Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Look 1 - District 3 Electronics (Hunger games trilogy)

So this is the first Halloween look for you all and the list of products i have used in achieving it -

Now as you may know the second of the hunger games trilogy (Chasing fire) is coming before Christmas. So I decided after being inspired by the covergirl images, released of looks made from there products to do versions of my own.

Now the first and second I needed to do
my own stencils so I went to doing the third look freehand. 

  ---- So products used ---

Yon-ka Fruitelia moisturiser 
Illamasqua Hydra veil Primer
Illamasqua Rich liquid foundation - Shade/
Collection 2000 Illumimating concealer 
Chanel translucent powder
HD brows in foxy for brunettes 
Stila blush - Positively pink (Breast cancer awareness 2013 release)

Vice 2 palette - The silver is shellshocked and its so creamy, unlike a shadow that can be used so easily. Mix of Radar, Voodoo, Damaged, Lovesick on my eyes 
Loreal glam eyes - black eyeliner 
Perversion - black kohl eyeliner
The balm Lipstick - Mia Moore 

Brushes used from Nima Brush set (Elite collection)

Now like every routine I start with moisturising my face and applying primer. It's coming into winter so hydration is key. Then I let this absorb and apply dots of the Rich liquid foundation and then using my beauty blender dab this into the skin. It's a heavy and full coverage foundation, so I only need apply one layer to achieve the feeling I like. 

Then I will apply my concealer and highlight under my eyes to be dabbed again into the skin with my beauty blender.  This I then set with a powder and apply my blush, bronzer and highlight. Contour as needed too. So then I will prime my eyes and I mixed and blended a mix of blue, gold and green tones to give a peacock effect like a electric spark. Then lining with my black liquid liner and using that to make connections like a circuit board. 

In the book they are very exact in detailing the looks as well as the action. So I wanted to give a visual facial representation for the districts leading up to Halloween, also the film. So using a lot of Shellshock and lovesick. I did a numeral like the roman indication on a clock as there mark on the forehead to indicate its district 3. Then Shellshock for the silver electric surge and also it's how I feel the silver would be used, to give electricity in a visual by its natural most organic form. 

So I have a lot more looks to do and I will be showcasing my looks with the MesmerEyez contact lenses. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nourish - Argan skin renew


So this year I have been so blessed to be able to trial and tell all you my readers and afar of this amazing natural brand. There products started for me with a simple mini kit which was just amazing to so many of there lovely offerings. It really saw me evaluate my skincare regime much more closely with the hormonal issues I was having but how to deal with it in a more natural way.  So I was so kindly sent the Argan skin renew. 

                     They say 

Containing extracts from the miraculous Rose of Jericho to detect changes in the skin and repair & hydrate dramatically based on skin type and environment. Skincare is proactive, protective and individual. Advanced cellular enzymes help respond to damage and repair skin, whilst also reducing water loss and improving hydration. Cellular density is also imporved and effects of environmental and oxidative stress are reduced.  Clinically shown to increase skin hydration by 25% for 24 hours. Immediately replenishes moisture by 80%, 85% Organic.

It came in this lovely nourish box which has a simple logo but so professional and in touch with the times. I was also sent so kindly 2 samples of the golden shimmer, I know this product goes far and I've the big size. I've given a few samples of my full sized, to friends and family in sample jars. To show them how amazing it is and can turn a simple foundation to a luminous glow, highlight or even body shimmer. It's so multi-tasking and that's why I love it. 

So the Argan skin renew which was kindly sent is beautiful and rich cream, perfect for boosting hydration. Especially for the incoming winter season when dry patches are rife and hard to control. You want to wear makeup to cover this problem but worry that it will highlight these areas so skincare regime is essential. 

With the Argan skin renew it takes the properties of the Argan oil and vitamin E to maintain the skins anti ageing properties and appearance. Also the Rosé of Jericho is a naturally known source to boost the skins hydration. Therefore with this mix it's helping to naturally help the skins own properties then using artificial additives other creams use to achieve this. It's why I've been so impressed with natural brands this year and come to have a wonderful skincare routine with a few core products I know I can rely on. This now being one of them. I love Argan oil and I found it is a cream I will take down to my décolletage area aswell to maintain its hydration. 

