Monday, 24 March 2014

Lily lolo - New natural eyeliner

I really enjoy Lily lolo natural makeup. There shimmer strips are perfect, to give a glow over spring into summer. So now I'm going to try the new Natural Eyeliner in black. 

They say; 
Enriched with moisturising and conditioning ingredients which are excellent for sensitive skin. Its soft and smooth application combined with a rich colour pay-off make our Natural Eye Pencil perfect to outline, define and enhance your eyes.

Long lasting & non-drying formula Jojoba oil:

 regulates the oil and moisture content of the skin Shea butter

 Canola Oil: moisturising and ideal for skin protection 

Vitamin E: anti-ageing Vegan friendly


So my usual liner very soft and pigmented,plus not harsh on my eyes. I wasn't expecting this liner to perform as well. Initially on swatching, it was a creamy plus pigmented liner. Il admit i was shocked. Also my eyes were not watery from long use, so it is very good if your eyes become sensitive.I was pleased that there is a natural liner available. 

As the above shows the liner is pigmented and creamy. This upon application is the same, it's smooth and rich in colour. Highly versatile so it can be used in the waterline, plus smoked out on the last line. The uses are endless. When I applied in each area (waterline, lash line, smudge work) it didn't pull or catch my eye. Easily sharpened to get precise edge. On the waterline, it's extremely pigmented plus so creamy to apply. I really enjoyed using this product. I would repurchase due to the natural ingredients. The Shea butter made this liner lovely to use. It would be lovely to smoke out in the crease, to do a dramatic look. I can't wait to try more with Lily lolo products. Especially if this is the quality through the whole range. 

As you can see the lash line was easily applied.(there is a gap to show, how easy it applies with no smudges or pulling). Also within the waterline it's extremely
Pigmented, with no signs of moving once applied. Beautiful natural liner. 

Have you used Lily lolo before ? 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Birchbox 2014 - March

So beauty box month and here is my Birchbox for the month of March. This month was influenced by Lulu Guinness. Il be honest I was so excited seeing the box, thinking it would be that design. It turned out to just be a sleeve that was around it. So I was intrigued as to what would be included this month. I only had the menu card as via email, birchbox said the booklets were missing. We would be sent them within the week. 

Contents were ;
- Molton brown : Hand cream 
- Benefit : Stay don't stray 
- English laundry fragrance 
- Dr brant : Pore refiner 
- Aromaworks : relaxing oil 
- Lulu Guinness black stripe rock

So the rundown per product :
- Molton brown hand cream looks lovely to use and travel friendly. Has a lovely scent and consistency. Can't wait to try this sample during the week.
-Benefit Stay don't stray is a new product for me to try. One I'm looking forward too trying, as it will give me a good indication of its performance. Again small sample, so unsure how many uses I will get to make a concrete opinion. 
-Dr Brant Pore refiner is a product I really want to crack open and trial. I love primers and any that can refine my pores, will be a winner in my book.

-English laundry company fragrance was the only downside to this box. I didn't like the last sample I recieved. I'm very picky with fragrance. 
- Aromaworks body oil is not something I've come across before. Also again the sample is tiny, you would need to use in one area to see if it made a difference. 
-Extra Stick of rock is quite big and I like the design. Plus it's a real treat as I can't go to the seaside. However I have to pass this on as I'm diabetic. I'm sure my husband will happily eat it with glee.

So overall was a slight disappointment in sample size. The products were good, I just wish they would give us a full size. I also like that they made sure I got my skin tone with the Benefit product. My pet peeve is perfume samples, as I have probably sampled and tried it. (I subscribe to a perfume/aftershave) box. So on the fence with this box. 

What are your thoughts ? Did you recieved a different box ? 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Nourish - Revival eye cream (Kale biomimetic formula)

It was no secret that I fell in love with Nourish products last year. There natural ingredient products are lovely and don't clog the skin. So with the introduction of the new " Revital eyes cream", it's intrigued me to see if it can help my sore and tired eyes. 

They say ; 
Supercharged with peptides, amino acids, B vitamins and antioxidants to boost natural resilience against signs of ageing. Biomimetic peptides boost the production of structural skin components to firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Vitamin-rich kale extract, macqui berry and pomegranate enzymes help counter puffiness and dark circles. 

Kale Biomimetic formula is an intense treatment for tired and puffy eyes, affected by dark circles and wrinkles. This 79% organic formula harnesses the power of ‘superfood’ Kale extract, which is used to protect skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and redness whilst promoting healing and a reduction in swelling. Kale extract, combined with anti-ageing bio-peptides: Chronoline and Kollaren for fine lines and wrinkles and healing yeast extract Drieline for ‘crows’ feet’, works to target internal cellular metabolism mechanisms influencing premature ageing and darkening around the eyes.

