's coaster's set 
I love how these strong women are on these coaster's, they will brighten up my living room table. Im excited to open them and set upon my table, however a part of me really doesn't want to use them.
- POP Vinyl figure (54 Harley Quinn)
I love POP vinyl figures and again another addition to my Harley family of collectables. I haven't got this number so im happy it was not an additional one that I had. Plus being the Arkham version makes her even more special to me as I love that game. 
- Bombshells Mug (Wonder woman)
Now whilst this is not the Harley version, im actually happy as I have the Harley edition. So it's nice to have another of the bombshell ladies for my mug. I would have loved poison ivy as she is Harley's partner in crime but I can alway's purchase her mug and make a full collection. 
- Overall view 
So this box took a while to arrive as was a present from my husband. It kept being delayed with no information until the box was ready. Once paid for the delivery was quick. I was disappointed the actual shipping box was the bombshells box and there wasnt a separate one to keep incase this box was damaged. As the art work inside is beautiful plus its so big, so i may find a way to turn the art into a feature on my shelf. I love this box and so glad I purchased it as there are item's here that I truly love. The coasters and T-shirt are amazing addition's, plus to have a limited edition print included makes it really special. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Busy bee stationary - May edition

Its that time in the month where I recieve my Busy bee stationary box. This is an amazing box which is perfect for anyone who loves to write and be creative. I love to add to my writing and Journalling tool's. 
About : We run a monthly stationery subscription box for busy bees. We enjoy the feeling of putting pen to paper. We love to journal. We are mad about planners. We like to stay in touch with loved ones "the old-fashioned way". Each month we send our subscribers a curated box of beautiful stationery - the contents are always a surprise! Our boxes typically include 5-10 items. 
We choose items that inspire creativity and help you with your everyday note-taking, planning, journaling and letter writing. Our boxes are always built around a theme, season, or specific creative project. Receive amazing products from brands like Heidi Swapp, Write Notepads, Gorjuss, Impression Paperie and more.
Contents : 
- Santoro Mouse matt
- Santoro Pen & pencil holder
- Zazz Glitter glue (Purple & Gold)
- Santoro 3 Pen set (0.5mm)
- Becky Higgin's : Project life (Frames)
- Detail's monochrome paperclips (6pk)
- Santoro Sticky notes set
- Confetti chipboard decorations 
- Becky Higgin's : Project life (Kit)
- Santoro 3 Pen set (0.5mm)
I love the Santoro collection's, these pen's are perfect addition's to the metallic set I have. They are the thin tip version so I can write in my journal with them. I love the design so much, they are so cute.
- Santoro Sticky notes set
Another Santoro product which is visually stunning. These sticky notes are all different sizes, they also have a beautiful design on each. I cannot wait to use them. 
- Detail's monochrome paperclips (6pk)
These paperclips have come just at the right time as I had run out. I dont just use them to Journal but to keep important documents in order. Seeing as its the new financial year, these paperclips will be going to good use. 

- Zazz Glitter glue (Purple & Gold)
Now perfect for Scrapbooking and any project that may call for some glitter to jazz it up. I love purple and gold so I cant wait to try them and see how they perform.
- Santoro Pen & pencil holder
This is beautiful and I cannot wait to have all my pen's and pencil's on view now. My writing desk was in need of a pen holder, as they are becoming quite a formidable collection. So this is a perfect addition to my writing desk.
- Becky Higgin's : Project life (Kit)
This is new for me and look's like a really creative kit for either Scrapbooking or decorating a really special photo. I will definitely be posting any creations via my Instagram as this kit looks so unique.
- Santoro Mouse matt
My writing desk is complete now, this Santoro mouse matt just added that final touch of beauty. I am so in love with this designer as the cute factor and its functionality are fantastic.
- Becky Higgin's: Project life (Frame)
These are clear plastics which again are great for Scrapbooking and decorating photos you wish to display. Again its so unique to me that I cant wait to be creative. I can show off what I make and what the kit can do. 
- Confetti chipboard decorations 
This chipboard is thick and will be great for any crafting as they are very sturdy. There are 46 designs on this one chipboard and its a really a decent size.
Overall view
Holy wowzer Busy bee staff, what an amazing box. The Santoro products which are for your creative space, to keep it functional and tidy. Plus the item's are super cute and I love them for my writing area. It brightens up my space and makes me smile while my creative mind runs wild. I couldnt be happier with these item's. 
The Becky Higgin's : Project life frames and kit are new to me. From my initial impression of the kit enclosed, it's a brilliant product for my scrapbooking as it has glitter card's and embellishments. Perfect to make scrapbook pages unique and also decorate smaller photos within it. Im sure it can be used for other crafting and also the frame's. The frames seem to be very unique in that they are clear, so would go over a photo to add a special decoration. Again great for scrapbooking, also decorating photos on display. So im excited to recieve these product's in my box, as ive been introduced to a new brand. Like the Confetti chipboard is a new brand to me. This chipboard is study with its 46 decorative adhesives. I can use these for scrapbooking, Journalling and also decorations for notepads. It's endless the    possibilities for these decorations. 
So this month's box was by far the best yet. Amazing brand's and products included for writing and multiple craft's also. The box has so much for me to utilise and I really do think the quality of this month's edition is exceptional. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

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