Thursday, 31 March 2016

Simply - Washing powder

Part of my blog expansion is not only reviewing product's of beauty, lifestyle, writing and craft area's. I also want to include reviews of everyday item's that can influence beauty, for example washing powder if not careful can cause skin sensitivity. So I want to inform you of products im using and how they perform in relation to quality and effects on skin etc

About : Scott Base has been New Zealand’s leading Antarctic research centre since the 1950s. One of its key roles is to provide leadership in minimising the environmental impact of human activity on this precious environment. it’s testament to the cleaner, greener washing powder of Simply that ours are the only laundry detergents supplied for use to staff and scientists at Scott Base. And you can lessen your own ecological impact by following the lead of those who look after their surroundings where it matters most.

- Simply: Sensitive soft tab's

Simply Sensitive Soft-tabs have a powerful non-biological formulation which has been clinically proven to provide optimum cleaning, disinfection, sanitisation with a gentle perfume.
Simply Powder-tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society. 
Can be bought on amazon via this link : Simply-Sensitive

- Simply : Pure soft tab's
Simply Pure Soft-tabs have a hypo-allergenic formulation that is allergen, fragrance and phosphate free. Giving you and your family an excellent non biological wash that is gentle on your skin. Simply Powder-tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society.

Can be bought on amazon via this link : Simply Non-Bio

My thought's Easy to use compact capsule of powder which is clean in that your hands dont have any powder residue left on them. The tablet does do a good load of washing and to a good standard. Saves on using messy measuring cups and tablets that leave the powder on your fingers, this is a pre measured amount. 

Dissolves better when you go by the recommendations of putting the tablet to where your compartment fills with water. It breaks down the tablet more effectively in the compartment and no powder is left using this method.  

Clothes come out clean and smelling slightly floral yet fresh. Great cleaning capability with normal stains being removed and whites dont fade. Does not itritate sensitive skin also and is washing machine friendly. Great washing powder to use. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Sleek monofilament wig - Honey

As some of you maybe aware, I had major surgery recently. This made me go through early menopause (I'm 34), part of this process has meant I've been loosing my hair at a rapid pace. So the lovely company Sleek sent me a beautiful Hair couture wig to review, also assist me to bring awareness to any women going through this there are option's available. 
About : Since 2004, Hair by Sleek has developed from a hair and cosmetics Company to concentrate solely on hair products ensuring women everywhere look and feel beautiful. With the help and support of Henen Rebecca one of the world’s largest producer of hair products in China, the Sleek brand has grown and further expansion plans for the future. Building the brand on quality, trust, and continuous innovation, Sleek has become a trusted worldwide brand synonymous with quality hair fashion and the No1 customer choice in the European market. Supplying retailers in the UK, mainland Europe and worldwide locations, Sleek continues to put its consumers at the heart of product development with guaranteed satisfaction. 

- Human Hair Mono L Honey

Made from 100% Remy and Premium Human Hair with a medium size monofilament and soft net wig cap, this is the ultimate blend of Real Remy Hair and Premium Human Hair. The cap is made of a breathable thin fabric and is much more comfortable to wear without irritation or itchiness. Each strand of hair is attached one at a a time to achieve a luxurious, life like, long lasting and natural looking wig.

Cap Construction: Monofilament Medium Size

Finished Hair Length: 15”-17”

Weight: 174g - 180g
Touch: Silky and Soft
Style: From straight on top to beautiful waves at
 the ends.
- The fabric takes on the colour of your own natural scalp allowing for a natural looking parting. It is ideal for those with a sensitive scalp or hair loss. Hair Couture Monofilament Wigs are luxurious. Using the modern advanced techniques. Their for those seeking gorgeous, exquisitely styled, long lasting wig and quality wig. 

