Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nourish - Argan beauty Collection review plus Discount code

So it's no secret, one of my great finds this year has been the Nourish brand. They have natural and professional products with a lovely feel to them. They have the option from mini kits to trial, or full sized products of the ones you love. I was sent the Argan Beauty Collection, Christmas set for review. 

They say -
A luxurious collection of shimmering gold, rejuvenating frankincense and revitalising myrrh, with omega-rich organic Moroccan argan oil and a stellar array of ultra-moisturising and radiance boosting bioactives, to enhance your natural beauty.

The packaging is beautiful with the gold snowflakes and presentation box. Within this contains 3 of Nourish's best products. 

It contains - 
Golden glow body shimmer 
Argan skin renew 
Argan skin rescue

They are all of a decent size products to give as a Christmas gift or a stocking filler. 

Now I have reviewed each of these products individually. I particularly favour the golden glow body shimmer and how my skin looks after use skin. Only a little amount is needed and it brightens up your whole look. It can be added to a foundation or any makeup to give a glow. I love to use it as a highlighter as it's beautiful. It's such a multi purpose product that there is no end to the uses. 

The Argan skin renew is just heavenly as I have done a full review on this product. It states how I enjoy this cream, as its light with quick absorbency. Perfect for night time when the last thing you want is a tacky, sticky cream sitting there all night. Smells divine and with the Argan skin rescue is a perfect duo for skin. Especially for me being on the dry side in winter, this is a dream. 

So the Argan skin rescue is a new product to me and now is a favourite. As it's like a serum consistency that I favour for night use. I prefer this at night as the serum has a slightly sweet floral scent too it, which is so calming and relaxing in the evening. However I do find this before my primer very effective. It's absorbant and lighter then a normal cream moisturiser. So again another multiuse product from nourish. 

All in all this kit is just lovely and I've been so wonderfully supported by nourish this year. They offer such high quality products that anyone would adore receiving during the Christmas period. So if this isn't to your taste then look at the mini kits on offer. 

I've been kindly given a money off discount for my readers. 

 Offer of a 10% discount with free P&H on our fantastic Christmas Gift. The discount code is: ABC10 and will be valid until 18th December. So thank you Nourish and a Happy Christmas. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

British beauty blogger - Beauty box 2

We have the second beauty box brought to use from British beauty blogger. The first box was amazing and I was over the moon with the quality offered. The second promises to be just as exceptional. So shall we run down the contents to this amazing offering ? 

Contents are as follows : 
Alterna - Bamboo volume spray
Bourjois - Eyeliner (2 in 1) 
CND vinylux - Top coat/ nail polish
Indeed labs - Hydraluron
Loccitane - Angelica cleansing gel
Loccitane - Angelica face toner
Loccitane - Cherry blossom hand cream
La Roche posey - Redermic R anti wrinkle
Mandara spa - Bath milk 
Maybelline - Rocket mascara 
Rituals - Car fragrance 
REN -Glycolactic radiance renewal mask and invisible pores mask
Rouge bunny rouge - lip gloss 
Urban decay - Moondust in Zodiac
Roger & Gallet - D'orange Huile sublime
Vichy - Smoothing and illuminating cream
Washi - Hot cloth 

An amazing 17 products of which most were full size, the ones that aren't are most defiantly duluxe samples. There was an adorable Union Jack stocking included for the impending holiday season. Priced at £27 including postage, I would say this was an absolute steal of a box. I'm so impressed and happy I purchased this second edition, that I'm already excited to see the next. 

The products I'm most excited to use are without doubt the Urban decay Moondust in zodiac. It's absolutely stunning on the swatch I did, with its mixes of greens and shimmers giving it a amazing unique colour. Very apt choice with Christmas approaching and shimmer being a must when in celebration mode. 

Urban Decay - Zodiac

So I can't explain how much I love this edition and whilst it was a little more expensive, it was worth the additional amount. The value far out weighted what I paid plus had products I'd been pining for as a blogger over the year. I finally have them and can use decent samples sizes. I will be looking out for the next edition with trepidation and excitement. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Dove - New hair care system

Now Dove is a well known brand for skincare but did you know they have branched into haircare ? Well with the help of Dove hair ambassador Christian wood, they now have the products to deliver beautifully nourished hair. So with the kind assistance of Dove and the beautiful set I was sent, I'm going to run you through the 4 haircare products. 

