Thursday, 30 June 2016

MAC - Chris Chang

This is MAC's summer limited edition collection yet one I was highly excited for, it didnt fail to deliver. My expectations were met and the packaging is beautiful. 
About : China’s most outlandish fashion designer puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. Surreal hues of Lipstick, Cream Colour Base and Eye Shadow, and uniquely designed packaging, are saturated with her signature dramatic flair. 

- Lipstick in Plum princess
This is a beautiful colour and applies flawlessly to give a rich purple colour to the lips. It's perfect for summer and all the times you just want to add a little pizzaz to a look. 

- Cream bases in Peony pavilion & Sockit Xiqu
These are beautiful and unlike other cream bases, super pigmented plus creamy. I really cannot wait to experiment further with them, in the form of a base for any colourful look i wish to achieve. I have so many look's planned for the next few week's, all colourfully taking on summer. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

My Summer Vibes box - June edition

So its that part of the month where "My little box" arrives. I get very excited and always wonder what french influenced goodies will be inside. Its called Summer vibe's this month, so a proper welcome for summer and the beautiful sunshine.
About : My Little Box is a hand-picked and beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. With accessories, products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight the lucky recipient.
Content's : 

- A5 inspirational card 
- My Beauty bag {Waterproof Bikini bag}
- "Girls just wanna have Sun" T-Shirt
- My beauty box magazine 
- My little beauty beach hairspray, Too faced Glitter glue sample, Ciate mini Nail polish, Kusmi Tea
- My beauty box magazine 
As always the feature magazine from My little box. This has a summery front cover which also model's the T-shirt's included within the box. 

- A4 decorative card 
Again numerous item's illustrated in regards to summer and the beach. All these item's are classic thing's you would take to the beach, it has a handy tick box so you wont forget anything. 

- My Beauty bag {Waterproof Bikini bag}
This beauty bag is very Summery but the main difference, its waterproof instead of the monthly fabric bag. It says on it that its for Bikini's or swimwear after being used, so all your bag's content's remain protected from wet swimwear. 
- My little beauty beach hairspray, Too faced Glitter glue sample, Ciate mini Nail polish, Kusmi Tea
The My little beauty this month have given us a hair product, in the form of a beach hairspray. So i suspect its like a salt spray to give your hair that beach texture and appearance. 
The next sample is by Too faced and its one of the eye "primers", this is the glitter glue. Ive always wanted to try this as i have many pigment's that need a sticky base so this will be perfect. So happy to have this as a sample.
Ciate polish is really a great formula and these mini's are great for on the go. I have this colour already and would have loved a bright colour for summer, as this seem's like a very fall colour with muted tones. 

This tea is not what it seem's, its to make a litre of iced fruit tea. Hibiscus and berries is a fantastic flavour and a brilliant jug of refreshing beverage for this hot summer. I Suggest a big tumbler filled with this tea, cool and then add Ice with mint leaves and fresh fruit. (Allow tea to cool, or fruit will fall apart).
- "Girls just wanna have Sun" T-Shirt
This is not really a T-shirt on opening fully, its very much a tank top design and exactly as shown on the magazine. Really soft and well made T-shirt, slightly bigger size but its nice for summer then have it stick to me. Also slightly see through so I recommend either nude or a white bra for this top. 

Overall review
So this month I must say is beyond better then last month and improved upon the selection of beauty products. Im so happy with this month and I can use all the item's available within the box. Fantastic and back to its best, so im going to enjoy the hibiscus tea and give my skin some well needed sun rays. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Diva professional styling - Feel the Heat Elite Straighteners

When it comes to hair straightener's,  Ive found that you can get some amazing brands that are brilliant styling tool's for your hair. Diva is one of those brand's that gives your hair what it need's plus is backed by professional's. This post is part 1 of 2 (as we all dont have the same hair, so I plan on testing out on differnt types of hair) seeing as i wear wig's currently and not for too much longer. This post is for anyone with extension's, wigs and any artificial hair what Diva does for your hair. 

About : Diva Professional Styling is a British, family-owned company in London. All our products are designed, engineered, tested in the UK and we use top, award-winning hairdressers to salon test and approve all our products. Our products used by Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington,Richard Ward, Headmasters to name a few. Popular with celebrities, high profile production's including Skyfall, Downtown Abbey and Dancing on Ice. Our reputation for quality and pride in our response to new styling trends. 