So the packaging is very small and sleek, making this perfect to carry in your handbag. To give a boost of hydration during the day when felt needed. I apply in the morning, to give my tired eyes some hydration. During the day i apply a small amount, as my eyes feel tired and need a little help. The cream is so light and absorbs into the skin with ease. It's a pale yellow cream, that feels like a serum when applied. 

One pump shown in the picture above, is plenty for both eyes. I found just lightly tapping the cream, onto the delicate eye areas. As the cream absorb's, I find my eyes don't feel as sore or heavy. I have heavy eyes with bags, mostly because I don't sleep easy. This little tube of revital eyes is the product, I would say has been a joy to try. 

 I would say this is another lovely product from nourish. It's been a essential addition to my handbag. Giving my tired eyes a boost during the day. Also I've found that having my eyes more hydrated, makes applying makeup easier.  No dry areas for product to stick too plus less concealing and creasing. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

W7 - New for spring 2014

So W7 is a brand of affordable makeup that I really enjoy using. I love the box powders especially and can't wait for the release of "Honey queen". They have just released some new products for eyes, lips and face. Also introducing real hair lashes. I've split the review into sections, so I can give an in depth.

Chunky eyes review 

So there is an endless choice of eye bases within the beauty world. I was very happy to see Chunky eyes. They are affordable. I love the colours in the range so far, hoping they release more options. 

Chunky eyes ; Cappuccino 

Chunky eyes are as good as the eye bases currently on the market. They are pigmented and butter soft sticks of colour. I use this as a base then set it with an eyeshadow, as a casual daily eye colour. You could use as your eye colour, set with a translucent powder so it can last. Very handy for travelling with being so compact. The shades I recieved are cappuccino and mocha. Cappuccino  is a dark bronze/gold mix and absolutely stunning. I would use this with my smokey bronze looks, as it really will make golds and taupe shades pop. 

Chunky eyes : Mocha 

Mocha is a lighter rose gold/bronze and the perfect base for daily/night out looks. Just shaded with some light chocolate brown. The options in which to use these are endless. The chunky eyes are so multifunctional, I will be looking for the other colours to purchase.

Get real lashes review 
So with the eyeshadows completed,you may require some lashes. W7 have released a new range called "Get Real". Made from real hair to get that natural look. They seem very light and also look so soft. So I wasn't expecting much, however they are really good lashes. The glue included is so strong, plus turns blue on contact with the lash. Also the band is  sturdy so you can apply the glue. They are easy to apply,to blend with your own lash using mascara. Light and natural finish for the day or add volume for night.

Here I am wearing the Chunky eyes in cappuccino, using a light dust of eye shadow to set it. Then using the Get real lashes to add some volume. I did not apply mascara, as I wanted to show the initial appearance when applied. 

Chunky lips : Scandal 

Chunky lips review 

Chunky lips I would say is the same principle, as the lip crayons in the beauty market. Same packaging as the chunky eyes for easy application. These are also creamy and highly pigmented. They are very nice on the lips giving a hydrated, non heavy or sticky feeling. 

Chunky eyes : Delicious 

They are very vivid colours, perfect for the spring/summer season. I the love Chunky lips colours I was kindly sent. I will also be buying more colours, on the release date. As you can see the pigmentation is fantastic. 

Honolulu box powder review 

Now we move onto "Honolulu" box powder, which is beautifully presented. I love box powders as they are different. The pigment on this bronzer is beautiful and not muddy/reddish looking. It comes with the softest brush, which I now use to contour. I found the powder was easily blendable, giving a soft warm bronze finish. I would always buy this now, Instead if the more expensive variety. I can't wait to purchase them all. 

Overall impression

So my overall impression on W7's new additions are really positive. I love the Honolulu box powder, so I'm excited to purchase the rest in the range.The Chunky eyes are fantastic quality and affordable. Again il be sticking with these bases, hoping they release more colours. The Chunky lip crayons applied to the lips were so creamy. They have a lovely finish, which helped my dry lips look a lot better. The formula didn't make my lips feel heavy, nor leave a sticky finish. Perfect for travelling, as the are easy to fit into a makeup bag. The lashes were soft and easy to use, they felt secure as the glue is so strong. The lashes give a boost, if you want a more natural look. So W7 are releasing some amazing additions. 

I am going to do a second part to this review, which will feature face products. (Primer, foundation, box powders etc). Then a review featuring my  "In the buff" palette. 

