Thursday, 24 December 2015

New year and a new start

So i will firstly start by apologising for my absence of reviews and written blogs. Unfortunately i was called to have surgery, one i had been awaiting 4 year's for.....the day finally came. 

However there were complications and i was on a ventilator in ITCU. Thankfully i was taken off within 24 hours but very sedated and on a special humidified Oxygen given via my nose for a further 5 days. 

I have asthma (other health issues i wish to remain private) and surgery is always a risk even to the most healthly of people.
I came home with a community team whom i trust and long story short, i will need 3-4 months recovery. I will need further surgery and i maybe gone again in March and then July. (Too far ahead to worry about).

Here was the current high fashion within ITU and the humidified oxygen i fondly came to name "worm". (The wet paper towels kept me cool as the warm oxygen, well made me warm lol)  

So now 2016 will have many items from the USA, as i was blessed to have such kind friend's. There get well gift's when i came home were quite overwhelming, as were the gifts off my friends in the UK. 

So as a quick look at what we have to look forward too, i think more pictures are called for. 
- A lovely present off my best friend. 

New drugstore product's for 2016

Disney selection : we had Mulan, Pocohontas, Evil Queen, Belle and now Cinderella beauty book's.

And there is much more to show and my first review is going to feature the makeup line of Joan Collin's. 

She has called it Timeless beauty and she is an icon. 

Reviewing the foundation plus other beautiful product's from the line. 

So i wish you all a beautiful and blessed Christmas and New year. I look forward to seeing you in 2016. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

SODA and Co

Soda & Co natural product's are an amazing new company ive found. They are natural and beautifully presented products from Australia. Also kind enough to send me item's to try for my opinion, plus also introduce the company to my UK reader's.

About us :  
SODA & Co is a fun, fresh and vibrant natural skin care range. Made in Melbourne, Australia, SODA & Co uses only the finest natural ingredients, is proudly nut oil free and never test on animals. SODA & Co believes that being natural doesn't have to mean bland or boring. At SODA & Co colour is everything. Our products are a reflection of all things good for you whilst being fun and upbeat.

Our products contain no
Sodium Laureth Sulphate
Synthetic fragrances
Ammonium Laureth Sulphate
Tree Nut or Peanut Oils
~ Mineral oils or Phenoxyethanol
From placing the order to arrival was a quick a easy process. I kindly was sent a Lip Balm and some Sugar scrub scent's.

-  Lip balm -
SODA & Co Lip Balm with Jojoba will soften and revive lips with sweet and uplifting natural scents. 

~ Pink lemonade ~ 
Presented in a silver tin with beautifully clear labelling. Perfect for any handbag, especially with winter approaching. A balm which you apply with your finger's heat. 

The scent of the balm is delightful, i could firstly smell a rich vanilla cake which would then something fruity entwined. Its hard not to get the urge to eat then balm.

Performance wise this balm :
- doesn't leave a heavy feeling
- Smell is divine 
- Lips feel hydrated for days
- Doesnt need to be constantly applied
- Well packaged 
- No greasey feeling like some balms, which make you want to wipe excess away. 

~ Sugar scrub
Treat your skin to the uplifting goodness of this tantalizing 2 in 1 sugar scrub. Enriched with Jojoba and Vitamin E this scrub will naturally help restore and refresh your skin.

Orange Crush ~ 
Not only will it leave your skin smelling sweet - the zesty orange scent will be sure to brighten your day. Is the Quote used to describe Orange Crush and i could not agree more. The smell of orange hits you immediately and i find as a scrub smelling so good makes me want to really relax within the shower

~ Pink lemonade ~ 
The fun, fresh & enticing scent of pink lemonade is only one of the benefits of this sugary little gem. The scrubs clean the skin without being too harsh, making it gentle enough for everyday use.

I really love these sugar scrubs, especially the Orange scent. It makes your skin feel cleaner then ever, as the sugar allows you to put as much or as little on.  Depending on your preference. 
I like the feeling of a scrub with my as it does give me better absorbtion, for my serums and moisturisers.NB : I would advise if you have any additional scrubs, not expose them to steam within the bathroom. As it can melt the sugar within the scrub. If this happens i just placed in a cool area or fridge to cool it back down. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

KISS Nail's : Cuticle Care Kit

KISS is my favourite nail art/care brand. Now with care kits being released to help with issue's such as strength, cuticle care etc. It's easy now to have a full nail spa at home and im using the cuticle kit as they are in dire need of some TLC. 

About us : 
Kiss is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. 
Kiss became the first company to bring quality, professional nail care directly to the consumer, creating easy-to-use, all-in-one kits so she can achieve Salon Results at home. Today, the Kiss line of products has expanded to include nail care, Each of these quality products originated from Kiss's innovative thinking and vast salon experience.

Cuticle care Kit 

  • Everyday conditioning for mani-ready nails. Hydrate dry cuticles & nails
  • If you have: dry, rough cuticles or hangnails.

