Monday, 29 July 2013

Ellis Faas - Creamy lips present

Now Ellis faas is a brand I know of and I recieved this as a total surprise this week as a gift from a dear friend and person I consider as a sister. I really was so grateful as you'll see below how beautiful it is.
She had shown me some Ellis faas that she had bought and I was impressed with the colour ranges and overall quality.  Especially the creamy lips product as the colours are so vibrant. There are 9 shades in all and so rich and vibrant. Its now making me think i need to get a creamy eyes. However my spending ban is in full force still. So Xmas list it goes lol 

They say

For classic lipstick definition and longwearing coverage, use soft and velvety Creamy Lips. Apply Creamy Lips with the spongy applicator first by painting the lips with just a small amount of lipstick, then fully load the applicator to fill inside of the lips. Versatile Creamy Lips is also great for a more stained effect -- just load a tiny bit of the lipstick onto the applicator, apply and blot for a matte stain.

As you can see the packaging is sleek and the tube within very stylish in a silver bullet shaped applicator. It took some twisting to get the product to come through but once it did, my goodness what a beautiful way to apply this. It has miniature hairs on the end so its not just a flat tiped gloss type applicator. Its innovative like a wand and sponge in one to apply this beautiful product. 

Apologies for my bad photo but I had recieved this just after returning from hospital. So as you can see its intense and beautiful. I'm in love with this colour so much as its not sticky. Doesn't dry the lips and feels luxiourious. I'm so grateful to receive this product. Pigmentation is amazing as you can see, lasting power is a good 6 hours or more as your lips do remain stained. The packaging reminds me of the elongated bullets you see and the collection itself all the packaging is very army inspired in my opinion. I really do think its lovely and a collection that you can have that is with-standing and timeless. I think the message is not in promotion on war but brings a new meaning to the saying "putting my war paint on" and i think every woman daily puts war paint on for empowerment and not suppression. So I'm so happy i was introduced to this makeup designer. I may actually defiantly look into purchasing a few more items or putting them on this years, xmas list. 

Within the gift box from were these generous samples and I will be using them as they are lovely, good sized and well picked to my skin.

I can't keep thanking my friends enough for there continued support and generosity when I'm il and I wish to publically say it here to them all. (They know who they are). Thank you to my soul sistah, my Scottish beauty, my sense when the world seems lost and all of you whom make this world a brighter place for me. Your my shinning lights and I think of you all as family and where my heart calls home. Xxxxxxxx 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

La Roche posay - Anthelios Invisible 50SPF oil with

La Roche posey finally did the impossible. So with Summer finally here we are all cracking out the sunscreen and oils that protect our skin from the suns obvious damage.

They say :

Protect your skin with the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Invisible Nutritive Oil SPF50+, a lightweight, nourishing oil for the face and the body. The oil provides very high UVA-UVB protection for all skin types, even for skin that is sensitive and intolerant to the sun. With its non-sticky, invisible satin finish, it's both comfortable to wear and moisturising. Added La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water soothes and calms the skin. Apply liberally before sun exposure to both the face and the body, and reapply after swimming or towelling in order to maintain protection.
Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, water resistant.

May sound odd to use an oil but with this being factor 50SPF that in sunscreen is like wallpaper paste. Believe me I know and rubbing in the higher SPF can be just tiresome. So with this oil its very light and absorbs very quickly leaving no sticky nor harsh feeling like your caked in product.
I've judged this being that I'm of a skin tone that's quite lucky, in that I can use the littlest SPF and I mean 2 or none and not burn. I am not incouraging this just saying that I would use this and it would more then less be a oil consistency.

So I hope you can see below the texture of the oil and what the result is when its rubbed in, which is virtually nothing. I would not use this with children and even if a product says its waterproof, in this heat keep reapplying. It really absorbs very quickly and not of a residual texture at all. So that is why i say if using this be careful during those important hours of 12-3pm and drink plenty of water. As you could easily forget anything has been applied. 

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this again if I was going away or recommending this to anyone needing higher SPF and hating the rigorous creams. My husbands very fair and has not burned at all where as by now he would be like Chrispy bacon in pain. 

Please look after yourselfs in this heat and the oil can be purchased at
Also 20% off until the 26th July and ends at midnight so grab some quick for your holiday. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Amie - Purifying facial wash

Ok so I recently reviewed the Amie matte moisturiser and loved it, so much its now in my empties bin. So in mentioning this amazing sun but wow does it leave you feeling clogged and dry skinned in the evening and morning after sleep. If your lucky to get some. I might add, I was kindly and I'm so grateful to be asked to review the facial wash. Being a natural company with no addition of parabens, additives and mineral oils. Amie Skincare is great for anyone watching what they use on there skin or of delicate and sensitive skin types.