A little goes a long way so you will only need a tiny amount on your fingers to rub into the skin and leave to absorb. This also absorbs very easily and is a light cream that you can apply as and when you need. I always moisturise in the morning and night time, as I find the cold at night does your face no favours being that it's the only part of your body exposed at night. So I like to have a good hydrating moisturiser that's light especially the evening as I don't like skincare to sit on my skin and just do nothing but leave me feeling unconfortable or else il wipe it off and use my regular regime. This absorbed and is now part of that regime as like I've said before sometimes I will shower earlier then I go to bed if I'm sore and moisturise 3/4 times a day. So I have 2 moisturisers I use and this is one of them. 

I just love Nourish's ethos and products they are something I now won't change,  as my skincare is at a point where I know what my skin likes and reacts too. The only skincare I will try new is bodycare as I feel that it's more important to me to maintain and manage my facial hydration then my body which I can cover with clothes. So yes I would fully recommend Nourish's Argan skin renew. 

Have you tried Nourish ? 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Children in need 2013 - Bear faced Appeal

Along with a host of internationally renowned celebrities, BBC Children in Need is excited to launch this year’s BearFaced Day. Together, they are askingwomen across the UK to join them in going BearFaced for BBC Children in Need on Friday 8th Novemberthe campaign simply asks for women to spend a day without makeup and pop on a Post Office Pawprint instead.  

Going BearFaced is a simple way to raise money for BBC Children in NeedWomen can either participate alone or set up a Bearfaced team with friends, family and colleagues to make the day more fun.

The stellar line-up includes TV favourites Laura Whitmore, Arlene Philips and Alex Jones. Outstanding actress Sheridan Smithsensational singer Kimberley Walsh, model and actress Suki Waterhouse andi talented artist Jo Wood. All have gone BearFaced in a make-up free photo-shoot by world renowned photographer, Rankin, to encourage women across the UK to unite to do the same.

Laura Whitmore said: Join me and hundreds of otherwomen, who are going BearFaced, let’s raise lots of money for children all over the UK, who need your help.” Kimberley Walsh said: “BBC Children in Need’sBearFaced Day campaign is such a brilliant way to raise money; will you be joining me this Friday 8th November?”  Sheridan Smith said: “Pop a Pudsey Pawprint on instead of your makeup to help make a difference to young lives across the UK; every penny raised really will help”


The Pawprints as seen on the BearFaced lineup are available now at Post Offices across the UK.  Women are encouraged to swap their makeup for a Post Office Pawprint to help make a difference to young lives.    

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Amie - All clear Instant Action, Spot cleansing gel

So my final review for Amie is the new All clear instant spot gel. Its a clear, light gel containing all the needed ingredients for quick removal of pesky blemishes and spots.

They say
All Clear Instant Action Spot Clearing Gel – is a super-effective treatment for spots and blemishes which starts working from the moment it is applied. This triple-action gel contains natural spot-busting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark, which immediately target spots and blemishes and help unclog pores to clear spots. All Clear also contains naturally active Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils which help prevent spots from forming and help keep skin clear and healthy. All Clear Instant Action Spot Clearing Gel’s triple-action effect comes from three key naturally active ingredients:

Salicylic Acid – is a natural ingredient derived from the bark of the willow tree which is an effective treatment for acne and oily skin. It works as a natural skin exfoliant by encouraging the peeling of the top layer of the skin and the opening of plugged follicles which helps spots and blemishes to clear up. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve the swelling and soreness that is associated with spots and acne.
Eucalyptus Oil – possesses potent antiseptic properties and is helpful in the healing and drying up of spots and blemishes. Eucalyptus Oil also contains antibacterial qualities that target the blemish-causing bacteria on the skin to help prevent further outbreaks of spots and acne.
Peppermint Oil – is a natural cleanser and decongestant for the skin. Not only does it cool the skin and reduces acne inflammation but it inhibits the bacterial growth that can lead to the inflammation of hair follicles that allows spots to form.

Suitable for sensitive skin, Amie’s All Clear Instant Action Spot Clearing Gel will help soothe and calm irritated skin and encourage natural skin cell exfoliation, leaving skin clear, fresh and healthy. Use morning and night for best results.

So as always it comes wrapped in the well known pink tissue with Amie logo sticker. Professional and lovely packaging that shows effort from the start your order is received. 