  • Contains: 
    Cuticle remover 0.33 oz
    Cuticle oil 0.20 oz
    Cuticle balm 0.07 oz
    1 wood stick

  1. -Cuticle remover: Potassium hydroxide breaks down and loosens dead cuticles within seconds for safe, gentle removal 
  2. -Cuticle oil: Special blend of safflower, olive, jojoba & sweet almond oils and healing vitamin E help rejuvenate dry cuticles and nails 
  3. -Cuticle nail balm: On-the-go moisturizing formula hydrates dry or cracked cuticles and brittle nails

  1. - Remover: Eliminate cuticles. Apply cuticle remover to eliminate excess tissue around the nails. Use manicure stick to clean up the nails. 
Easy to use remover which doesnt smell abrasive or feel harsh upon the cuticle. Really nice and the manicure stick easily remove's the hard to reach area's. 
  1. - Oil: Hydrate cuticles & nails. Brush on nails and cuticles and massage in. Wash off before applying nail colour. 
The oil is lovely and really moisturises the nail and cuticle. I really do like this oil as it takes no time to apply. Afterwards my nails look healthy and they feel "softer" plus less uneven. 
  1. - Balm: Condition cuticles & nails. Apply 1-2 times per day, massaging into entire nail and cuticle.
Amazing cuticle balm which is packaged within a "lip balm" casing for application. Fantastic product i can apply on the go, when my nails or cuticles are needing a perk up. A quick and easy solution is always to hand. 

I really love this kit. It is easy to use and really does make my cuticle and nail look healthier upon application. I will invest in the strengthing kit next, as my nails are a little weak from hospital. I really love how KISS are branching into all the areas of Nail care and art. 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

KISS : Gel polish kit & LED Lamp

It's no secret that i love KISS Nails and there manicures. I bit my nails since i can rembember and let's be honest its not a pretty look. As i used to go to the nail salon alot and now i cant visit them, i love that i have the option of home manicure's. 

The Kiss® Everlasting Gel Polish™ French manicure set 
This kit provides a flawless, high-gloss finish that lasts up to 14 days. It includes French wraps for a perfect smile line every time. The gel polish applies like polish and dries instantly under an LED or UV lamp (sold separately). Simply apply base gel and cure for 30 seconds, apply colour gel and cure for 60 seconds, then seal with top gel and cure for 30 seconds. 
The French manicure set includes 
28 French wraps in 14 sizes
- Brush on gel glue
- Petal colour gel
- base gel
- top coat gel
gel cleanser
- 25 lint-free wipes
- Buff block, manicure stick, mini file and instruction sheet.

A fantastic set which gives a beautiful sleek finish. The instructions are easy to follow and can either use the colours provided. There are plenty of alternative colours to choose from as a singular bottle of nail gel. Which is what i did as i wanted something a little brighter then the french manicure, so i used a colour called "Lush". A really beautiful colour and amazing when applied. 
LED Lamp

- Lamp set 
Safely cures gels quickly & evenly
- 30- and 60-second built-in timer
- Automatic turn-off
Experience : This lamp was fantastic to use. I especially liked the beep to make you aware the first 30 second's had passed. It allowed for a easy and really relaxing manicure. The lamp is small and compact, easy for storage and use if wanted travelling. 
I really love this kit and cannot wait to use and purchase more of the gel colours. It's an amazing Nail set that gives me a fantastic time to relax and clear my mind for a short while. It also gives for social time when you want friend's over to have some girly time. The acrylic gel polish is of a professional quality and looks like i visited a salon. Easy to apply, with a high quality shine and even coat of polish. Its lasted a week so far with no chipping or showing that it could be breaking down, it looks fresh as the time i applied. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone whom wants salon quality yet does not have access to one. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ihearthomes - August 2015

This months box was highly anticipated and popular due to the theme. Chic british "Afternoon tea" is an amazing theme, it is just such a quintessential part of english culture. 
So be at the ready with the cucumber sandwiches, crumpet's, scones and of course a pot of tea. 
They say : 
ihearthomes are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. 

We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.

Content's : 
LOFT T-Towel
- "Do you love what you do" Coaster
- Yorkshire Tea sachet & Biscuit
- Heart place card's 
- Paper washi tape
- "Come for tea" Kitchen plaque 
- Chic matchbox nail files
- Vintage rose pattern tissues
- Rose and Vanilla bath T-bag's 
- Mini fork/T-bag scoop & press
- welcome saying card 
- Rose and Vanilla bath T-bag's
Beautifully scented fine bath salt infused with Rose and Vanilla. Also within the salts are dried rose petal's. Enclosed within a fine linen bag. This is a lovely addition to the box and a great choice for August's edition. It has a lovely rich and not overpowering scent. I would definatly repurchase more of these to try different scent's. 