Are there any W7 products you love to use ? Which would you like to see in my next segment ? 

REN - Hot cloth cleanser and flash facial testers

So REN is a brand I have used before, with starter kit of mixed products to try. I fell in love with the serum/gel formulas, they are so cooling and refreshing. I was kindly also sent 2 sachets of the new "flash facial, 1 minute rinse" to see if I would like it. 

Hot cloth cleanser review 

They say ; 
Includes complimentary stay-warm cloth. A rich two-phase cleanser that purifies, decongests, gently exfoliates and removes all make-up. It leaves skin refreshed, radiant, smoothed and replenished without dryness or tightness.

  • Cleanses, purifies, smoothes, decongests and removes make up.
  • Skin feels refreshed, soft and radiant.
  • Skin feels softer, firmer, smoother.
  • Skin is never dry or tight.
Includes ;
  • Vitamin P from Rosa Centifolia protects the capillary venous system to decongest and soothe
  • Triglycerides from Cocoa Seed Butter improve the skin barrier functions against moisture loss
  • Rosa Damascena from Damask Rose Petals relieves and soothes skin

 I was intrigued by the sound of a hot cloth cleanser, as I do love to have some time to relax and unwind. Also opening the pores  to deep cleanse, in simple quick steps. So I applied one pump which is the amount above to my face, massaging this into my skin. Then you use the cloth with warm water to gently open the pores. I had the cloth over my face just relaxing, then I removed the cleanser with the cloth. This cloth also acts as an exfoliator to remove dead skin.You rinse with cool water to close the pores. 

It's exceptional for anyone whom likes a deep cleanse but naturally. As I do worry that I'm not removing all my makeup. I haven't ever broken out from REN products. The smell afterwards is so fresh and light on the skin. Really do enjoy using this product. Just the cloth alone feels soothing to the skin. Its the perfect relaxing treatment for anyone's skincare routine. I'm thoroughly enjoying this treatment so much. Also the cloth is the softest cloth I've ever used on my skin, I hope they are sold singularly. 

V-Cense flash rinse review  (2 sachet first impressions) 

So I was sent 2 sachets to try and get a first impression. 

They say ; 

All products within REN’s new V-Cense range utilise boswellia carterii, extracted from luxurious frankincense oil, which relaxes the micro-contractions of the facial tissue, helping to smooth lines and minimise the signs of premature ageing.

Discover a high-perfomance complexion boost that lasts 72 hours with the V-Cense Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial! A transformative gel-rinse that instantly revitalises and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with water activated Vitamin C, it neutralises, removes blackheads and dead skin cells to reveal a firm, toned and smooth complexion.

I really enjoyed these sachets that I'm considering purchasing a full size on release. It's a quick facial which is perfect for the morning. As it takes me forever to wake and feel alive, this 1 minute facial will just perk you up. Basically a gel consistency you massage into the face, then add a little water to your hands to activate the facial. Then rinse off with cool water and your complete. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and flake free, for application of makeup. I was really impressed and think its a perfect morning start for the face. It's my dream morning facial. Removing the heavy feeling from a nights sleep to leave skin feeling so clean and perked up. 

I can't thank REN enough to allow me to sample these new and exciting products. I usually keep to brands, that I don't break out from. The hot cloth cleanser is a really impressive, a lovely addition to anyone's skincare regime. The flash facial is brilliant for perking you up in the morning. They have introduced exceptional products to boost the skin. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wow, never seen these before !

So I have recieved a parcel from a dear friend whom knows I love my makeup and also USA brands. So when I recieved  a box of Christmas presents, I was just amazed at how many USA items there were.  I was so lucky to be blessed with a dear friend, who treated me beyond words can describe. So I wanted to show you them all, as I've never seen these items before and was really amazed. 

Okay so firstly I know the brand Revlon and colourstay products, however I've never seen these lip colour collection kits.  It comes with 6 shades and they are so smooth and glided on when I was doing swatches. They are highly pigmented and some shades I have never seen, like "Ice" is amazing. 

"Ice" and "Mauve" are two shades I will be using for spring, as they are so stunning.  As you can see in the swatches (left side T-B, Burgendy, brick and red - Right side T-B, Mauve , Ice and Sienna ) the colour payoff is amazing. They are so creamy that I just love them and the stylish black with gold indent tube they come in. They are slimlined lipsticks. 

So the next items I recieved were Urban decay : Gem rocks. Now I've seen these and was going to purchase them to do some more spring ethereal looks etc. So these may not be unknown to me but they were just so appriciated. I can't wait to use them. 

