Monday, 29 June 2015

Stargazer Cosmetics

Stargazer has a large selection of products that fit all needs of the makeup industry. So if your a beginner or pro, they cater for all. I love there pigments and bronzer, so im excited to move up using more special Fx products. 

Stargazer was established in 1978 with the opening of a stall in the Great Gear Market on the Kings Road London. Kings Road was the centre of the punk fashion in London at the time, and it was this attitude towards colour and outrage that moulded many of the company’s ideas behind the ranges we produce. We are still based in the UK.
We have expanded our product range considerably, in an effort to offer our customers a wide range of cosmetics and hair colouring products with a wild, colourful and in your face feel to them. Stargazer now is sold across the world- so grab your Stargazer products today and be part of the Stargazer colour.

Wet Cover colour is a Theatrical make up that is applied with water. The strong colour pigment is very long lasting Theatrical quality colour for hold under hot lights and difficult situations. The colours can be blended together for further shades is ideal for flat areas and is also suitable for all styles of body and face painting.

These colours are water activated body paint. I picked these colours as i have a Harley Quinn and Enchantress look planned. 

Tip : Roll the brush so the excess water comes out in the pan and wont water down your opaqueness. 

I primed and moisturised my face as normal and let them dry before application. You can use them with makeup brushes, they will wash clean just as easily. So i got my brush slightly wet and then mix within the pan to get an opaque colour. Then i took the paint and brushed it on, I used a makeup sponge to blend the lines and also give the dry raised skin texture. (Harley Quinn has bleached her skin to be like her love Joker "Mr J", so i imagined it would be dry and almost paint peel like.)  

I used half the pan of Wet colour in white to obtain this effect, by stippling the sponge over the drying paint. It takes a few minutes to dry, also the paint in the pan dries so keep the brush moving. Also add more water and keep your brush wet.  I have Red, Pink, Black & White. I used small artists brushes to do detail work. I swapped the Red for an eyeshadow as it was coming up more of a russet red then a blood red. Harley Quinn is very much blood red and using the black for detailing was very easy. 

I found the Wet colours very easy to use and whilst this look took me a while to plan and do, i think the time taken gave me a really good result. I think the wet colours are very multifunctional in there ability to be mixed and the vast selection. I only need 4 shades to do looks which are very different, Harley Quinn has had many different looks and i really hope to do most of them. The above is inspired from the new Suicide squad movie cast picture. I am loving the more artistic side of this makeup and cant wait to experiment some more. 

NB : *My eyeliner, eyeshadow's and lip colours will be reviewed separately*

Mi Ti Hair Ties - Supplied by Lacey's Hair & Beauty

Having long hair means using loads of product's and hair ties. I too stock up on the hair ties i know wont pull, dent or damage my hair. Plus wont break by the sheer volume of hair I have when im out, leaving me with an unruly head of hair. 

About us : The gentle hair tie for you and your hair. Mi Salon Series is a brand developed to bring the best of salon professional products to both the salon and their clients. Mi Salon Series' Mi Ti gentle hair ties have been developed to fulfil crucial hair up needs.
  • - the perfect hold
  • - gentle on the hair
  • - ideal during sleep
  • - for all types of hair
  • - leaves no hair indent
  • - reduced head stress

These hair ties come in a wide range of colour's for any occasion. Available in a 3 pack and the colour being made visable by the top of the pack. For my thick hair they are a godsend. I have curly long hair which when need's tying back or overnight to help prevent huge knots. I also have an array of wigs which i use Mi Ti's for, as i know the hair will not become tangled or damaged. As wigs are not cheap. 

In my latest lookbook photos you can see how i used the red & blue version. This shows up really well on how they look when using within your hair. They are simple to use and easily removed with no hair's getting matted or damaged. 

Im loving all the bright colours to co-ordinate them with my outfit and keep my long hair up. These Mi Ti's also do not kink my hair if i straighten it, which takes a while as my hair is very curly. If you find they are becoming mis-shapened or loose you only need drop them in hot water, I will be trying this when they do shop signs of give. So thats a real lifesaver to anyone whom uses and breaks hairbands frequently. As my hair is thick and curly, hairbands snapping is a real issue and having to carry spare's. Mi Ti's eliminated my need to carry spare's or worry about breaking when i go to tie my hair back. Im a huge fan of this hair-tie and think they are great long lasting, efficent and colourful range.  
Supplied by : 
Lacey's has been providing the highest level of service to the hair and beauty industry since 1989. We have continued to enhance our portfolio with the highest quality salon products available including salon furniture and design.