Products for review are 
Dove hair therapy :
Refresh and care - Dry shampoo 
Style and care - Heat protect spray
Style and care - Cream serum
Style and care - Moisturising dry ends serum 

I'm really excited to trial these products from Dove as my hair is long, curly and mostly a frizzy mess. Unless I have a brilliant serum and a can of mousse, it's plaited and kept tangle free. As the one thing I find with products for curly hair is they usually are so overly sticky or heavy to the hair. I would usually either end up with hair so crisp from product you would wonder how it doesn't break or a no product frizzy mess.  So with the wheel guide I'm going to give you a run down on each product and how it does for my hair type.  Firstly the Dry shampoo which I have used so I can wash and apply the other products. They advise to apply to damp towel dried hair. 

So with the Dry shampoo you can use this to give a refreshing boost to your hair, if you have not got time to fully wash and style. Also dry shampoo if applied to the roots can give a lift to the hair as that's where oil can build up and leave hair looking flat. So this absorbs the oil to boost from the root and add that volume you maybe lacking.  I must say I have only ever used one brand of dry shampoo. This offering from Dove is lovely and fresh to use, I also didn't get any white cast. My hair felt clean after I used this as I have dry hair, so I don't wash it daily. However I think people with oily hair would like this product, as my hair feels lighter and clean from all product residues. Very impressed and for the 200ml can priced at £4.59, (depending on retailer) I would consider re-purchasing.

Next we have the 3 style and care products, starting with the Frizz free shine cream serum. This product along with the dry ends serum was what I was very excited about. I have as yet not found a serum I like or feel works. As I want an item to make my hair look healthy and just glowing, but also lightweight. 
This styling cream and dry ends serum I feel is light weight. One squirt of serum after you have styled you hair, is really effective. I was highly impressed with this product as serums can run quite expensive. Especially if you have curly hair and need a fair amount. One pump for straightened hair and two for curly is enough. I say two for curly as my hair becomes seriously thicker. The styling cream I found was for more curly styling as I didn't want to weight my hair when straight with too much product as it tends to kink. 

So I chose to review this item last as I straighten my hair once, then I will leave it till the next wash is due. Because my hair is frizzy I tend to give it a break before applying heat again. If I don't then I will split and damage the hair beyond repair. So I will make a point of doing a monthly hair mask along with my facial routine and overall pamper session. Just to add some health back to my hair. It seems to work as my hair is not overtly frizzy when I straighten it. As long as I use a good heat protectant, then I will be able to spray with some lightweight hairspray and my hair will hold. 

So with the new Dove style and spray heat protectant, I was excited as to have a lightweight protectant that Nourish's too is what I'm always on the hunt for. So it protects up to 230 degrees which is standard for most ceramic flat irons, however mine can go higher for a "flash blast" on pesky areas of hair. I rarely use that function but it's there.  It says that "the combination of silicones and conditioning agents provide a sublime shine. Whilst protecting the hair fibres during heat styling". I've done a picture of my hair with the product in. 

As you can see my hair is not frizzy and smooth with just a small amount of spritz. Plus it's not feeling weighted down or increased "straigtener burn" which is what I say when I hear my hair crackle. I didn't have this as the product sprays a light mist and I found adding to dry hair more effective. I personally would not straighten my hair damp.

So I'm exceedingly impressed with the new Dove styling products, they are affordable and give excellent results. I would defiantly repurchase these rather then the expensive counterparts. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Illamasqua - Rich liquid foundation review

Now I saw the VIP sale on and well I had too, 3 rich skin foundations for the price of what one would cost. Yes I may have overdone it but hey Christmas is coming and I can gift some too. Plus illamasqua is one of the brands i love for great pigmented makeup. 

They say :

Lock away your inhibitions and bring your confidence to the fore. Loved by professional make-up artists, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation provides maximum, long-lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It blends easily and hides problem areas perfectly. Create your canvas, then paint your work of art.

So I use the Rich skin foundation under Hydra veil by illamasqua. It's my holy grail primer and use it under any foundation. I found it made this full coverage foundation smooth out better and leave a even layer. The Rich liquid is very thick and you need to shake it well before applying as it can have a tiny amount of liquid separate. However I didn't find this a problem as most foundations require a shake. I chose the colour 133 as it was in the sale and most near my skin colour, I was surprised to find that it wasn't far off. Bar being a little light I managed to warm my complexion with some bronzer. 