Now Hard candy is a brand I've been dying to try and also get my hands on Tiki. I love there packaging and I didn't realise till a short while ago that I had a baked eyeshadow of there's. So then when I saw these in the package, I was over joyed. I love green eyeshadow and purples too which is no shock, but these cream stick bases are amazing. I am just dying to use these in a over the top look and I'm having the brain tic-tock overload with ideas. I mean the pigment for starters is a fantastic base to make my greens and purples pop.

Do you have any products that are from the USA or un-usual gifts ? Il be using these items in coming months and hope to show you. 

Fake bake: 60 min tan and Shimmer instant tan

Tanning products have always been a scary and daunting prospect to try. For starters my skin is not even so I have a few pigmentation marks, plus I just can't seem to master non streaky application. 
My sister in law when we have a pamper session, kindly does mine as I don't have much arm strength. Failing a non girlie evening then my husband bless him will assist me to look less ghostly then I am. 
So well known Fake bake is highly recommended and multi award winning, I trusted this brand to deliver high results. 

They say ;
The longest lasting, most natural looking, ultimate fake tan just got even faster. A revolutionary, express, self tan liquid which develops into a beautiful, natural looking tan in 60 minutes. Easy to apply with our “shows where it goes” colour guide, the tanning agents -dihydroxyacetone and erythulose are activated upon contact with the skin. Accelerators speed up the development time and a golden glow can be achieved in an hour. To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 Minutes on longer then rinse off the colour guide to reveal the tan. This light weight, fast drying formula is non-sticky and does not clog the pores. Includes re-usable application mitt and step-by-step application advice.
We do not recommend leaving on any longer than three hours.

Well the tan applied and startled me at first as it looked like ink. Very dark and thin consistency, much like ones my sister in law uses in her spray machine. So the addition and supply of a pump was just needed,as this could not be simply wiped on with the mitt. This kit is very impressive, in that you get the pump plus a new lovely pink mitt to use. I would say beginners this is perfect for and pro tanners would love this just as much. So sprayed and then began to work into the skin. It's a non tacky or sticky feeling and very comfortable. As from previous tanning experiences, I usually regret it then want it off within 5 minutes. This formula was lovely to have on the skin. 

Didn't see any pores clogging or feel like I was uncomfortable. First application we went sparcly, simply to see the progress and build a guide to amount you would need. I think it's really an asset to be able to count the pumps, you would use for your arm or leg if your a beginner. 
So we did our arms and my sister in law does her whole body. My arms looked slightly tanned but the next day I did do another application to show a true colour of the tan. I love the fact it's a buildable tan and no chance of having a "tangoed" accident happen. So I'm really impressed with the kit and my sister in law was highly impressed. She loves another brand, so that's high praise indeed. 

Before and after shots 

Instant shimmer tan just sounded so beach and summer time feeling. Really gets you in the mood for the upcoming spring and summer. Healthy glow with a slight shimmer. 

Shimmer instant tan review 

They say ; shall go to the ball! No time to tan? No problem. Shimmer gives a radiant, bronzed tan straight away. There's no development time so no need to wait and it simply washes off with soap and water. This non-sticky lotion won't clog pores either and it’s exceptionally good for smoothing out irregular skin tones. Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion will leave your skin glistening and moisturised and the transfer resistant formula means that you won't have to worry about it coming off. So when you need to transform yourself into a Bronzed Goddess in a New York minute.Shimmer ladies, Shimmer.
Again this shimmer tan does what it promises and it doesn't feel uncomfortable. It is a instant tan so I applied before I had my shower. Then that gave me a chance to moisturise, after id washed off the excess to give it more of a natural glow.  So it's a easy lotion consistency that's rubbed in and i wouldn't say overly shimmery either. I found using a all over body bronzer brought this out though. So just a light powder before a night out and this will have you looking healthy and radiant. 
Again the kit came with protective gloves and was fully sealed. 

So my experience of Fake bake products has been a eye opener. I never seriously tanned before as I didn't see the need. However this is the perfect girls pamper s bonding product or for a night on the town. Seeing as I do pamper sessions it was nice to engage in something different. My sister in law always tans so was nice to gain some knowledge, have a giggle whilst we waited for the development time. I love the fake bake kits, as they come with everything needed especially for a beginner. The development and amount needed was subtle and I feel confident using this brand now. I've seen some tragic tanning mistakes and luckily fake bake have got the formula just right. Also my skin was not dry and suffered no ill effects from either formula. Great kits , excellent formula and results, full marks to fake bake. 
Before and after shots 

Do you use Fake tanning products ? What do you think of Fake Bake Tan ? 

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