Diva Feel the Heat Elite Straighteners

Diva Professional Styling have had their plates infused with Argan Oil. So now you can condition your hair whilst straightening. The first to launch Argan straighteners in the UK, conditioning your hair to give a shinny smooth and frizz free polished finish every time.They feature a digital temperature control, temperature settings for any hair type including hair extensions. 
Highest quality Korean ceramic floating plates infused with Argan oil
Instant heat up ready in only 30 seconds
Excellent heat recovery
Infrared conditioning
Digital heat control - from 110°C to 230°C (hair extension)
Auto shut-off energy saver after 10 minutes
Integrated stand
• 3 metre salon swivel cord- heatproof, tough and flexible
BS/European converter plug
Multi-voltage for worldwide use
Heat mat/bag included
The packaging is so impressive, with a clear and consise list of all the benefits for your hair. Infused with argan oil the plate's which reach up to 230 degree's, (can be changed as needed) im keen to see how they can calm my curly hair. Also il be putting the straighteners to the test with using them on my wig's, to see how the heat technology work's plus protecting my wigs hair.
They are so beautiful and the pouch which doubles as a heat mat, really does keep your straighteners protected. I would advise keeping the velcro band that holds your power cable wrapped neatly within that bag, its ideal to keep the cable neat and especially if your travelling. (Personally I dont put my power cable in with my straighteners, as the plug pin's against your plates may scratch.)

- My hair (Before & After) 
I have to currently use extension's due to hormonal imbalance due to my recent hysterectomy. So I use wigs and also suppliment my own hair with clip ins also. So i was eager to know how this would perform on my wig's hair. I have long hair with a few patchy area's ive been told will grow back just as thick as before. Plus I feel more confident wearing a wig personally. 
I used the heat mat and wig holder to straighten the hair. I set as recommended too the temperature for this hair type (110). It I must say warmed up and I slightly questioned would it be hot enough. So I placed them down and proceeded to run my fingers to prep my wig. (Also small tip, dont do this on a very hot day like I did) I sectioned a small portion as well these straighteners do heat up and wow once they were to the heat needed, small combing of sections was like butter over the hair. 
This is only set too 110, so the hottest setting on actual hair will be seconds. (I will be testing on my sister asap). Also I recommend a heat glove if you want to push higher if your not used to the heat. 
I did do a good portion very quick and easily. I must admit the hair felt and looked better after straightening. It was less frizzy in areas where the curls were loosing and needed re-doing, it felt more conditioned and not as corse which I expected. I cannot wait to show more of Diva and what the straighteners can do. 

Il be doing the whole wig and a makeup look, (which will be tagged with Diva on all my Social media) plus test on sister in law to see what she think's 

So what do you predict may happen ? Will she Vote for Diva or the Market leader ? See more in my next Diva post to see how it all went! 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Cafe de Bain : Bath product's

Simple measures in the day can give the most relaxation, such as taking a warm bath or massaging power shower. Cafe de Bain offers bath and shower cream's, scented with the hint's of beautiful french dessert's. 
About : Take a break out of your busy day and indulge with some time that’s just for you. Relax and treat yourself to some deliciously-scented, delectably pampering bath and body delicacies from Café de Bain.

- Cherry & Almond Bath Creme

Take a break out of your busy day and indulge with some time that’s just for you. This decadently-rich bath crème will moisturise and nourish your skin leaving you looking and feeling delectable.

My View - 
This smell's fantastic as the cherry scent is so delicious. You have all the cherry tone's with a underlying almond base. It's beautiful on the skin and so moisturising to use within the bath. I leave the water to run whilst adding a bit to make some bubble's. I liked to use this on a flannel and lather it up to wash with, as the scent is so beautiful.

- Coconut Macaroon Bath Creme 
Coconut Macaroons are small meringue-like biscuits, crunchy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. Made from four simple ingredients: ground almonds, sugar, egg whites and coconut. Inspired by the rich caramel fragrance of lightly toasted coconut, this decadent creamy-rich lather will moisturise and nourish your skin.