Now I used this foundation in my District 3 look and this is what It looks like with no bronzer so you can see it was a little pale. I used a tiny amount on my beauty blender and this gave such a lovely finish. 

It didn't cake up but I would say to leave this to fully dry before adding a powder as it may clog your brush or leave the powder uneven. So I would not rush or apply another layer until its touch dry. Once it is then setting it in place with a powder is very easy, it does not show pores nor cake up and I found it left me looking flawless. It covered my skin blemishes and did not settle into my areas that dry in winter. So I'm very impressed with this as a full coverage plus I felt more confident. 

You may not like this if full coverage and the feeling of makeup makes you uncomfortable. Also I would say to use a fine milled powder to set it and not a heavy powder as you may risk a caking effect. Other wise as you can see its perfect for covering all imperfections that like me leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. I am glad I bought more then I needed as I will happily gift these to friends and family. Plus I have also purchased other products to review and I have on my face to review. 

I'm also wearing glisten- eyeliner (I'm hoping to purchase scribe and a pale blue plus black next), Succumb eyeshadow, Debonair medium pencil and the rest are Christmas presents I cannot divulge in names. However I will do more looks with the illamasqua fundemental palette I have and metal pigments. 

Did you purchase anything in the sale ? Have you tried the Rich liquid foundation ? 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Marc Jacobs - Honey perfume from

So again the wonderful Alan at gave me the opportunity to review the new scent from Marc Jacobs called Honey.  Marc Jacobs is well known for his fashion and now branching into the beauty industry with other scents including the multi award winning,  Dot. So I was very excited and more then happy to accept this amazing opportunity, as it looks like Honey is just as popular as its pre-dessors. Again my thanks to Alan and the team at for there continued support to my blog. 

So Honey is described as 

The fragrance opens with a fresh fruity hook, and melts to a beautiful floral honey heart for a long lasting and sunny signature fragrance.

So whilst we are in the middle of the coming winter season, Honey will be a scent i can see being used as a daily fresh scent. Nothing too heavy and very pleasant to wear. I can smell the base notes (Honey, vanilla and Smooth woods) with hints of the other tones. 

They are :
Heart Notes : Orange Blossom, Peach nectar, Apricot and Honeysuckle
Top notes : Pear and Mandarin 
Scent described as a Floral and fruity mix  

So let us start from the outside and work towards the fragrance then my overall view. Like i say with all fragrance posts, this is my own take on something thats very subjective to the person. So what i like others may not. So the packaging ... what is there not to love ? I saw Daisy and Dot's packaging and thought they were unique and inspired. Im no less impressed with Honey, its got a pearl with a cute innovative representation of a bee to the gold imprinted logo. Very cute and you may be asking where is the top to the bottle. Well i have a tester so the lid isn't with this version but with the ones sold on site they are included. The lid again is a cute array of the bee impression's to protect the spray.
I do think they are very designer influenced and give the perfume a very lovely ambiance to brighten anyones fragrance collection.  Beautifully presented and again the box in stores is a Yellow striped box like a Bee's colours. 

So onto the fragrance within this cute bottle. I will say this is a fragrance i love as it hits all my notes of fruity with a fresh smell. Its not a heavy and will make the perfect daily scent in winter and also spring months. I would lean towards wearing this more in spring as with the new budding flowers and scents it will really come alive. I tend to wear more cherry scented perfume in winter to go with the general berry tones infused into my complexion. So this i can incorporate into my collection very easily and wear for any occasion. 

I think its a rare to have a perfume be so versatile and to have a range be consistently excellent. Marc Jacob's is a genius to design for the fashion industry, but then transcend on the beauty industry with such ease. Is truly a amazing achievement when you think in the to date scents he has released have won awards to no end. I look forward to the next offering we no doubt will be seeing with the coming season. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

You discovery box - Nov 2013

YouBeauty is a new beauty box on the block. Priced at just £6.95 per month with P&P included, i must admit this box was not calling but more screaming to me. I have had 2 boxes now and i cant say I've been disappointed in the least, in-fact i would say its a steal for this price. 

So the box comes every month with a selection of beauty products to which you pick 2 from the list, these then come boxed with 2 more items that everyone receives. 

