Friday, 31 May 2013

Selfridges Summer Beauty Box Review

So Selfridges with its iconic and majestic store, once again released another Limited edition box and these are such a bargain for the one off price. Yes its £25 plus the additional to post yet your getting a RRP of £70 worth of product, they are high end with amazing sizes. I think they may aim it at being a regular quarterly release as they do so well. Now the Summer beauty box was being hailed as having 9 beauty must haves for the summer and city escapes. 

Again i have amazing friends who help a friend in beauty need when she needs it. So thank you my dear lovely friend. As i seem to have the worst luck that all the deals come out on the week before I'm paid. Now i should know this by now and put some aside. As this box really is worth the £25 price tag in my opinion. 

Selfridges - Summer beauty box 

So the Contents are : 

  • Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer

  • Models Own Neon Nail Varnish

  • Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 50ml

  • Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Shower Gel 100ml

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml

  • St. Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion 50ml

  • Jane Tran Hair Clips

  • Erborian BB Cream 12ml

  • Lancaster After Sun 40m

  • St. Tropez exclusive in-store offer card

  • Aqua splash Tangle Teezer and Jane Tran hair clips 

    Full sized tangle teezer which ive been dying to try for ages as my hair mattes like mad, due to the humidity and the sheer amount of product i use.  So i cannot wait to read the info to properly use it. 
    Now i really love these neon Jane Tran hair clips as they are summery plus they are perfect as I'm forever loosing my hair clips or they are small, bad quality ones that snap with my thick hair.
    So these will add a lovely pop of colour over the Summer period. 

    St Tropez Glow face lotion, Bumble and Bumble Surf spray, Lancaster After sun 
    St Tropez In-store Offer card

    So this section i have placed the tanning and hair care really within the box, so the St Tropez card is an offer running in-store to have a tan, present this card then you will be given some St Tropez goodies. Will be passing this onto my sister in law as i cant leave the house to have tanning treatments, so I will use the St Tropez gradual face tanner to help give me a warmer glow, seeing that I'm housebound and pale as casper the friendly ghost this will be a welcome treat to use over the coming weeks. As will the Bumble and Bumble Hair surf spray, as this is being raved on the bloggersphere, to add texture and that beach looking light curl look. Now my hair is naturally curly so i don't need a lot of this when i apply, a spray with my usual hair serum gives me a lovely loose curl look. 

    Erborian BB cream and Caudalie Beauty Elixir 

    So Erborium is a company i know only though just passing mentions, Korean brand so home to the birth of BB creams. Im happy its a Korean BB cream as it will be doing what it was planned for and not just a tinted moisturiser, with heat and humid weather the last thing you need is full coverage makeup sliding off your face. So I'm excited to try this one plus has a SPF of 25.
    Caudalie Beauty Elixir looks like a really refreshing spray to use for hydrating the skin in summer to prevent skin damage. Its a well known brand to me and i like this, plus the smell is really nice. So again i will be using this as I'm loving hydrating toning mists.

    Models Own Nail polish and Molton Brown Temple-tree Shower-gel

     Finally no more winter inspired Nail polish colours, you might think I'm mad raving about a neon pink polish but really, i was either getting dusky pinks and dark reds in every beauty box over winter, so its become the main colour i own in my polish collection. Now thats not a bad thing but id love new bold and bright colours to try. Plus being a Models own polish, if it is good i know its affordable to me when i want to add to my collection.

    Molton Brown is a lovely company that offers some of the most innovative and luxurious bath and shower oils I've had the pleasure in trying. They also now do Perfume scents with other accessories and  products  to make the art of relaxing a pleasure to be part of. By that i mean that this is for one of those days you need a big old bubbly bath or hot shower to relief the aches and pains, candles and maybe additional needs to the mix. There bottles are perfectly proportioned and i also love the colours of the product its-self. This vivid blue reminds me of a tropical sea. 