I want to say thank you to Lacey's for providing me with these amazing Mi Ti hairband's. They are perfect for anyone with hair that can be difficult to tie up. 
Lacey's stock the most beautiful salons across the country with a wide variety of product's. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Ihearthomes - June Edition

Its my favourite time of the month again, my ihearthomes subsctiption box. I have the £10 subscription currently which I'm going to increase too the £15 for next month. 

They say
ihearthomes are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. 

We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.


- "Be you" inspiration card
- "Queen bee" Plaque 
- Flowerpot pen
- Refresher sweet
- Little bird brooch 
- Little bird Locket
- 4 Tweety pegs
- Butterfly gift tag

"Queen bee" Plaque 
Is a really well made and decorative plaque. I will have this above my vanity or on my wardrobe, to just liven up what can be a quite bland area of the room. Really lovely brightly coloured item. 

4 Tweety pegs
Ive just started journalling and these peg's are perfect. They are multifunctional so if you have a pin board or need to secure documents, then these peg's are perfect. Mine will hold important letter's in my journal, adding a little brightness to it. 

"Be you" inspiration card
I love the inspirational card's, as they are fantastic to write on and send to friend's. So im loving having these each month. 

Butterfly gift tag
This little gift tag is a beautifully vintage item. It adds a little touch to any gift and there is enough space for a short message.  

Flowerpot pen
What an utterly adorable item, perfect for anyone whom likes journalling or anyone with young children. It can be used by budding gardeners whom want to have some fun stationary. Its very summery cute box filler.

Little bird brooch
This isnt really my cup of tea as i dont wear brooch's, however my friend loves bird's so im sure she will adore this. Its a lovely item and very chic for anyone whom likes accessories being more unique. 

Little bird Locket Keyring
My joint favourite item of this months box, made by Sass and Belle. Its a beautifully enamelled locket with a mirror and space for a photo inside. The photo can be a decent size also and not a tiny one. Really happy to have this and be able to put this on my keychain. 

Refresher sweet
Sweety, now you cant not like a sweetie. I cant eat this as im diabetic but my nephew sure will love this. No sweets go to waste. 

This month's box was lovely and full of summery items. The items are all beautiful for my home and Journal with exception of the brooch being not really to my taste,. I love the locket for my keychain and plaque to brighten up my wardrobe. The flowerpot pen and 4 tweety peg's are perfect for my journalling and will make a lovely edition to my stationary collection. The gift tag, inspiration card and refresher are lovely box fillers that are universal. The card can be framed and also given to cheer a friend up in times where a good word can be as good as a hug. Im really enjoying the happy mail boxes and find them such a refreshing change from beauty boxes. I can't wait to subscribe to the bigger box and see the difference in contents. Excited for July's box now.  

Monday, 22 June 2015

My little French Riviera box - June edition

So with spring blooming into summer. The flowers and pollen at an all encompassing part of this season. Yet sunshine and relaxation go hand in hand, as we soak up the energy boosting vitamin D (with SPF of course) and enjoy the season while we have it. This month's theme is the French riviera and it's in collaborarion with Sarah Lavoine.
They say : 
- Must-have beauty products 
(including one from our own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) 
- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 
- Our magazine (My Little World) 
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 

Content's for this month edition : 
- Sarah Lavoine Sunglasses 
- My little world magazine
- Planter pot 
- My beauty bag 
- Quote card 
- Sarah Lavoine Sunglasses  

Made by hip interior designer Sarah Lavoine. With a purple tinge to these lightweight round frame's and gold initialing on the sides. Minimalistic and stylish, the perfect sunglasses for you handbag. Supplied with a cleaning cloth.

- My beauty bag

Each month we receive a beauty bag full of item's. Also recieving an item from the My little beauty range. This month we received :
Nail polish by Sarah lavoine
- Kerastase :Ciment thermique Blow-dry care
My little beauty :Sea salt scrub

My beauty bag was not my favourite for the month, only because i really have had enough of nail polish. The colour and coverage is really good,I'd rather recieve a more summery item like a hair band etc. We cant have it all and thats my only gripe really with the beauty bag. The sea salt scrub is a really nice and fresh smelling sample, il enjoy using this.

- My little world magazine

Has Sarah on the cover and the theme of ocean summer sun and beauty tutorial's. Im still not keen on the fold out magazine for sheer ease of use i prefer the old style.

- Planter pot 

Made by Kanako this pot can be used to plant some summer flowers, fruits or use it to store your makeup brushes and pens. Either way you choose to use this pot will be a lovely addition to your home.  The planter pot is a little confusing as I'm not a green fingered person. Yet i can use this to store my makeup brushes, as it is a roomy pot it will come in handy somewhere I'm sure. 