So the contents of my box this month were :
Percy and Reed - Firm session holding hairspray (30ml)
Neo-Stem - Anti accelerated Ageing serum (30ml)

Extras in every box 
Montagnue Jeunesse - Body smoothie
Lizi's Granola - Toasted granola 

Now i love the fact you can pick and choose your items from 8 picks (this months amount) as naturally no beauty box can cater for all tastes. This beauty box however i feel may have cracked it as they offer you 2 choices of product plus the price is just to be fair unreal. I would happily pay this to get samples maybe some months i don't need but would use in future. As i can honestly say the size of the samples are very generous indeed, so much so you could get at least a months use out of a skincare item. Especially a serum which is targeted to certain points of the face and not all over body use. 

I have yet to use the Serum as I'm currently using one for review, so this is in my to use box when i come up empty. I am looking forward to using it as the bottle is very high end within a glass container and stylish in its presentation.

Percy and reed hair products i love and adore so having a chance to trial there hair spray was fabulous for me. I again have a hair system to trial so this will be used when i have completed that and i may use this for travel. As the sample is perfect size for a handbag. Very impressed.

Now the two extras were lovely as i usually use a Montague Jeunesse face mask at times when its treat night to relax. Ive always been impressed and loved there convenient masks which are also affordable. This was a nice change to receive a body smoothie, i look forward to using this.

The lizi's granola i wont lie, it didn't last long and i used this with my yogurt and fruit on three servings. I received the chocolate flavour and it was very chocolatey and added a nice texture and flavour to my morning breakfast. I will be looking this product up as i really would love to purchase more of them to have as a staple to my diet. 

So if you are on the hunt for a new beauty box subscription then maybe give the YouBeauty discovery box a try ? I haven't been disappointed and from the feedback off other friends whom have subscribed they haven't either. 

Do you subscribe ? What are your thoughts on this beauty box addition ? 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Kringle candle Company - Winter 2013 Scents

So for the second time im reviewing for Kringle candle company with there new additions to the Holiday favourites line. Im so grateful to review another batch of lovely candles and especially in the winter time when it sets the mood for the home.

So the new scents are : Autumn winds , Blue Spruce, Ginger snow angel, Peppermint kiss, Snow day and White pumpkin 
These scents join there 12 other Christmas favourites. 

Ginger Snow Angel

So the first candle i was drawn too from the set was Ginger snow angel, this is a very beautiful scent of gingerbread and brown sugar. Its mainly reminded me of when you make gingerbread fresh and you just take it out of the oven. The smell envelops you and your home in a wonderful gingery hug. So if you don't like gingerbread then this may not be for you. However its a constant scent meaning that it doesn't become overpowering to the senses and keeps at a nice plato of sensual pleasures. I really love this candle and its double wick version in the evening, with a hot mug of cocoa is just how winter should be enjoyed. This is my favourite of the new range of scents released.

Snow day

The next is the beautiful Snow day and i must say the art work on Kringle candles never fails to make me gasp and get the feel of the candle. It really does show you what the scent is and trying to converge the feeling encapsulated. So snow day is a fresh scent to the first snow of the season, with a lovely cool almost powder like scent. Its hard to describe the smell of snow but its a nice fresh scent for the home. I would say the blue tinge in the tumblers really does convey the "snow" feeling more as it looks like packed snow in the container. Its lovely to have on display.

Peppermint Kiss 

The next is Peppermint kiss and well it reminded me of candy canes with the sweet outside and minty tinge of the inner layer. It has light notes of sugar with vanilla in it with a peppermint tinge to the air. Beautiful candle that really does give a taste of christmas to the home. I love having candy canes on the tree and they are a nice break from the sugar overload to have a minty fresh feeling.  

Blue Spruce

So the next Blue spruce is amazing and smells like a christmas tree from the minute its lit. We don't have our tree yet, the house smelt like a tree had been set up for a night filling the room with its scent. It was unbelievable how real the scent was. Great for anyone whom wants to have the smell of christmas trees filling the air. 

Autumn Winds

So the next is the Autumn winds candle which is very strong scented smell of leafs. Now I know every scent is personal preference and what I like another person may not and vice versa. So I'm not going to have a bad word to say on something that is subjective to the person purchasing it. If you like the leafs falling and conker smells of autumn then this is the candle for you. Personally I'm a fruity and foody scent kinda girl. So floral and natural scents are not my cup of tea.