So 15mls is contained within this spot gel container and a little goes far as you need a dot literally. The pointed dispenser means you can target the spot with no need to touch it and just apply a little dot, allow this to dry on its own and absorb in. You then don't risk the chance of touching any further parts of your face and having more little spot friends popping up. 

As you can see the consistency is not too runny and a little dot will pretty much stay in place but if you insist in touching your face then I would disinfect before and after. As a spot is a bacteria after all and you should use an antiseptic wash before and after. To stop the spread of bacteria, I love this product and for a natural product. I do find this lovely and would prefer this then high concentrate acid only product. This actually takes natural ingredients as well as well known acids that kill acne bacteria. Nice addition to the Amie facial system they have if you suffer from acne, I have had a few spots with the monthly hormonal week. This removes them quick as stops the really red and basically pus stage if caught quick enough.  

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Urban Decay - Naked Skin Ultra definition Pressed finishing Powder

Well wow we all knew the Urban decay Naked range, but never did I see this little beauty popping up in my wildest dreams. I'm so glad I did purchase this. 

They say
It’s the next evolution in Naked Skin. Designed to be virtually invisible once applied, our high-tech, jet-milled powder has an insanely silky texture that feels amazing on your skin. Optical blurring pigments instantly minimize imperfections, diminish shine and create a stunning soft-focus effect that looks professionally retouched.  Unlike powders that leave skin looking chalky or cakey, Naked Skin Finishing Powder gives you a radiant complexion and NATURAL-looking Naked coverage. (And just wait until you see how it enhances the already-luminous finish of Naked Skin Beauty Balm and Naked Skin Liquid Makeup.) 
Our gorgeous gunmetal and champagne custom compact is so luxe, it even has a Naked-embossed push button. The top compartment includes a full-size mirror—perfect for on-the-go touchups—and a separate compartment underneath holds the applicator sponge. When you’re done applying, just slip the case into the pretty carrying pouch to keep it protected in your bag. 

In light of the Naked skin and Beauty balm it only made sense that a powder followed. This is packaged beautifully firstly, inside you expect just a compact but no not Urban decay. They don't do "just" makeup they make it so your purchase is one of consistent awe. The bag it comes within is just something we come to expect of high end powders. Then I think why ? Maybe other companies should take note and yes a fancy fabric maybe just that but it separates it from its rivals. Now I know that the product is just as important however the thought to see the consumer is not disappointed you can see in this product, from start to finish. 

So there is a fair selection but I did see that swatches showed it does come up lighter so I did go for the medium light instead of light. As I didn't want it to make me look ghostly. 

Again its buttery to the touch and a lovely fine milled powder that applies lovely and I really like the poof for touch ups. So I've left it included in the compact, I don't feel like this would shatter easy in my bag and even thought the purple bag is lovely. If that was to happen my bag wouldn't be ruined as it would be contained in this bag. So its so unique in its concept that I really do prefer this to my Mac sheer pressed powder, I feel its a better powder for my skin in texture and just look wise. I don't find the colour match too easy is my only critasism as I feel if they have a naked skin foundation surely the colour matching should be to the foundation produced. It just makes sense in my book, but it probably will come in when more shades are released. 
I find my MAC is good but needs more touching up and can go cakey if I overuse, so while the naked can come across being more yellow then the MAC NC25, I don't know I just feel I haven't needed to touch up at all and it also with the naked had the buttery nature to offer another layer of coverage. If you don't want a heavy cream foundation then you can go for a light-Medium coverage and use this to add additional coverage.

Overall I can't say which I prefer as I love my MAC powder for reasons (doesn't break me out, less yellow and easier to shade match)  and I love the naked by Urban decay for other reasons. (Buttery, extra coverage, compact and easy to use, more sturdy packaging) Being of the same price range the only way I can say which il prefer is now, value for money to which I hit pan on and which one makes my skin not dry out as much. I will probably move from the MAC NC25 to the Prep and prime blot powder when I do hit pan as I have the NARS which I love but it's not a blot powder so I will probably invest in that. I hoard compacts as I love them lol it's my thing ... I'm bad I know.... 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

MesmerEyez Contact lenses

The mesmerEyez company is known for the contact lenses they produce for special effects or everyday use, just as a change. They are comfortable and offer a range of either daily, monthly or 3 monthly options and also the solution to maintain them.