    So i love this box and you get to see them before you buy, which is the major bonus as for £25 plus the postage on top. They are not cheap, but if its products you are wanting to try or needing then when you added up just the Tangle teezer price alone, then thats half the boxes price already. 
    I could not be happier with this selection and really hope they continue to release them (not the goody bags as they were a fail to many people) as these boxes you know are brands which will add a little bit of a tingly feeling when you use them. 
    Plus its perfect if your going away as the sizes are enough for a weeks holiday plus what more could you need when your over there ?

     So did you grab a Selfridges Summer box ? Have you tried any of the boxes previously released ?

    Wednesday, 29 May 2013

    Nourish Skincare - Protect Mini Kit Review

    Nourish is a vegan and impressive range of skincare, inspired by mother nature herself.
    Cleanse, Tone and moisturising steps matched with your core skin type.
    Then the nurturing step of adding concentrated peptides will have you skin shouting "Hoorah"
     with summer somewhat wanting to burst through the sky, all our skins are a little confused plus dehydrated and not enjoying this period of the year. So now you get your skin radiant with hydration and balance. Plus its vegan and Nature friendly.

    Nourish Nature and Nurture

    Our skin is a dynamic organ, not simply a surface, but an active interface between our outside world and our inside world, affected every day by both internal and external influences. The way our skin reacts to those influences, how it looks and ages, is most influenced by two factors: core skin type and lifestyle. So we have designed Nourish, a natural, anti-ageing skincare range that is perfect for daily skin care needs (Nature), but also helps you optimise your skin's health around the life you lead (Nurture).

    Nourish Mini Kit - Nourish protect for Dry skin types 

    So going by the above statement from the company website we can see here the 4 Core types they cater too. Within in each type there will be a range of products best suited to you skin plus help restore its balance and health. We all lead busy lives and the environmental changes around us can have a massive impact on how we should go about treating certain complaints.

    So the 4 Skin types and ranges they do are
    Dry skin - Nourish Protect
    Normal - Nourish Radiance
    Sensitive skin - Nourish relax
    Combination skin - Nourish Balance
    Our Nourish Protect Skin Hero: Vitamin C
    As one of nature's most effective antioxidants, Vitamin C helps protect the skin's structural proteins, collagen and elastin, from free-radical damage, ensuring your skin is firm, supple and resilient. Protect features a vitamin-rich extract from fresh, organic Sicilian lemons, bursting with goodness and vitality.

    So with this in mind they offered me the Nourish Protect skincare system in a mini kit as pictured above to trial. If your only needing a particular product, you feel you need for your daily routine you can also buy them separately. So I'm of the Dry skin category and that means I'm Nourish Protect. Thats one of the beautiful things about these kits, as now i know once summer and the weather generally rises a few degrees, i notice my skins not as difficult to control. The mini kits are beautiful and so well presented. They encompass the vegan and natural ethos of the company so well with its design. Its very arty without being over the top on the front, plus the labels are straight and too the point of what its for and will do. I like that the nourish logo is simple plus the Protect range it has almost a citrusy smell.

    Nourish Protect Mini Kit contents 

    So the Nourish protect range is made up of Carrot extract, Omega Shea butter and Vitamin E, Now it also says these ingredients act as natural anti-aging to soften the skin and help prevent further dehydration taking place. So the First step is Cleansing lotion which is made up of gentle emollients, packed full of water and lemon extract, which is why i could smell the citrus scent. Plus essential oils and also sunflower oils and orange scents too. Now this cleanser is lovely, i used it on a damp wipe and it really does break down the oils and hidden nasties on the skin you may have missed. Then i just take a cold cotton pad and lightly sweep my face again to remove any residue, not that i could feel any but its whats advised in the directions.


    Then the next step is Toning with the Protect cooling Toning mist. Now toner closes the pores helps the prevention of build-up, Again with a citrus smell this light mist leaves an even coverage, i found one spray sufficient enough as the pump is very good. It really does find the contour of the face for that even layer of product. Now its to balance pH and for the preparation for moisturiser  and serums. I use this in the morning and night time regimes. As i find it very refreshing and it really wakes me up, plus seems to make my "eye bags" less prominent , Again similar ingredients to the cleanser.