White Pumpkin

Then finally we have White pumpkin which was not my favourite. I guess because we don't have pumpkins that I can't compare it. However from remembering Halloween I can vaguely say this is true to scent. It has the fresh pumpkin and almost outdoors woodland scent. Very nice for anyone wishing to bring a little of the outdoors inside, but like I said I'm very much a food and fruity scent kinda girl. So I do think the scents of the outdoors are great for maybe a more manly ambiance as my husband loves these ones. He was very impressed by them and had them burning whilst I was in my room with my lovely ginger snow angel. 

That's also another great advantage to Kringle candles is the scents don't clash, so when they meet in the hall it's not sickly. It's like Christmas has just settled  and It's a homely, cosy feeling. Another lovely selection to Kringle candle and they burn brilliant, no tunneling or any problems at all. I have had other brands and needed to return candles due to this but never a Kringle candle. The wax is so pure and a pleasure to have in the home. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lily lolo - Classic & Metallics collection

So I was kindly given the opportunity to review the new Shimmer strip from the  Christmas Classics and metallics collection. There are 2 shimmer strips released and 2 eyeshadow palettes. 
This is my review on the Rose glow shimmer strip. 

They say :
Create a radiant sheen with our limited edition pressed Shimmer Stripes. A perfect mix of 

shimmering pink and white stripes to give a dazzling rosy glow to cheeks or use the individual shades 

as stunning, glistening eye shadows.

Super soft pressed powder with a gentle natural formula, Handbag and 

makeup friendly compact complete with mirror, Sheer and light colour which can be built in layers 

to achieve a lasting, shimmering finish, Use with the Powder Brush for flawless application on 

cheeks, Use with the Eye Shadow Brush to apply individual shades to eyelids, Perfect for adding a 

little shimmer to the collarbone, shoulders and d├ęcolletage

The packaging is a beautiful grey with a floral detailing in white. I love simple packaging as I feel less is more and the main star is of course the product within. 
Now the Christmas collection is within the white compacts and it has a texture to the case but a subtle one. I like this as it brings the level from plastic looking to more unique. My overall standpoint on packaging is that, yes I like a nice package but I'd rather a simple one if it means better quality of product. Lily lolo is a mineral brand, I can say this has been a fabulous introduction to what they have to offer. 

So as you can see above the packaging in the white with the Lily lolo imprinted in the compact. It's beautiful wrote on there and it would be a compact if happily use in my handbag when I go to appointments. 

So within the compact is strips of different sized colours. 5 seperate beautiful colours, as you can see above the colours are highly pigmented and buttery. I personally like to keep the colours seperate and clean to keep the pigments fresh. However I can say from putting all the colours on my wrist, they then blended together amazingly to produce this shimmery beautiful rosey pink colour. 
If your like me you can get a small brush and just apply the colours and blend well on the cheek. It was easy to apply the white highlight on top, then use the pink shade and apply the bronze shade under to do a graduated contour. You can then take a blending brush or powder brush to blend these together so they merge to a beautiful colour. I honestly thought it would be difficult, but no it was so easy as the pigment and texture was perfect. 

I also love there is a less shimmer bronze so you can use that one for day time, then the more shimmery version to transition into a night time look. I would also happily use this for eyeshadow to achieve a lovely autumn pinky/gold bronze look. You have the highlight to help transition and blend plus add that shimmer effect and add a slight highlight to the brow. Perfect all round compact with endless possibilities of looks at your fingertips. 

I'm so impressed with this offering from Lily lolo that I would encourage anyone looking for pigmented, high quality makeup see there range. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pearly's - Teeth whitening system

Founded by Liz Ridley in 2005 after her own experience of teeth whitening decided to formulate her own company with the client at the forefront. Being able to use the products within the home, Pearly's has become a frontrunner in teeth whitening products and achieving that "Pearly white smile" in half the time. Plus maintaining products so that you can continue with the results achieved.
Now this will be a long review and myself and my husband did the full course over the month and i wanted to give a in-depth and cohesive review.