- Wearing the Hair Couture in Honey 
My thought's : 
I have very thin hair and bald area's on my scalp, which is a major change from long thick curly hair. I however always think it could be worse, so I began to think of ways to improve my apperence. 
As being a young woman and having obvious hair loss can knock your confidence. I started looking for cover up's to alternatives just to help me feel feminine and happier about myself again.
Hair extensions seemed the most obvious option. However I do think that bonded extensions at the current time are well beyond my price range. So I started looking into clip in hair and wigs, finding alot more choice available. After doing my research and seeing the quality of Sleek hair via the website. I picked blonde as I wanted a vast change to my current hair and as I cannot dye my hair, this is the nearest alternative. 

My thought's on the Sleek Hair Couture wig are very positive in that everything from the packaging, hair quality and colour etc, is done in such a professional manner it's the high end of wig's and hair. I felt confident wearing the wig and whilst the strap's took some getting used to, the more i wore it the easier it became to adjust. I would advise using a wig band if you have baby hairs like myself and have to keep tucking it behind your ear. This helps keep the hair flat and made applying the wig so much easier with less need to adjust. 

I would highly recommend and Im currently saving for my second, as they are worth the money and I feel amazing wearing this wig. It's definitely boosted my confidence and the compliments ive recieved have been so uplifting. I cant thank Sleek enough for allowing me this fabulous opportunity 

Ere Perez - Makeup line

Finally Ere Perez has arrived to the UK, released by Natralismo for purchase. Naturally sourced and produced makeup. Im so excited to share this brand with you on my blog, so it will be a more in-depth review. 
About :
When I was a little girl growing up in Mexico, I loved playing with makeup. My mum used to give me beetroot to use as lipstick and blusher, the future inspiration for my Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint.
My maternal grandfather a traditional medicine man using locally available herbs, flowers, plants and oils. He taught the healing properties of plants and flowers. My paternal grandfather was also a biochemist, I had the benefit of the scientific perspective. I was inspired to work on my idea for a natural makeup range that would nourish, enhance and enable women to feel beautiful from the inside out. In 2004 my first product, the Natural Almond Oil Mascara was born. It’s being thoughtful and considerate of other people, making the most of our natural beauty and recognising our inner strength. 

- Cheek & Lip Tint in Joy 
Beautiful beetroot cheek tint – a natural stain for long-lasting cherry red colour. With rosehip extract and organic beetroot pigments, it quickly creates flushed-looking, rosy cheeks and that touch of colour to brighten your skin. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly for softer colour or apply freely for strong intense red if desired. Roll-on, easy to use and waterproof. 

Natural Cheek Tints
1. After applying your makeup or to a clean face, apply this product to cheeks for the same effect of a blush/stain. 
2. Simply roll on, a little at a time and then rub in with fingers until the colour blends to a natural hue.
3. For lips, apply as you would a gloss and also rub in to blend.
This cheek and lip stain is easily applied with the a rollerball system. (Ive never seen this method to apply) However it's easy and effective for both lips and cheeks. As the formula is of a liquid slightly gel formation, making for easy application on the lips and cheeks. 
Upon the lips the stain feel's comfortable they arent drying like most. 

Versatile Vanilla Highlighter Sun Halo
Sun Halo will gently illuminate the skin with a soft golden glow. Perfect for all skin tones, the new golden shade gives a sun-kissed look to fair skins and for highlighting already tanned and olive or darker tones.

Its gorgeously soft, shimmery and creamy formula that is really easy to apply with the fingertips. Perfect for brightening up and awakening tired eyes before or after a big night out, it instantly softens and brightens the skin.

Now when i saw this highlight my first impression was it was going to be too dark for my skintone. Look's however are decieving as this can be used as a cream eyeshadow also. As the above swatches show the cream shadow form is so pigmented and as a highlight blended gives this rich golden tone. Perfect for upcoming summer and to give a luminous glow. The formula is a nice cream consistancy but more a thick balm, which allows for just enough product to be applied. It's a beautiful product and im defiantly purchasing the additional shade. 

- Natural Almond Oil Mascara
Smudge-proof, water resistant and made with the highest quality ingredients. Super organic almond oil strengthens and lengthens lashes, prevents lashes from falling out and stimulates growth with conditioning vitamin E. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lenses. Be kind to your eyes and choose this all-natural mascara with no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. 