    Cooling Toning Mist 

    Here we move onto the Moisturiser which seems to be a very popular product indeed. Packed with Rose-hip, Orange and mandarin oils, this signature blend they say is full of natural anti-oxidents and will help protect the skin. Now i would say this is a really light cream and really all these products absorb so well and quickly into the skin. Im loving the scents of them all, as with some natural products i do find the scent a little over bearing. Then i cant enjoy the whole process of just unwinding down. So if your the same and want subtle scent then try these products as they are brilliantly balanced in scent too. I smell like a fresh lemon in hot water. Really lovely scents plus fresh and calming.

    Nourish Moisture Protect 

    So finally in the Mini kit we have the Protect Replenishing peptide serum, which is again packed full of natural oils. It says its the perfect hydrator leaving the skin feeling nourished and protected. Now this is universal to all skin types. With the reason being that it retextures the skin and then gives it a rejuvenated look. Plus can be used as a protecting primer. Now i really like this Serum as you need 1 pump then i rub my fingers together and smoothed over the skin. Now it does spread really well and also i used a downward motion like all the primers i use to get a even finish. Now it does say apply a small amount to fingertip then dot around the face like you would apply foundation. Plus in hindsight i did think i maybe used a little too much with a full pump. So now that i know it should be used more sparingly so my makeup does not slide all over the place.

    Replenishing Peptide Serum 

    So what do i think, well I love the Mini kit as its got a gentle, natural selection of products that i have fallen in love with especially the cleanser and the Serum. I cannot see the serum lasting me too long as i always use a primer, plus i would apply a little dot before bed to just keep my cheeks nicely hydrated.
    The moisturiser is really good and absorbs well but when it comes to moisturisers i have to use them for ages and see noticeable difference. So i can say my skin is softer and it really has opened my eyes to the cleanser, as i own a tool to help cleanse my face. I don't like using it each night as it would just break me out from over-use. So this cleanser i can see the left over makeup and just nasties i thought i had removed. Plus it freshens you up in the morning combined with the mist.
    So out of the whole kit i would repurchase the Mist toner, cleanser and most defiantly the serum. Its an affordable brand too, so i would defiantly repurchase the full sized items. Im forever needing primer plus this doubles as serum, The mist i think i could use as a cheaper version of a Fix plus (will be trying  that duo to see ) to close my pores again before makeup application, then poor cleanser would be called for to remove all this mess i create in look-book posts, so there is my rational to having full sized items.
    So thank you nourish.

    Tuesday, 28 May 2013

    Smooch Cosmetics Review

    Launched in 2011 and branded as "Cosmetics with sex appeal", Smooch is still pretty new but wow how i do love there ethos and imagination. The lacy packaging and smooth suede covering, very like a high end brand i love and is just wonderful. 

    Heres what Smooch says about there roots 

    Smooch Cosmetics, known for their saucy, lacy packaging and highly desirable range of colours. The concept came, quite simply, from a drawer of lingerie. The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that was saucy and sexy without being salacious.
    Fabulously fashionable, certainly chic and more effervescent than a magnum of Cristal. Kitty always full of ideas, took one of them and created Smooch; a make-up brand destined to excite and inspire the world of cosmetics. 
    It all came about whilst getting ready for a celebrity bash. Kitty mused over the fact that cosmetics were a little like underwear – you have your everyday white, black and nudes, the base or foundation of your lingerie collection. Then there are the items you save for special occasions, the highlighters, the products that outline and define drawing attention to those areas you want to focus on. 
    Kitty wondered “Why can’t we have a cosmetic range that combines the two?” A range of make-up that could be viewed as basic but made one feel special every day. Launched in 2011 Smooch Cosmeticscurrently create products for Eyes, Face, Lips and Nails. Who needs shades of grey when we have over 50 shades of pink, red, plum, purple…..?  
    At Smooch it’s all about confidence. We love our packaging but know that if we were to peel back the lace you’d still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.