They say : 

I’d had my teeth whitened back in 2000 by my dentist and he’d had some customised trays made for me which I used every day for 2 weeks. I’d been very happy with the results although it did take the full 2 weeks to get them the colour I wanted. I spent the next few months researching and working solely on the new addition to my teeth whitening service and in February 2005 I launched our bespoke, hand crafted customised tray whitening kit. I added the home-kit in to the package and didn’t change the price (at the time we were charging £295 for the in-clinic whitening so now customers got 2 treatments for the price of one.) Overnight our dissatisfaction rate reduced from 25% to less than 1% and we found that even customers who said before the treatment that they really wouldn’t use and didn’t want the trays did use them when they arrived because they wanted to best result and they found the trays quite comfortable. I believe that the customised trays are actually the best part of the treatment because I feel that they give very good value, they should fit nicely for around 3 years (as long as they’re looked after properly) and can maintain the teeth for all of this time (with additional whitening gel). The customised trays will give as good a whitening result on their own as either the in-clinic whitening or the combination of in-clinic and trays but they just take longer.  They can also be used with the stronger gel that can only be provided by a dentist if that’s what the customer wants, the trays are as good as any customised trays available and better than many.

That said, we’ve found that most of our customers want both a fast result and a maintained result so the combination treatment is ideal. Our treatments and products are the trusted choice of celebrities including Josie Gibson,  Pixie Lott, Alex Reid, TOWIE’s Mark Wright and The X-Factor’s JLS, and you can rely on us to offer you or your clients the same fantastic results. Over the last 8 years Pearlys has grown to be the biggest provider of in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening. In the summer of 2012 we introduced our new product range. We work with dental clinics, beauty salons and beauty retailers.

Now i was kindly sent this kit from Pearly's, after having treatments and smoking when i was younger. I wasn't very happy with my teeth and the whiteness of them, now usually i would have gone to the dentist for a deep clean but since thats no longer a option with my medical condition. This is the best option for me and i must say i was sceptical. So the kit arrived in a lovely travel bag which is so practical and i used this when i had my heart procedure in hospital and it was fantastic. I must say this kit was so good my husband now uses the products and as we have now finished the whole system we will be purchasing this again after being so impressed. 

So within the kit

We have the 
Pearly's Weekly Teeth brightening powder
Pearly's Teeth whitening Foam 
Daily Teeth whiten rinse

So for the sake of this review i did use a new toothbrush which was a medium bristle and also free from any contaminant. So with the system you would use your normal toothpaste which for us is just the Normal Colgate with no whitening enhancers etc. No whitening was included in any product bar the Pearly's products. So we began with doing our first day being (Sunday night) as we had more time to do our weekly products, which would be the Powder stage first. You take your brush and instead of toothpaste lightly dampen your brush then tap the excess water off and dip the brush head in the powder, Brush and rinse. The weekly brightening powder is bicarbonate based and you can use this twice a week if you so wish. I can honestly say me and my husband used this and went "wow" I've not felt my teeth be so clean then after a dentist deep clean. Its also the same taste as the pink water you get to swirl at the end, so it was really amazing how much this stage really removes plaque building up due to not having that abrasive element within toothpaste that the bicarbonate offers. Its the perfect way to clean the teeth thoroughly and then begin to treat the staining underneath. Now i brush each day but i fully appreciate i now need this powder in my regime to give me the effect as a exfoliate does on the skin.

So the next step in the treatment comes the Pearly's teeth whitening foam which you can use with your toothpaste as normal. Now you apply this on top of your toothpaste and it can be a little "minty overload" as me and my husband called it. Plus you look quite amusing with a mouth full of foam but it was really a brilliant review for me to be able to do this with my husband. Also i valued his opinion too as to how he felt it was working and if he would continue using the product for the whole month. This foam really does make your mouth feel as clean as you could ever imagine it too feel. I can only say that it improves the morning feeling of just nasty dry mouth as i don't have that no more. I know I'm giving unreal details of my dental hygiene, however I'm on tablets that make me have dry-mouth and all sorts of horrid aftertastes etc. So to not wake up feeling like you've swallowed an entire contents of a glass ground down paracetomol is a god send in my opinion. 
Now with these steps alone you will notice your teeth look cleaner and the more you use the more you notice your teeth overall. I mean i wake up now going wow my teeth are really white, I don't think anyone wants a picture of me with my camera in my mouth but i will post a picture in the next post with my makeup on and this will show you how white they are. So then we move onto the final step in the treatment.

Which is the Daily Rinse, a crystal clear solution of mouthwash. This is to be used after every wash even if you don't use the foam or powder, it prevents food and drink from staining the teeth and spoiling the progress you have made with the other steps. So this is just like a minty mouthwash but a slight bit stronger. I was taken aback how strong they were on first use, however i did use all 3 so when i got into the routine it wasn't so full on. I would say the first time was also probably so strong as i wasn't used to that deep a clean other then in a dentist's so its no stronger then products your dentist would use. Just not a drill on your teeth and more gentle in my opinion, plus like i say perfect for persons of my situation whom don't have access to a dentist. 