They say 

MesmerEyez cosmetics have grown to become the No.1 brand in eye colour change. A British brand leading the world in cosmetic eyewear, MesmerEyez are changing millions of eyes around the globe comfortably and easily without affecting vision. MesmerEyez eyewear has taken the cosmetics industry by storm featuring in Vogue, Grazia and London Fashion Week. Many professional international make-up artists regularly use MesmerEyez to change eye colour, including Aymai Nishimura who works with Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Vivienne Westwood. Thanks to the  celebrity and media endorsement, together with undisputed quality and comfort, MesmerEyez has a global cult-like following. 
2005  1st and only brand to offer cosmetic eye wear maufactured with the worlds thinnest contact lens technology offering unparalleled comfort and quality.
2006  1st Brand to offer a wide selection of 3 monthly disposable eye wear 
2007  1st company to offer 1 monthly and 3 monthly disposable cosmetic eye wear.
2008  1st Cosmetic eyewear company to offer 120ml “No rub” care solution with it products.
2009  Worlds largest range of colour, over 300 different colours available in daily,monthly, and 3 monthly disposable wear.  Worlds 1st Daily cosmetic eye wear available in a single pair.
2010  Worlds 1st XtremeEyez Crazy Halloween 1 Day Contact lenses - Massive Global Hit
2011  Worlds Largest Range of 1 Day XtremeEyez Halloween Contact Lenses
2012  Worlds First 1 Day Glow in the Dark Ultra Violet contact lenses

In 2010, our managing director and company founder Riz Navsarka was awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at Wembley Stadium , London. In 2012 Riz also achieved "Young Achiever of the year 2012" and "Small Business of the year 2012 finalist". Our mission at MesmerEyez is to be the company that best understands eye colour change.To lead, innovate and bring our customers the most comprehensive choice with the best quality and comfort.

So I was kindly given 3 sets to use and the solution to maintain them all. Now I have purposely kept these for looks as I want to show these to there potential and also I am doing the post now to show how easy they are to insert. So within the next 3 weeks you will see 3 posts with each set of lenses, it will be labelled with the colour I used. I will also add onto this post below which looks if you miss the link.

So they each come with a bottle of solution and a case included to keep the lenses protected after you remove them from the casing they come in. Now I've seen other sets of lenses, I can say without a doubt MesmerEyez are the safest I've had to remove then the glass bottles other companies use.

Included in the solution with free case for storage

So as I said I was sent some lovely colours. I removed them and soaked them in solution for the night to ensure they are clean. I'm overly protective with my eyes and I've seen some people use them and also injuries if not used properly. 

Sets i will be using in my looks (Violet - Jade Green and Blue)

So then the next day I removed them and for ease I used a little bowl to remove the lenses with my finger and put them in the water. Now I personally sterilise my water by boiling it and letting it cool then have it in a bottle separate in my fridge for this. Maybe over the top but hey I'm kinda a clean freak as I pick up infection so easy. I also use a purcell alcohol gel to disenfect my hands, its hospital grade but wash your hands before touching the lense and inserting.

So the quickest way I do this is to have a mini mirror above me then pull my lower lid down look up and insert. If you have smaller eyes like my husband (as he wears contacts) then use the same technique but your forefinger to keep the top lid open. He says it helps, so now this below is the Jade green inserted in my eye to show how it should fit and look. 

Blink when you put it in and it will move to the centre of the eye. To remove then again sanitise your hands, hold the lower lid and slightly pinch the bottom of the lense and it should be enough to remove. You don't need much pressure to pinch or wet your finger with clean water and just use this to aid inserting and removing. We have both found having wet fingers help keep this comfortable and the eye less irritated.

Colour chart ( 1day up to 3 monthly contacts available)

It's just practice and if you use glitter for your eye look insert your lenses first so no glitter can get under the lense. 

So as you can see above the massive collection of lenses available. I will be investing in some more as I love them for comfort and ease.

Dove- New Deeply Nourishing bodywashes

So Dove is a well known and loved brand  for moisture and care to the skin. Helping sensitive skins and also with the added moisture and lack of impurities. 

They say 
What is the Dove Difference? Nourishment. Only Dove Body Wash has NutriumMoisture™ - our unique blend of moisturisers enriched with skin-natural lipids, which absorbs into the skin to nourish while you shower. Used everyday, it helps restore skin's strength from the inside for longer lasting more beautiful skin. Deeply nourishing. Clean rinsing. Always beautiful.