    Sounds like my kind of brand and something i think all women will agree with. We all have our favourite "special makeup" but then why should you have to pay a high end price for it ?

    So i was kindly sent products from the new collection, Blusher in Glamour puss , Eyeshadow duo in Morticia and a Lipstick in Euro Trash. I love the names and Morticia by far was my favourite being that I'm a huge addams family fan.  So the packaging is as it says in the above statement. lacy and chic with a hint of naughty to it. I find its very classy packaging with the inner case feeling like suede. Im in love with them so far so lets see how the products stand up to testing. 

    Eyeshadow Duo - Morticia 

    Now i must say i cannot believe how beautiful this Duo is, rich and dark with is black/blue side then hints of a light shimmer, matched with a daring white/light blue silver glittering and amazing colour payoff when applying to the lid. No fallout i found but i use my tape trick all the time, so a little makes no difference to me. Morticia is part of the new, Ladies who lunch range which features 6 shades. 
    Im so impressed that the glitter was not chunky nor did it feel scratchy on the eye, as we are lead to believe that higher end brands offer the most buttery plus better quality. Well i can say hand on heart I'm collecting these now as i would happily pay for these knowing they match the quality, at a fraction of the cost, plus the look i achieved was amazing in my eyes with just 2 colours. 
    Now i love the new collection plus the main collection. I really am loving the green Duos I've seen, so I'm hoping to stock up on some of them to achieve more amazing looks.

    Blusher in Glamour Puss 

    So glamour puss is new to the Smooch range and is a matte blush. Its a lovely colour and richly pigmented with a good colour payoff and easily blended out. Now i love dusky pinks for shades so this is a build-able colour and surprised me how bubblegum pink it can go when i was swatching. However in saying that, all blush no matter the shade you will be able to achieve so many variants dependant on how much you build the colour. Finely milled again and of a high quality plus no chalky effect when you apply your brush to the pan, this is high quality affordable makeup at its best. Soft with high pigment plus easily blend able and build-able. Long wearing plus with such little product needed on application you can know confidently this product will last you a good amount of time. 
    Finely milled and so soft i will be repurchasing some of these as i love them, they blend so well that you could mix and match colours. I do this with a lot of brands when the blush is of a high quality, as i can use a bubblegum pink and then dampen it lightly with a more neutral colour to skip needing a highlight. Possibilities are endless.

    Lipstick in Euro Trash 

     So Euro trash is also from the New sultry days collection which has 9 new shades and this is a blue undertoned bright - pink shade. Now the original collection has an additional 12 shades to pick from if this is too pink for you. The lipstick is a matte cream finish, it says on the website it holds a slight shimmering shade, in certain lights i would agree there is a hint of some form of shimmer but its not a frost finish. Again another product i love and right up my alley for makeup. It reminds me of amped colours plus is right on trend for adding a bit of neon to your makeup looks. This is a bold lip colour so would suit a simple smokey eye with hints of pink toned shadow smoked out. Its not drying nor does it come off easy. Like all lipstick during the day you will need touchups, eating and drinking alone will cause some transference. Now you may say, well surely not with blotting, i have naturally dry lips so i don't want to blot the nourishing creaminess away. I don't really like gloss as i rarely will find a non sticky one and it just makes me aware of more product on my lips. Just like i love full heavy face lipstick, others don't then the same applies with my lips. I don't like gloss unless its just to lightly enhance a colour. So this little madam is going to be with me in my handbag keeping me company.
    I love the colour, finish and feel of this lipstick and below is what i created with all the products bar the lipstick as the eye look was very dramatic. So i will use the lipstick in my look post tomorrow or post via Instagram me wearing it. That way i can show true colour payoff and how lovely it sits on the lips.

    So here are my looks i created. 