My View - just like with the Cherry scent, the coconut is definitely a favourite with me as it's lovely and summery. It is definitely a range I want to re-purchase, as I have enjoyed using this so much. Also giving little pot's to family for them to try as its perfect for summer, I wanted them to experience a lovely bath cream which is also very affordable. They all agreed it was something they definitely would try and it's beautifully scented. 

- Coconut Macaroon shower creme 
Coconut Macaroons are small meringue-like biscuits, crunchy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. Made from four simple ingredients: ground almonds, sugar, egg whites and coconut. Inspired by the rich caramel fragrance of lightly toasted coconut, this decadent creamy-rich lather will moisturise and nourish your skin.

My View - This rich coconut scented shower cream is light-weight. A small amount can lather up and leave you feeling fresh, plus has you smelling of rich coconut macaroon's. A beautiful shower cream that I enjoy using for that fresh summer scent. Easily opened and accessible to use when in the shower. 

Overall View
I used these bath & shower cream's in my daily routine. It is a light consistency which clean's and make my skin smell amazing. It also hydrated my skin, with only a small amount required to get a lather. This range of shower and bath cream's has left my skin feeling less dry and scented beautifully. Im definitely going to be re-purchasing, as its a must have for me now. 

Little known Box - First edition

This is the first edition box from new company "Little known box". I saw it and had a coupon so thought why not. See how this subscription box may compare to other's that I use. 
About : When you sign up for a Little-Known Box subscription, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected luxurious beauty products and gifts. We are passionate about featuring 'little-known' products, from independent, niche, upcoming and emerging brands. Chosen with ethics and wellness in mind. 
Content's :
Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Eyelash Curlers 
Dirtea Coconut: Body Face Mask
Thumb's up Nail's 
Medusa make-up : Lip Gloss
Flint plus Flint Skincare

- Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Eyelash Curlers
The Eyelash Curlers come with a spring for luscious, long lasting lashes. They can be used to curl your own lashes or our strip lashes once applied, to bind the false lashes and your lashes together. 
We also recommend holding the Curlers under a hairdryer on a low setting for a few seconds. Make sure they’re warm (not hot!) and then curl the lashes. This will help you to produce a better more long lasting curl. Follow with a slick of mascara. 

- Dirtea Coconut : Detox Face Mask
They will help give you healthier skin by targeting acne,psoriasis,eczema and scarring. Dirtea is a gentle exfoliating scrub to rid you of dead skin cells and blemishes while ensuring lovely fresh skin throughout the day. 
Target: Dry Skin + Eczema
Natural Relief for Psoriasis & Eczema 
Smells Like: Summer Spice
Directions: Get your skin wet, apply scrub, and get Dirtea. Use a circular massage motion, concentrating on problem areas. Leave scrub to dry for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse the scrub from your body, Use twice a week. 

- Thumb's up Nail's
These marbled effect nail wraps come in luscious shades of perfect pink and metallic gold, making them the ideal feminine accessory. Wear when you are wanting to feel exotic. Our quality nail wraps are designed with ease of use.

Removal: Remove with your favourite nail polish remover or gently peel off the nail wraps.

- Medusa make-up : Lip Gloss
All natural Paraben free, cruelty free lip gloss with brilliant shine. 

- Flint plus Flint Skincare
A rich repair cream that boosts collagen and elastin production and regenerates the skin. Contains a combination of active ingredients to reverse the signs of premature ageing, Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
Direction's : Use this triple action cream on dry skin when required. Apply evenly over face & neck after Serum.

Overall View 
Honestly this box wasnt a wow for me on first look. However when I looked into the product's, also noticed one brand I really wanted to try. Medusa makeup was a brand I really wanted to try and I recieved a lipgloss in a vibrant red. The other brand's are all new to me. The Vintage Cosmetic's company eyelash curler's, I already own and Im not really excited by this product. Nail wraps I find are too fiddly and this isnt a product I would actively use or like. I am excited by Flint & Flint skincare as it looks fantastic for dry skin, plus im excited to see if it work's as well as they say. 

Im not really too wow'd by the box and whilst they are new brand's, I dont find nail wraps to be high end samples. Il be skipping this subscription service as It wasnt what I was expecting nor hoping for. Beauty boxes unless they offer me a profile specific box, I doubt Il be subscribing to any more from now on. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...