Okay so this new Dove smells amazing and it's not overwhelming as with every shower or product for the bathroom, I see if a man can use them and know the difference. As I don't have a huge bathroom so I can't go clogging my shower with a load of product as my husband bless him where would his I ? So he will engage in this and try it to see if its overpowering in smell or just basically not manly. 

So he as did I use this all through the month and I will say the deeply nourishing in the unisex just plain Dove no scent formula. This was used by us both and loved, it's makes you feel extremely soft. Lovely plus loved by my husband and not noticeable so this is unisex. 
Now the blue fig and Orange blossom is my favourite of the two, I loved this scent because it's lovely in the shower and really relaxing. Now my husband tried this and said it was relaxing and it's not unmanly to enjoy the process of washing. We both have candles in the bedroom lit so yes obviously I need to cream and he helps me due to my needs and helping me. However he used this scent and we both smelt after and it disperses quite quick so no man could not pick this up and think its just for a woman. Plenty of men love fruity scents and this is not overly powerful so it can be used also as a unisex shower product. 

I really rate these Dove new washes as they do give you a lovely moisturising shower with clean fresh feeling. So why not try them as they are essential for the home and an everyday use product. This is about beauty and not just makeup. 
Dove is a brand we use to maintain and upkeep our appearance, so we need to also review the essentials then the high end products. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Stila - Positively Pink Breast cancer awareness Products 2013

So again another beautiful addition to the breast cancer awareness month of October from Stila. 

This beautiful blush is just divine, with the ribbons being the highlight shimmer to the colour when applied so you can build this up. Its a beautiful lightly dusky pink and just amazing payoff for a healthy glow look. It's meant to just add to the natural colour you have and in that sense it's just a blush to have for everyday use and who wouldn't want this in there bag to showcase for support to a wonderful cause?
So it's proudly in my makeup bag for this month and again unless stipulated it will be the blush I will be using in all my looks this month. 
So the colour is "Positively pink" bringing forth the message to everyone that this is a cancer that does have a lot of support and positive actions in place to help beat this form of the disease. We all should be positive in the life we own but also adopt the choice to check our breast's or have the dr check if any way you are worried. If you don't know how to check then I have linked on every page the breast cancer website which has a in depth how to check yourself checklist. The products go to funding this amazing charity but if by spreading the message of checking ourselfs helps save life's then we should encourage in chats between girlfriend and also partners.

Thank you too stila for again supporting this cause by bringing a beautiful inspired blush to the table and also helping fund a brilliant cause. We have amazing cosmetic support and it's just something we should recognize that I know these companies take time to produce a product to aid donations.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

AKA Makeup

Is not a brand I've heard of but was asked to review by a blogger community site. So we received a lipstick, eyeshadow duo and nail polish. 

They say :

A.K.A is a new and exciting cosmetic brand formed in 2011. The company behind the brand are based in the UK with the majority of the goods produced in the UK.

The concept  The act of putting on your makeup is almost a ritual. As the makeup goes on you grow in confidence and the excitement starts to grown in anticipation of the times yet to come. As the layers of colour are applied your personality can change, a playful self starts to come out, any inertia to the ensuing activity brushes away revealing another you that is raring to go. This other you transformed by the application of makeup is where the notion of A.K.A comes from. There is power to do whatever you desire with your alter ego. The way that the application of colour makes you feel as your other you is also emblazoned on all the packaging. This statement is on the pressed powders and also on the boxes reminding you of the journey you are about to take 
Influence, captivate, smoulder and shine with the looks you can achieve. Stunning colours and careful picked shade structures give you the palette to achieve many different looks. Day, night, party, work or play it will not phase you with this solid range. 
The range is designed for covering your basic requirements yet with a smothering of some fun colours to set you out from the crowd.

The set came in a professional bag and with a lovely booklet to explain the products etc. The outer packaging in white is really professional looking however the packing the product comes in does look a little cheap. 

So with the eyeshadow duo it comes off with a silvery taupe colour then a matte/satin version. So I do think the pigment is good payoff and blends well, so the eyeshadow is a good product. However the casing needs to be updated and the sponge applicators are rough to the touch. If this was all you had to use I would use my finger. 

So this is how it applies and blends, so its sort of a taupe colour. Its rough to show the payoff together and i use these as blending colours to my smokey eyes where i don't want to use a full on black.