    So as you can see Morticia is very pigmented with amazing colour payoff, so good to work with and blend. I was loving the final finished eye look. Plus the blush gave a lovely hint of colour to the cheeks, it worked so well with the Eyeshadow. 
    Beautiful, finely milled cosmetics with amazing pigment and a real find.
    Im loving this company and i really hope more people invest in finding some smooch cosmetics, as they are fabulous and i will certainly be adding more to my collection. So thank you Smooch for allowing me to review for you. 

    What do you think ? Do you own any smooch ?

    Buzz campaigns - Lambrini new flavours and the New Veet wax system

    So new campaigns from Buzz agent have been released and i cannot wait to try these too. As thanks to buzz I've had some amazing products to try so whats new for the Spring. 

    Lambrini - New flavours
    Now I've tried the lambrini campaign before and liked it. Was nice to see a alternative in flavours and trial this. Now it came with an additional mirror/brush plus a Collection 2000 mascara. Which i was so impressed with. 
    So lets what comes with the new flavours for summer,

    Mirror/brush and Collection 2000 "Big fake" Mascara

    Then i was amazed to be picked for the Veet trial and so happy. I love to wax so this being the new product on the market to make the job effortless in that the wax applies, sets into a firm strip and then off it comes in one easy action so yes this is one I'm thinking, defiantly making me summer ready.

    Are you a Buzz agent ? Did you get any trials for summer ?

    Sparkly Nails - Water Decals

    So im loving doing Nail art and being given the wonderful opportunity to regularly blog for Sparkly nails to show you the amazing at home nail art you can do plus achieve, so easily.

    Now water decals are basically like the old style tattoo transfers where you would wet the paper and then transfer this to your skin. This however is with nails and there are steps to make this effect easier plus a really lovely pop of design to your nails. 
    It adds a flawless effect if done right that you have some magical nail skills with drawing design. 

    So these are the Water Decals and like the normal Sticker Decals, Packaged in the same way.
    I have a beautiful Flower design plus they look white but they are classy parisian style ladies. 

    As always there are amazing tutorials to show you step by step instructions if your struggling. 
    So all you will need for the water decals is a tiny pot of water (I used a lid of a pot of cream i hadn't opened yet) some tissue and again i used half dried out baby wipes as i thought it would help smooth the decal out plus take off the excess water. Then top coat the nail when your all done transferring. 

    So forst step is to paint your nails any colour you wish to go with your decal. 
    So as you can see the pot of water i used in the top right hand corner, you cut the Decals apart then remove the plastic topping thats protecting the design. Once this is done you hold the decal in the water for 15 seconds, now like the tattoo transfers the paper sucks up the water and the decal then will slide when time is up. So i personally placed the paper halfway on my nail then slid the decal on with my forefinger. Then taking the partial dry baby wipe, take off the excess water and smooth the decal in to place plus smoothing any creasing. It says you can pull the decal off but i found it easy to slide off. Its personal preference. Then leave for a bit to dry a minute or two will suffice or when you have done the rest of your hand if carrying the effect on. Once thats complete then just add a layer of any Top Coat you desire. 

    Bright Bouquet
    So the first style i tried is a perfect summer water decal with and amazing design and colour payoff on the nail. It is sleek without being over the top and adds a little added delicateness too your nails. I think these are amazing with pastels or neon colours as they scream spring at you.
    Lovely and the different sizes plus some had a straight edge so when im a little more versed in application i can try bringing it right along the cuticle. So it looks like the flower is just coming from the  nail bed. 

    Style Icon water Decals 

    So at first i saw the packet and was like omg where are they as the page was white apart from the black ones. Now then when i looked in more detail and then slid them off, did i see what the style was.
    I love these ones, i think that they are so classy looking that on my thumb i did a double decal with the white and black one side by side to give some dimension to the nail.
    I probably would use these ones for accents and with another style as i feel the thumb then maybe a lace effect on the other nails would really pop. 
    So im in love with these ones. 

    So as always here is the link to the Water decal Tutorial

    Plus id love to hear your comments on if you have tried these and what you think.