They say
Created by leading beauty expert and ex-Estée Lauder executive, Fiona Parkhouse, Amie was originally conceived as the ideal skincare solution for her own daughter, Samantha. Samantha was experiencing the extra-oiliness and breakouts of her teenage years but her skin was also very sensitive.  Fiona did not want her to use products that were too harsh or aggressive for her young skin as she felt that these products can cause more problems in the long run than they solve: for example, skin can feel dry and stripped, itchy, sensitised and can also lead to the over-production of oil and more spots, not fewer !
Working with leading dermatologist, Dr Susan Mayou of London Cadogan Clinic, Fiona created an effective natural solution that really works. “natural, non-irritating ingredients are important in skincare” Dr Susan Mayou, leading dermatologist.

96.8% natural ingredients

So the Facial wash comes in the same packaging as all Amie skincare. Lovely pastel pink tube with the well known Amie logo simple flower. It contains 150mls and you do not need alot at all to clean the face and I also use this for my neck area. Its great for my days off with my clarisonic or in duo with it. Very soft facial wash I really enjoy using. With a soap free formula its a creamy wash texture that you can move quite easily and massage as you please into the skin. Now I use this after I use my wipes if I use makeup to just get the residual dirt off. I now and again feel a tiny bit of a sugar which is one of the ingredients. Its not a scrub so literally it is a one in a rare occurrence, you may feel a grain. 

Smells floral but not overwhelming, with mayblossom and elderflower plus an orange blossom and raspberry to tone. The smell stays with you as a lovely base scent. I really like this and don't usually go for floral scents so this is just on the right amount. As you can see the facial wash is thick to start with in consistency, then on addition of water will go very light, easy to massage, easy to use wash. 

I really like this facial wash and think its perfect for anyone wanting natural produce, sensitive skin or anyone needing a light wash when suffering from any form of facial acne or complaint. Also as mayflower and elderflower are natural pore decongestants it should aid in the prevention of spots forming. Also because of the lack of soap you can insure that the skin won't become dried out and stripped of any natural moisture. Just what kind of facial wash you need in this amazing summer heat. 

Amazing part of the Natural Amie skincare range. Thank you Amie skincare.

Dior - Paradise Duo Bronzer and Blush

Now I wasn't to sure to show this but I wanted to show my birthday gift from a dear and generous friend as I really think its beautiful and something to be enjoyed. Plus I'm sharing to show you what I love and give thanks to a dear friend and in no way am I doing a show off post.
So I was pretty spoilt for my birthday and I know this (plus thank everyone whom thought of me that day) now il tell you the whole story as it will then make sense. 

As you know I'm housebound and cannot get high end samples as no companies will send them to me, however my good friend goes to a regular Dior events and sees the counter ladies to see new products etc. She is a lovely friend to have and I really do value her greatly.
So I had been saying when I'd seen her lovely bits (I asked to see as I'm a beauty mad lover and enjoy looking at new items) I always said I admired the cute white bag with tissue paper and ribbons.
So she had kindly offered to pick me up a little bag with some samples next time she went to an event. 
Now the week of my birthday a fairly large box arrived and I was confused. So opened and as you can see from the above picture, it was a pretty hearty white Dior bag. On the top inside was a yardage of ribbons and tissue paper with samples. I was over the moon in tears but then as I got deeper I felt a paper package wrapped and square. Plus the bag smelt overwhelmingly of Dior Addict (my friends favourite scent) and i now love it and have a vial of this to use when I'm feeling its a special day to use my makeup.  Utterly confused I carefully opened the paper to see this stare back at me, 

Now I was in hysterical tears of joy and just over whelmed at the kindness of this gift. I'm a simple girl and the white Dior bag and tissue got me in a fizzle so this on top just made me loose my little marbles. Never had I been so surprised. I have had a week of been spoilt rotten by my husband and friends and it meant the world to me. 

Its a stunning Dior product from the limited edition range. It came in a lovely velvet case with a kabuki too again with its own case. Softest kabuki I have felt in my life. I was so grateful and haven't as yet used it as yet as I want to use it for special occasions, its not like I can afford Dior so this holds a very special place in my heart.

Now I thought wow that was amazing but then felt a package again at the bottom of the bag. Opened it and then found 2 addict lipglosses. One in a nude with golden flickers and the second a pinky version with the sparkle. Beautiful. I love them so much and they are amazing lipglosses.