- Vintage rose pattern tissues
Lovely pack of tissue's that would be fantastic to be within your bag for a special occassion. What a beautiful addition for your handbag, to add some sunshine to a dull day. 
- Paper washi tape
This poker dot pink tape has so many use's. You could use it for wrapping gift's or even to decorate your journal, the list is endless. I will probably use this up within a day as i journal and am doing boxes of happy mail to friends. 

- "Come for tea" Kitchen plaque 
This is so chic for anyones kitchen. It has a very "alice in wonderland" feel and style  to the design. 

- Chic matchbox nail files
This tiny little matchbox of nail files, is a lovely addition to your handbag. Everyone has one of those days where you can nick a nail and desperately are in search of nail file to save it. These defiantly are the hero product for your hand-bag.  
- "Do you love what you do" Coaster
Colourful mug coaster which is a beautiful tiffiany blue with floral and heart design. 

- Mini fork/T-bag scoop & press
Perfect little fork for eating cake with your cup of tea or scooping out a T-bag/broken hobnob lol. Its dainty and just what afternoon tea is all about. 

- Yorkshire Tea sachet & Biscuit
Nom nom yummy in my tummy. My what more could you ask for, in a afternoon tea box then a sachet of the best tea ever and a yummy biscuit. Brilliant ! 
- Heart place card's 
These heart place card's are plain and amazing for any tea party. Easily decorated and can be stood up for that lovely effect, again i cant help but Queen of heart's from Alice in wonderland. 
I cant wait to use these heart cards. 
- LOFT T-Towel
So this pastel pink T-Towel is a beautiful and so vintage with a mix of modern design. Beautiful addition for my kitchen. 
My thought's : 
An amazing theme for this month and perfect set of products to convey this theme. I loved how we received a tea bag and biscuit for "Afternoon tea", whilst then endulging on the other products. I cant say i have a favourite as i really love them all. I will use each and every product with pleasure, i cant wait to show them off to my family.

Next month's box is making me want too upgrade to the £25 box ! As knowing the theme is "Paris" just scream's to me within the capital of vintage couture.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

That'so - New brand review

It's rare that i come across a brand so in-depth and commited to there product's, both professionally and commercially. That'so brand offers professional tanning product's and a new concept of obtaining the most healthy sun kissed bronze. Now available for purchase on Amazon.

That'so :
Professional cosmetics and beauty equipment that embody the concept of Fast Beauty. Simple and quick applications that minimize product waste and guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio.
The principle's 
• advanced technologies, for top quality product  
• cosmetic-dermatologic research, collaboration with research centres  
• Italian design, to provide machines and packaging of unmistakable style 
• eco-sustainability and energy saving 
• innovative services dedicated to national and international customers.
That'so - Glam body
Almond-scented soft mousse. It is the perfect solution to give skin an intense and luminous tan. It leaves skin soft, silky and moisturised.  Colour is instant and will intensify in 3-4 hours. After this time your skin may be washed. It does not leave spots or stains. Safe and natural formulation that does not harm the skin and body. Does not leave patches or an unpleasant odour, it can be easily washed from fabrics and hair.
How to use : Apply smooth evenly over body. To avoid discolouring palms and hands wash with soap and water immediately or apply with gloves. For best results, exfoliate skin regularly. 

 Thought's : The tanning formula is a light airy mousse which smells of nut oils and vanilla. It is a beautiful scent and the mousse easily dispensed. I would advise caution when dispensing the mousse, as its only takes a slight pressure to apply a fair amount of product.  

It is easily rubbed into the skin (or bare hand's if washed off) and does not take much effort at all to apply. It then dries leaving the tan too develop over (3-4hrs) time. The colour left is a sun kissed golden glow which is healthy looking. My skin is beautifully soft to the touch without feeling dry or damaged by the tanning mousse. 
I really do like this tanning mousse and enjoy the application ease plus the result it produces. The below picture i did to show the tanning colour after use and intense colour it gives. It is a beautiful product to use. A small amount needed to produce a healthy glow and then will wash off naturally.

That'so : Deep body lift velvet mousse
Body lifting mousse for the body with instant and lasting lifting effect. A body treatment that acts on two levels: it unblocks and mobilises fat, reducing it gradually (Liporeductyl®and makes the skin more compact, supple and firmer through the immediate tensor effect (Proteasyl®). The gold dust revitalises the skin and makes its firmer and more radiant.

How to use: Shake before use. Apply the product vertically on the area to be treated. Massage until completely absorbed. Apply every day to obtain lasting results.

Thought's : I must admit I'm a true sceptic when it comes to toning and lift products. I rarely see a difference to the area I'm treating. My thigh area was the place i really do struggle with as a body peeve, i don't overly have cellulite/fat on my thighs. So im going to use this till its finished and see what result happens. As i think everyone would like a more toned area's of there body. 

In saying that i have used this product and whilst i cant see any lifting or change as of yet, the mousse is lovely for the skin. It does make your skin feel very soft and moisturised with a very plesant scent. Im going to use this product till its finished and then update any change via social media. Also do a small side post to this explaining the finished changes etc. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

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