    Monday, 27 May 2013

    First Light Cosmetics

    First Light mineral makeup is a UK british make-up company, bringing affordable and quality mineral foundations, Blush, Bronzer and eyeshadows etc. They also offer the best tools with an assurance of cruelty free products. Now this post is going to have a lot of pictures,as i want to show the quality in the pigments etc plus tell you more detail to how it applies and feels.
    As said on there website plus details of the brilliant fact they also trade in some of London's most prestigious markets, meaning you can try and sample this brand up close for yourself.

    First Light Cosmetics is a young British label, offering gorgeous, natural, chemical-free products, that are not tested on animals. We offer high quality mineral makeup made in UK. Our product is made of minerals that are so finely crushed and ground that they feel as weightless as silk.  We are a London based Company. Occasionally on Saturday we trade in Spitalfields Market, one of the oldest and most beautiful of London's Markets.  We will publish the dates on our Facebook page. We are member of NMTF. Find us also on I Love Markets, a new vibrant social network connecting all the exciting and cool markets in London.
    I was kindly sent some products to trial for them and i must say a massive thank you. As the sample sizes in the bags were brilliant. I could get a real feel for the makeup plus have enough to play around with mixing different shades, dependant on my skin tone. I generally thought i could not wear mineral makeup due to my dry skin and it enhancing the dry patches i have at times. So after a lot of research (Youtube tutorials) and playing with methods. I finally figured it out and its not that hard at all. 

    So these are the Products above and i really love the beautiful logo they have embossed on there packaging.

    Lipstick in Dusk and Candlelight 
    Candlelight is the raspberry red and Dusk is the nude brown 

    So the first two products i want to share are the lipsticks. They come in the standard tube and are to me very highly pigmented. Its my first experience with mineral lipstick so I'm not sure on how it should react or apply. This was buttery but the minerals used are pressed into the lipstick so whilst you may feel that its a little lumpy, its not the quality being bad, far from it. 
    From my understanding mineral lipstick is pigments pressed with natural oils, so like a powder you get the odd lump the same applies with the lipstick. This didn't impede my application and experienced no product loss, the only thing i did do was use a lip brush on further applications. Its only because the warmth is making the oils warm and once its again cool it reforms. By all means you can use this from the tube, Its just a mineral makeup tip.

    Rich deep red Candlelight was my all time favourite to use as it didn't bleed or feather. Nor did Dusk and i used this as a day time nude. It was lovely and creamy. Not drying on the lips as really did make them stand out with no loss of pigment. 

    Eyeshadows in Midnight Mauve and Japanese Blossom 

    So we come to the Eyeshadows/Pigments, now I'm going to classify them more as an eyeshadow but you can pack these on with some makeup mixer to use them as pigment to so very universal in use. So these were the two i was kindly sent and wow, it was like they knew me and my colour loves.
     I love purples and rose gold colours, as they bring out my green eyes so much. Its what i have mostly in my collection but never have found a lovely rose gold. I've done a look with all these products at the end of the post.
     Now with mineral makeup you would expect a lot of fallout. However with the right base i packed this on with little fallout and in-fact the purple once applied then blended out so easily. Plus i could build the colour, I used my tape trick to prevent a glitter overload on the apple of my cheek. Im so impressed with these mineral shadows i think i may need to crack my others out. I literally thought they would be such hard work but nope i was proved so wrong. 