- Natural Mascara's
1. Easy to use with a bendable brush for expert application. Always apply as the last step in your makeup routine.
2. Simply dip wand into container, wipe excess mascara on the rim and apply in upward strokes to the underside of your lashes. Apply several layers to build colour on top lashes, and a single layer to bottom. 
3. Apply to eyebrows to shape them in upwards motions, then straighten out the top line.
4. Remove mascara with sweet almond oil.
This mascara is well presented and the brush goes from a thin to thicker wand width. This aids with application as the thin end can coat the thinner lashes, the rest of the brush coats your lashes really well. Its a drier formula which means it adheres well to the lash and gives a fantastic pigmented coat of mascara. Really lovely mascara that didnt clump etc, seperated my lashes and gave me a lovely natural look.

- LookBook 
This look includes me using the highlight as a base for my eyeshadow and also shows two coats of mascara applied. I love the cheek/lip tint as it is not drying and easily can be blended out. I love the look the highlight especially allowed me to create, it was perfect for eyeshadow as the slight tackiness held the shadow as I packed it on for blending.
The mascara to finish off the look just brought it all together. I love these products and im excited to purchase more, as the quality and natural product choice is fantastic. 

Friday, 25 March 2016

Ihearthome's March edition

That amazing time of the month again when ihearthome's happymail box comes through the letterbox. This subscription box comes in 3 seperate value's of choice, My happy-mail is the £15.00 value box. Im so excited as ihearthomes is definitely a favourite.

About : ihearthome's are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.

- Wooden chic "Love" sign 
- Malteaser's bunny chocolate 
- Inspiration "This is my happy place"
- Sass & Belle "Easter bunny"
- Sass & Belle "Foral bird hook"
- Tags & stationery set 
- Hemp string 
- Washi tape 
- Wax melt 
- Clip-bag 

- Wooden chic "Love" sign 
This is a sturdy and well made sign, spelling out the word "love". It is decorated with a floral pattern on the front of the sign, then is white in the other area's. Really nice little chic decorative piece, it can be placed in small space's to add some colour and personality,  
- Sass & Belle "Easter bunny"
I love this little bunny and as i have a beautiful new niece, i think this will be the perfect gift for her first spring. I'll use another item in the box to personalise it.

- Sass & Belle "floral bird hook"
Ive had a bird hook before within a HappyMail box and its one of my favourite item's. This will look so lovely as a pair now, plus an additional hook for item's. My bedroom has a forest green and wood scheme, so anything like birds etc gives a beautiful effect when its hung up.
- Tags & stationery set 
This beautiful vintage themed tag set with stickers and twine included is stunning. I cant wait to use this too make a personalised tag for Sass & Belle bunny for my niece. 

- Clipbag
This is a handy portable shopping bag. Its easy to fold and carry in your handbag or clipped to your keychain as it's so light. They're environmentally friendly in that they reduce your need to use plastic bags, which also helps save money in the long run also. 
- Hemp string 
This is a red string which is good for all craft and if like me your just getting into penpalling, it's handy to have so I can bundle my letters in neat pile's. Always a good staple to have.

- Washi tape 
I currently have stocked up some Washi tapes and I do love the design of this one. I have so far loved learning how to do this form of decorating paper, pages in a scrapbook with Washi tape. I love having them in my craft box and look forward to getting more designs. 
- Wax melt 
This wax melt is beautiful and i can only describe the smell as almost like marzipan. This melt is quite big and thick, so you can cut off bit's to melt and make it last. As this is quite fragrant and the scent throw is really good, I only use a small amount to burn in my melter. Im so glad this melt will last me at least the month. 
- Malteaser's bunny chocolate 
Being that it is traditional this weekend with spring we have been given a bunny chocolate treat. Yummy and thank you. (This little bunny did not last long past this picture) 
- Inspiration "This is my happy place"
I love having Inspiration cards within my stationary set. As i can use them for letters to friends, inserts to happy parcel il send to cheer up family and friends plus other use's. I even have a frame which i will change every week to keep motivated and inspired,   
I really liked this month's edition with the stationary in particular. Im really enjoying my passion's of writing, scrap-booking and journalling as way's to express myself. This box had some nice summery useful materials for this and I am excited to use them. My floral bird hook will be put up next to the one i had received when ihearthomes was a very new subscription, it was probably one of the first items within the box. My easter bunny will definitely be a keepsake il personalise for my niece. So the box as a whole has a lot that is relevant and great for my hobbies. The "Love" sign is beautiful but very small, this felt maybe a little out of place with last month being valentines themed. 