Next the lipstick was a real confusion item for me as it looked like a nice red but then on swatching was so sheer. It came across as a tinted balm or lip butter , there is some colour payoff but not what i would consider good if your saying this is lipstick. So again this needs a reformulating or rebranding to not mislead consumers as to the colour payoff. However on the lips it does give a tint to the lips which i liked as its a raspberry red colour, great for the incoming winter and if you want just a tint. 

The nail polish is probably the only item that was true to colour and description. It was a silvery, taupe colour which i loved and was really impressed with. It didn't chip or need more then one coat to reach the colour payoff shown. I added two to give it more of a duo-chrome affect as it looks grey in some lights then a dazzling silvery taupe in another light. So this was a really nice colour and called "tarnish" which was lovely. 

So overall im not too impressed, i think the lipstick needs to be more pigmented and less sheer of a formula or re-named. I don't like the packaging at all i think it needs updating and more of a push into the better market, the white plastic is not at the higher end of the spectrum. The nail polish was really impressive and actually lived up to its colour pay off, the eyeshadow was not as good as it could have been. The colours are not new and there are cheaper better brands on the market so its going to be lost in a market thats hard to crack. With some changes then A.K.A could be an amazing brand it has the professional presentation and look, it just needs to make some tweaks to the packaging.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Love me Beauty - September 2013 Menu

So what was is now Love me beauty and i will admit i was dubious but wow nope they are still offering above average offerings of products to trial with the same chance to pick your box from 3 options.

They say 

IT’S  WHAT’S  ON  THE  OUTSIDE  THAT COUNTS    When it comes to packaging, that is. And we strive to ensure ours has the lowest possible impact on the world around us.  That’s why every box that arrives at your door is 100% recyclable.  We even measure the carbon impact of each of our packs, and always live by the following rules:
Less is more: use as little material as possible per box
Old is new: go for as much recycled and recyclable material as possible
Carbon is bad: deliberately avoid high carbon materials
(Don’t worry – we make sure our packaging protects your products just as much as it does our planet!)

It’s all good saying we’ll help towards a brighter future for our planet – but what about those living in it who need a little help too?  Well, that’s where our legacy comes in. We allocate a percentage of the business’ profits to charities that are close to our hearts and our homes. The overall vision being to promote a sustainable future for people and planet alike.

Contents : 
Anatomicals - No bags allowed eye gel
  Murad -  Osmolyte Tonic
Essential care - Lip care balm
Artdeco - Eyeshadow primer
Matriskin - Vitamin C Serum

So i know the Anatomicals brand and I've not had a great experience with the products I've had before but i will give anything a try and will use this. I think its only fair to try a product then just tar a brand by a few not to my taste products.

Also i know essential care and i love the Lip balm as i go through lip balm like its going out of fashion over winter, so i gladly took another one into the stash. So well stocked for winter and natural brand i really like is brilliant. This essential care brand is really good for any skin especially if you want to go natural, so i really enjoyed the light moisturiser in a previous beauty box and have sachets i take with me to hospital when i go. So i know it wont irritate my skin and reliable.

So with this box you may think its not looking much, but believe me that little bottle of Matriskin serum you see itself is worth £40 so thats the box over and above paid for. Now your thinking why is there no Nip and fab product ? Well honestly i don't use leg products bar a razor as ok news to the blog, a first time announcement. Im a amputee and have one leg so having a leg product goes to no use, i explained this to Love me Beauty and i can say the best customer service ever as they offered me a selection of products they had left and i could replace the nip and fab. I loved the ArtDeco primer so i defiantly wanted a backup for the one i use.

Murad spritz is a great addition to the mix as with winter and blemishes, cold and bugs floating around what better then reliable brand to help nourish and keep your skin as in good condition it can be.
This Osmolyte tonic is the perfect refresher to the skin.

I really love this box so much, its natural and offers an amazing value for money. I love that i have a choice of 3 boxes each month as not everyone likes the same things but there is a box there I've never not liked nor had the option given to me to skip the month or trade one product for a choice of another. Thats customer service the bigger brands need to listen to and watch as Love me Beauty i hope continues to rise and meet the competitors as they will be given a shock.
So if they can get more natural brands on board then i will be defiantly enjoying the ride to see and try quality samples, as so far I've not had a bad box.

Come on natural brands !! sign up to this box and promote your products as its really being enjoyed from what i can tell by its subscribers.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...