    Foundations in Perfect day, Peach blossom, Spring morning and Breeze in Beaches

    So i had originally been sent these in bags as the picture shows above, but i potted them so that they would be protected and also store better. It was a mix from the light collection and fair skin. As i have a Cool undertone with a tendency to then, completely change come summer to more neutral. So this gives you a chance to take literally a little finger full. Then colour mix to your complexion. These pictures are enhanced so what looks like a pile is actually a end of a teaspoon amount. You need so little, i used all four colours adding a little more of the cooler tones. Then mixed in a little container i have. Now when i had finished i kept what i had left, as its literally so little you need why throw good makeup away. I just labelled it accordingly. 
    So firstly i will say as I'm on the dry to combination skin type. I moisturised, then applied a light concealer followed by a primer. Then allowed that all to absorb and was ready to apply. Now at first i was told to lightly tap it into the skin which i did on the areas i would need a fuller coverage.
    Then taking a stippling brush worked my way around the face making sure to dab rather then swirl. It was so odd to me as i use full coverage and love that flawless look so when you see my picture you will understand why i was so shocked with the results. I am so impressed and now my skin is going back to its normal "summer" complexion, i can say i would rather mineral foundation, now that i know how to apply properly then a full heavy duty cream foundation. Its nice to know i have an alternative option if i decide to just dash and go rather then blending and all that faff. 

    Blush in Kohilo, Zephyr and Bronzer in Santorini 

    So now we come to the Blush and bronzers and really again, i would use these as eyeshadows as the pigment is amazing.  Santorini is a golden bronzer that just makes you radiate and you literally need a dab, i again took tiny little dots of an amount then stippled my brush and tapped them off to apply. As they blend so effortlessly. Now i took a light hand as i used Kohilo as a highlight/blush then used a little Zephyr and Santorini mixed to tone its all in together. The dusky pinkness of Zephyr really brings these colours together.  Finely milled and just a joy to apply as its not makeup thats caking or feeling heavy as you apply the layers. Its light, fresh and flawless plus i really wasn't used to it but i love the final look. 

    So as you can see i went really lightly on the blush and bronze colours just to give a hint of colour. The eyes were done with the base being a Colour tattoo in Rose Gold, packed on the Japanese blossom and Midnight mauve, blended then simply used a liquid eyeliner and kohl for the waterline. 
    The lipstick i did a duo effect with the Candlelight being on the bottom lip and the cupids bow lined the top lip, then taking dusk i filled my upper lip with this to really make the colours pop. 
    I can honestly hand on heart say I'm so impressed this is flawless looking to me and i love heavy cream foundation. Now i was also sent an eyeshadow brush to use and I'm sorry i got it in a mess, so when i have it cleaned i will Instagram a picture of it to the side of my blog. Its a soft tool that picks up the minerals well, helped with packing on eyeshadow so probably is why i suffered very little to no fallout. 
    So you can find all you need here 

    At the minute they have a brilliant offer for samples of the makeup available. 

    Buy a First Light Cosmetics sample for £2.50 and we will give you a discount code for the same amount when you purchase the full product.
    You can buy as many samples as you want and get a discount to the sum you spent in one card transaction. With the sample we will post you a discount code to use next time you want to buy our products online.
    This offer it is specially addressed to the Foundations since we know it is difficult to find the right one. But you can purchase Finishing Powder, Bronzers and Blushers as well
    You can find and buy sample on the product page, selecting the option "2g sample £2.50"

    So what do you think of my look and first look with Mineral Products ?

    Pentel pens - Post 1

    Now you might be thinking, a blog on pens ? 
    Yes, just because of the wonders of blogging and the internet, lets not forget I'm a passionate writer and as such my tools are pens. When I'm not doing beauty related looks where my tools are brushes. I write within a diary, notebook to jot ideas to new blog posts or even lists.

    Now they were so kind to send me so many pens to try, mainly from the EnerGel range.
    So with this many pens to trial i was thinking i have to do two posts, as they each are different tip sizes. Plus i like to write for a while to get a good idea of what the positives are to that pen and the next post I'm going to say my favourites. Plus detail each pen with its positives and also the ones i would purchase again.
    Now I've tried around 10 of the pens so far and i have 2 definite favourites out of these pens.

    So the Tradio pen (Above) and the Fountain pentel pen are my favourites so far. They are like fountain pens you don't need to apply the cartridge too. So they have a triangular tip like the regular fountain pens have but has the ability to do fine lines and also thicker print writing. They are an oval shaped barrel plus they are very comfortable. I think this is perfect to someone whom likes the feel of a fountain pen and owning one, but does not want to have to take a case plus extra ink.