So my overall rating of Pearly's and would I repurchase the system again after a full months use and the changes I've noticed if any ?
 Honestly yes I would repurchase and my husband has agreed with me that this is totally worth the price, in the way the powder has lasted well and for two persons to notice a change. The colour can be visibly noticed and also to pay for a system thats lets be honest not cheap but its an investment.  Now I say this when a packet of whitening toothpaste can be bought for well under the retail of all 3 products. In saying that though we have purchased other whitening systems before and not noticed any change or felt the type of cleanliness in our mouths that we have with Pearly's. 
I say this in knowing I would have to purchase a daily mouthwash in a bigger size as this didn't last the full month. The powder is a weekly product and has lasted, so this i can see with 2 people lasting a good 3 months at least. We do use the powder twice a week and load our brushes to get that good abrasive clean we like. So I say 3 months but it could be longer, as its full to the brim when it arrives and covered with a silver protective foil. I will update when it does run out the actual length of time it took to get to empty. The same with the foam it does last but i would buy this every month. Myself and my husband have looked into purchasing other products in the range to trial and also there is an offer at the moment where you receive a kit worth nearly £40 for a spend over £45. Brilliant offer and if you wish to try the powder before purchase then you can if you email Pearly's at with your request for sample and details. 

So thank you Pearly's and i hope everyone does at least try the sample to see how clean your teeth can feel after this treatment.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Birchbox October 2013

So I did take a break from beauty boxes and then was sent the preview of the October box. I was so impressed with the contents that I decided to give Birchbox another go. Im so glad I did as you will see the quality is amazing this month. 

They say :
Co-founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp met at Harvard Business School. They created Birchbox to help consumers cut through the clutter of the retail world to find products that really work for them. Based in New York City, Birchbox launched in September 2010 and acquired JolieBox in September 2012. To date, Birchbox has shipped over 5,000,000 Birchboxes globally and currently has a global subscriber base of over 400,000 people. Birchbox has been featured by Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, InStyle and Marie Claire, among others.

So this months box was #BBXbuzz theme.

So the contents :
Laura Mercier - Foundation primer 
TheBalm Cosmetics - Stainiac
Egyptian Magic - 
Dr Bragt - Microdermabrasion treatment 
KMS California - Curl Up
Dr lipp - Nipple lip balm
Chia Shots (Birchbox extra) 

So can I just say wow amazing box, for starters the contents are all products I've been dying to try. They are decent samples sizes to get a great impression, if I like them enough to purchase full sized. 

So the first four let's run down on : 

Laura Mercier : Foundation primer
One of the most talked about products on the blogging network. This is the one product I want to see if it lives up to all the hype. I have my holy grail primer and I want to see if this primer will give me the same effect. 

KMS California : Curl Up
KMS California is a well known product and I've seen this brand many times. I'm so glad Birchbox are actually using the profiles, I also recieved a hair product for my "Curly hair". I'm so happy its targeted towards my hair type. I cannot wait to use this product.

Dr Brandt's - Microdermabrasion treatment 
Well I've heard of the respected Dr Brandt's skincare range and have tried some sample products. However I've not had a decent sized sample like this to trial and gain a decent opinion on the range. 

TheBalm Cosmetics - Stainiac
This is a beautiful colour stain that is for lips and cheeks. Now I don't usually use a stain as I find you need to work exceptionally quick if you wish this as a cheek colour, as i did find it dries super quick. 

Chia Shots - Green smoothie
These are a extra from Birchbox and I don't usually like these extras, as I'm not wanting health items like tea and suppliments. I can't take them for medical reasons so I do end up giving these away. I don't mind but I'd love a option to either a beauty tool or health option.  However with this box I'm not bothered by this addition, I am happy with all the products I want to try.

So what can I say other then I'm so glad i signed up to Birchbox again if this is the current standard of products being sent out. I could not say other then the Chia shots there is one product I'm unhappy with, each were to my skin type and also hair type which just goes to show maybe the profiles are being utilised now. So roll onto the next Birchbox for November and its contents.

Did you receive the October birchbox ? What did you receive ? 

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