So I have to thank my friend so much for lovely gifts and the samples I received of the BB creams, eye creams and serums. Just made a lovely and special gift that's so close to my heart. So I thank you and I really do value my friends hence this post I wish I could just say a million thank you's to her for this. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Natio Cleansing wipes or Simple wipes ?

So i want to start discussion monthly topics along with a post informing everyone of bargains, discount codes, latest news and views from the beauty and fashion world.

This months i purchased 2 boxes of Natio wipes to receive another fabulous Debenhams goody bag and whilst I've seen this brand I've never ventured into using it. Myself and my beauty girls did this and we honestly have been blown away by the quality of the wipes. They come within a box and the pack has 24 wipes. Now they are moist wipes that can remove the stubbornness of makeup and i really love the smell of the fresh natural oils. I will use these for when i remove makeup and need a soothing wipe that won't dry my skin nor do i need to go through a pack to expect all the makeup to be removed.

Now would these be better then my simple wipes as on price comparison the simple wipes are cheaper with natio being just under £4 in the sale.

My simple wipes come in a pack of 7 and I use these as they are non harsh plus they offer a good texture to get that stubborn liner off. I really like these and get then when its 3 for £3 in the boots offers but then I'm getting 21 wipes for the price I pay for one box of the natio. However to justify £7 for 2 boxes of natio wipes is a no no and Its a nice little treat if they do goody bags again then these will be what il grab. 

However in say thing that I'm now thinking my simple wipes are a tad of a rip off and may resort to boots cucumber wipes and my sainsburies basic (use all the time as a staple in my makeup desk) yes I am wipe mad.. But I do have a roll of cotton and remover as a back up. Im maybe just too into my makeup wipes but i truly do think that what is in these wipes will help prevent clogging pores and build ups of dirt. These two have become favourites as they are very moist and only takes one wipe to remove the majority of my makeup. I may need to use some eye remover if i have used a lot of eyeliner just to simply be kinder and not irritate my eye. 

I'd love to know your opinion on wipes and what you use ? 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

BoxDelux - Beauty box

So with my love of beauty boxes deminishing as they just are the same plus offer no variety. So I saw a few different boxes on offer and I must admit these boxes are more quality. 
The boxdelux is a little more pricey at £35 but it comes with a £20 to spend voucher on the products you may like in there store. For that £20 you can purchase quite a few items plus I was impressed with the box I chose.  Its in the mystery box side and this changes monthly what arrives on your door but for this review I did request the summer prep box to choose. As with the current box the only product I could use would be the Argan oil (they kindly sent me this to trial) so there customer service is second to none.  There are also gift boxes for wedding brides, friends and relatives. 

Who are we 
Each month you have a chance to taste, smell, feel and experience a selection of luxury products. We source many top products from new and established leading brands, and offer the chance to try before you buy. If you love the brands, then find them in the online store and redeem your £20 gift voucher.
"At Boxdelux we are a company on a mission to bring niche and luxury brands into the spotlight. We aim to promote these brands and give our customers the chance to experience and purchase from our online store. We offer a subscription service that delivers high-end tasters directly to our exclusive members along with a gift voucher to spend on their favourite products. Our platform revolutionizes the way customers discover products and delivers our brand partners a better way to access customers."

Within the box were a variety of healthy natural products I was surprised I really liked. Especially the natural nakd bars which were vegan and made with dates. I loved them plus with the makeup you were given 3 polishs and a lipgloss. So if you didn't like one colour you had a choice. In total 13 products (12 in a normal box, depending which subscription you choose).

So as you can see above which I should have pointed out first was the letter enclosed, £20 voucher code with the contents card. It was very personal and written to your name plus the box was courieried. The whole box design was very high quality and more of a feel that gives it a higher quality. So the price does show that box is of a higher standard and not just beauty. Its a lifestyle box. 

I loved and tried every product in this box, the popcorn was really good as the salt brought the slight sweetness in the taste. Very much an eye opener. 
The most surprising were the nakd health snack bars as they are vegan and I was like oooo I'm not sure but I nom'd these and I will defiantly be purchasing on my shopping list. 
The liquid lipstick is lovely consistency and not glossy at all just a lovely handbag product that I enjoy as are the varnishes which you can see in the swatch of my favourite polish colour, the purple. 

Also I have a 25% off voucher for anyone who wants to starts there own subscription. Using code : treat25

I can't thank Boxdelux enough for this chance to review this box.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Makeup Academy - MUA

So along with Vivo, I also use MUA as I call it. Now I've known of MUA for a while and been impressed with there palettes that I've bought the artiste and just purchased the Top model palette. As the MUA eyeshadows without a doubt are worth every penny.  As are the facial products, i use the powders regularly being £1 its really affordable and quality products. So i was thrilled to be sent 3 blushes of the range and see how the pigments were, as they have now branched in with Fashionista. So i did a comparison grid of pictures showing the blush, then in the pan and the swatch.