    So these are some of the other EnerGel pens I've been trying and i have found the press form ones do take a lot of working to make the ink flow then compared to the capped kind.
    So these are really comfortable pens and I'm really enjoying writing with them, plus i have very weak joints so i cannot write for a long time. If the pen is not one of quality and fits my hand properly i will suffer for it in being very sore . Plus using one that doesn't need a lot of pressure to assure the ink flow. Ive found my hand doesn't hurt as much with these pens plus also it doesn't make your hand seize up. I remember using pens and having to literally shake the cramp out of my hand to be able to continue. So with the exam period upon us then i would recommend these for teenagers whom have long written exams upon them. Plus the fountain pens for the fine detailed work that graphic exams demand and also the maths papers may need. I will update with post 2 about the other pentel pens i have yet to trial. Then give a point to point review of all the designs i have with my top 5 also some examples of the print you can achieve.

    When looking for pens whats important to you ?

    My birthday part 2 (MAC lipsticks, temperature rising - Sun dipped bronzer and In the pulse Lipstick)

    Ok so part 2 of my little birthday adventure.
    I had a clear idea in my mind of the things i did want to purchase but then MAC released so many collections i was like ...... what am i doing ? where am i ? mac overload.

    So im a cream-sheen girl and i love amped colour, but i suit very blue toned lipstick. So i tend to stock up on these first before i venture into any other colours as i know these will suit me, Lavender whip is just lush and my favourite. However then Temperature rising came out and of course i wanted, Feel my pulse which i was so lucky to grab one from Selfridges. However the one i and every other woman wanted was Heroine, sadly missed out and my lovely friend even went to Selfridges plus other friends went on a online hunt for me. So girls i love ya and thank you for trying. 
    I cant say I'm totally without as my lovely and amazing friend Farhana who does look posts on here with me sometimes, was a gem and found me a Heroine lip pencil. Which you may think is really sad but i think that blended into my lip then Feel my pulse on top will look amazing. 

    So the only other item i wanted in the Temperature rising collection was the Pro-longwear bronzer in sun dipped. Which i know was part of the Hey Sailor collection some time back. However this is just even in the picture, glowing like the sun. Its a lovely brown compact with a suede feel that NARS has. 
    Now the bronze it self is really pigmented but blends out so well, i needed only a little then used my kabuki to blend this baby into my cheeks. I would say that i wish it was matte, but the shimmer is not so over the top that its too noticeable which is a blessing. I only use one layer very thinly and blended around. So no glitter-ball Tara look.... just yet lol. 
    (Sorry the swatch is poor, my flash just loves the glitter, so will replace this with a natural light picture underneath)

    So here comes the madness which is me on a lipstick haul of epic magnitude, well to me. 

    So first up is - Temperature Rising (LE) - Feel my pulse
    Beautiful and defiantly a real favourite of mine. Purple blue based colour.

    Creme Cup - Cream-sheen
    Iconic colour for every day use, lovely nude pink,
    This is defiantly a colour that would suit more a smokey eye or one with a heavy pop of colour to add balance.

    Speak Louder - Cream-sheen
    Again i literally picked all the blue based pinks to add to my collection and this is one I've yet to use but its like my amped colours i love.
    This would be a more half and half colour well matched with a balanced not to heavy eye look.

    Speed Dial - Cream sheen
    Again this is slightly lighter the Speak Louder but still a beautiful pink that i can match up well depending on my look for the day. I would use this more for a day look and neutral.

    Now i also bought Hot Gossip and Lickable to add to my collection plus the Heroine pencil my friends kindly bought me. So i will upload them with swatches of those and these colours actually on my lips and not my hand so you can see how they transfer onto the lip. Giving a better indication of how they swatch to look. I have a frame that can fit the swatch, lip swatch and colour in one grid so i will do an in depth showing of them plus looks and colour i would wear them with.

    What MAC lipsticks do you love ? 

    Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

    Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...