The chocolate bunny did not last long at all sadly. The clip-bag was not my cup of tea unfortunately and whilst this box was amazing for my hobbies, it somewhat felt lacking something. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Revel Eyelashes

When it comes to eyelashes, I love natural with plenty of volume as my lashes are quite thin. I have yet to try human hair lashes so when I saw revel lashes, I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to trial them. They are affordable and i'm hoping they do apply well and are comfortable to wear. 

We stock all of the lashes you love, from the most natural Demi whisp's to the most flamboyant double lashes. When it comes to lashes we've got you covered from your office desk to the dance floor and more.
* Natural Handmade Lashes that are extremely comfortable
* Easy to Apply, Remove and Reusable
* Ultra Lightweight Flexible Lash Bands that provide a natural look
- Each box contains 1 pair of lashes & our revolutionary new skin friendly water proof adhesive, guaranteed from 48hrs - 60hrs without retouching. Made with 100% Human Hair.

- Revel lashes : Number 024
Boost your panache effortlessly with the thickness provided by these lashes. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look. 
These stunning lashes have a tiny space between the differently lengthed hair, aiding blend-ability and assisting in looking more natural. Beautiful lashes that feel light and give your eye's a lovely fuller appearence. They give a subtle look making the eye's appear bigger and brighter, adding some dramatic flare without being overly noticeable. I love this set of lashes. 

- Revel lashes : Number 007
Assert the power of your eyes with these lashes that provide beautiful length and volume. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look.
Beautiful lashes with an even distribution  of hair that align with your own lashes, adding length and the look of natural lash hair. The thin lash band give's the lashes a seamless and additionally natural looking finish. Can be curled for your specific needs, which i had to do when using my glasses. I will purchase the shorter length on the site, as I love these so much and I want to wear these with my glasses daily. 

- Revel lashes : Number 015
These delicate lashes boost length to give your eyes a flaunt worthy natural flair. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look. 
I love these lashes as the space give's a sense of natural growth, making these brilliant lashes for women whom have sparce area's. They are lightweight and look amazing with a slight cat eyeliner flick, as they easily transition into dramatic lashes from that simple step.


Overall thought's
The packaging on Revel lashes is professional, attractive and sturdy. Given that they can be re-used after cleaning, I appreciate having the box to get the most wear as possible. Also with the lashes being human hair, the quality is so impressive. Also they were the easiest lashes I've ever used, as I didn't need tweezers which is my regular essential tool for application. 
These lashes look natural and have a thin lash band for easy and great application. The band can be concealed and they hold a good coat of adhesive, which makes sure the lash is held confidentially through the day. It can easily be fitted tight up against your own lashes or by adding a thin eyeliner flick. All depend's on preference when wearing your lashes. 
Revel offer a wide range of lash style's, including length and thickness of the hair.  These are very high quality eyelashes and if cleaned can be reused over and over again. I would not hesitate to purchase and am going to obtain some with slightly   shorter hair, so my glasses do not disturb the positioning. 

My only tiny peeve was that I wish the adhesive wand was flat. As the glue dries at the container top (can form a glue string) and i needed to dip the wand numerous times top pick up some glue. 

- Lash adhesive 
While most lash brands use Latex adhesives like DUO to apply their false lashes, which can cause skin reactions. Revel false eyelashes have formulated the worlds first latex free lash adhesive which has been dermatological tested. It's formulation is water, heat and sweat resistant and is guaranteed to last from 40hrs to 60hrs without retouching. Now remember with Revel " Every day is a lash day" 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...