As you can see Lolly is a coral colour, candy-floss being a light pink and marshmallow being more of a candy pink blush to be used with a light hand to give a lovely flush of colour. These are impressive products from MUA and just shows quality. Barely needing to be built up and also can be used for eye-colour if you needed a pink of these colours. I would say these blushes are pigmented, feel silky to the touch and application. Blend in well to your facial makeup and also offer a fabulous value for money. 

I was kindly sent a few of there newly released "perfect pout" lip products in "Crazy in love and Runway" to trial and they are on the same track as the chubby lip products that all companies are bringing out this summer. I have some urban decay super saturated and using them to compare against. I was also sent a lipgloss as well in the standard tube in a lovely pink called "just incase" so again I've done a grid with the product and picture of the product applied. 

Now these perfect pouts are in amazing colours and the swatches are highly pigmented. Plus they can be built upon. I love these and will love to purchase more to compete my collection. They are affordable and in my opinion just as good as the higher priced versions. As you can see the swatches are amazing colour payoff and also apply easily, not a lot of pressure is needed. Amazing and surprised me that these power pouts are real contenders to the higher priced versions and offer quality. You wont be disappointed with these power pouts if you purchase them as they offer moisture to the lips, pigment and also a sleek, chic and quality package. 
Another great release from MUA.

I have also purchased the model palette and i will be reviewing this as i think for the price its amazing value.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Vivo cosmetics

So there is no surprise that its budget July. I love my cosmetics so much that I go a tad crazy and yes I know its 50% at the minute so I'm trying to be good but nope I can't stay away.  I was kindly sent some products to review by Vivo and oddly my friend had sent me 3 she saw in Tesco ,she thought I would like so I was over the moon. I really think I've stumbled onto a new favourite brand. Plus affordable and high quality. 

So I was really kindly sent these products and I'm so impressed that I really am wondering why do I crave high end so much ? Yes high end packaging will suck you in but really with even myself budgeting, why not have one treat and get a few items of quality from vivo. The Baked blush is lovely in a cinnamon glow with hints of peachy pink and golden tones. I love that you can use these blushes to give a light hint of glow or built to a real standout colour.  Lovely for the summer and a natural look. Pigment is fantastic and offers a lovely alternative to Skin-finish. Im defiantly going to be getting all of these when they are back in stock.

Then the "Show me the money palette" wow, pigmented and applies buttery with little fallout. They are online for £1.99 at the minute and i would purchase them all and now I'm kicking myself i didn't get the enchanted when i ordered the Artist palette. As the looks you can create with such pigmented and lovely colours is wonderful, they are shimmery but blend well together, the quick look i did below was simply using the pinks of the palette.Yet they merge into a beautiful look. Brilliant for any budget. 
I was sent there bronzer in Golden days. Firstly "OMG how big is this bronzer?" Perfect for holiday to use as a body bronzer but also to give that healthy glow you wish to have. I would also use this to give any if my powder products a bit of a lift, if I wanted to make a matte product have a little sparkle then a touch of this would help give a little definition. Its well worth the £4 price tag and its 50% off at the minute. 

Defiantly a product that can be built upon but so big I wouldn't carry this in my purse. However the baked bronzers are and offer just as much pigment, plus I have heard them being compared to skin finish by mac and honestly they are soft, give a great colour finish and look amazing. I would buy these now as they give the same effect. I'm now thinking save your money tara, buy vivo which is just as good, offers a great range of colour and feels good on the skin too. 

Look i created with the show me the money palette

Now my friend sent me a bronzer, blush and eyeshadow. Which have been her favourites and then another friend said try the duo blush and highlight as she had said these were her monthly favourites. So I saw the pigment in the eyeshadow and was over whelmed by how beautiful it was. This just screamed look-book to me.  So with the bronzer and blush swatches I had been wanting to use my collection. When my Artist palette arrives i will be doing more of a look as it has facial powder inside as well as a more neutral base of colour i would use. So we will be seeing more of Vivo over the month of July. Below is the sun kiss baked bronzer she sent me. 

If your on a tight budget or you want to save up but need a monthly fix of some makeup like me then take a look at Vivo. You won't be disappointed. Im actually kicking myself that i didn't order more then the artist palette as i should have ordered the eyeliners and other palettes to do looks with. However deals always come around and i will be grabbing the facial products next time. 
However for now if you haven't picked up anything in the 50% sale ... what are you waiting for ?

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