- Quote card

These are my favourite items in each box, collecting them for writing card's. They are beautifully illustrated, I'm sure anyone would love them as a greeting within a parcel. 

So this month is perfect for summer and the nautical theme of the french riviera. The sunglasses are light, stylish and a lovely colour, so for that i really like this item for my handbag. Overall a bit of a hit and miss box, which was bound to happen sometime. This is really was only a miss due to the nail polish and planter for me. So i really cant wait for next month's box. This month the art work on the box is really stunning.  

Kiss Acrylic Nail's

So its no secret that i love Kiss nails. I bit my nails since i can rembember and now i finally have growth, as let's be honest its not a pretty look. Now as i have no strength in my nails as of yet, the acrylic nails by kiss are perfect to protect and preserve my progress. As trust me an acrylic nail is not a nice thing to chomp on as your daydreaming. Also disclaimer #donttrythat folks, just my experience in life. 

They say : 
 Acrylic-infused nails deliver a flawless French manicure that costs less than a salon.

Acrylic-infused technology delivers a flawless French manicure that’s 2X stronger than other brands. The easy-to-apply nails go on with a seamless cuticle line so they look natural, and have a perfect French smile line that’s consistent on every nail. 

Nail Type:
- French Line Thickness:Extra Thick
- Smile Lines: Curve
- Bed Colour: Hot Pink

What you'll get:
28 French Nails in 14 Sizes
- Pink Gel Glue (2g)
- Mini File
- Manicure Stick

We start as with all nails by preparing fully, so remove any nail varnish and if you can buff your cuticles. This job makes me a little jumpy as in nails salons ive had my cuticles ripped to shreads so now i do my own nails. Honestly they last me because i do follow and add my own steps to my nails to make them last.

Ive had so many people ask me how do i make home kit nails last and its simple, judge your nails condition. If you have super short nails the you may need the glue version rather then adhesive backs. Again if you have some length get the appropriate size and adhesive needed. The beauty of Kiss kits is that its all supplied. 

Once your nails are prepped and bone dry, size each nail before you attemt to glue them. I set mine on the table working from pinky finger to thumb laid out. 

Tips : Always work from pinky to thumb and apply thumbs when all others are glued firmly. Also glue your non-dominant hand first especially if your not used to doing activities with Acrylic nails. 

Application : 
Take the nails and place them acrylic side down. (Its easier to pick them up and work quicker with the glue).  Open the glue and work on one nail at a time, firstly apply glue to the nail bed. Then apply glue to the bottom third of your acrylic nail. 

Now get your acrylic and place the tip on your cuticle, from there place it down so all air gets removed and the surface areas fully adhere together.  Now you just apply all the nails and don't be too heavy handed on the glue. You should now have beautiful nails. 

I love my Kiss nails and i admit my thumbs can come off but these nails are much shorter then the others. So the less nail space the likely hood is one will ping off but the glue and spare nails make an easy fix up. I would say dont go for the longest if your nails are super short, as with all things you start small then build up. Then you will have a wonderful set of nails and foundation to work on. 

If you would like a picture board on application or more tips then il post one on my instagram. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

MakeupNailsTan - BH Cosmetics

Im a die hard make up and beauty lover so when i find a company that supplies my favourite brand's, im on cloud nine. USA companies are becoming more expensive with shipping so why not make the most of british supplier's. MakeNailsTan is a beauty lovers shopping heaven. 

About us : 
MakeupNailsTan UK, is a place where you can get your cosmetic fix. Getting that ‘I just walked out the salon’ look can be tricky but we have you covered! From BH Cosmetics to Nail Art and Professional Tanning Products to use at home you will look amazing everyday. 

Our Blog gives you the low down on whats hot and whats not, making it easy for you to re-create looks and stay ahead of the fashions… We have experts on hand to give you those important insider tips and hints along the way so you can become your own Make Up Artist, Nail Artist and Expert in Self Tan.

BH Cosmetic's : 88 Matte Palette

Your eyes are radiant masterpieces, and they deserve this classic 88 Colour Matte Eyeshadow Palette’s bold strokes of beauty. Eye makeup in buttercup yellows, rich reds, and leaf greens highlight gorgeous eyes. Satin golds, sassy turquoises, and plum colours make a fun fashion statement that bring glamour to another level.

This palette has the whole spectrum of colour needed, for any possible look you could want to achieve. The lighter colours are perfect base transitions to the more vibrant colours at the base of the palette. I would just say go mad with this and experiment, i have some comic book looks coming for summer/Autumn. I would say the perfect palette for travel, family occasions and any collection needing those pops of colour. 

Above are some swatches from the palette (any requests il happily post shades via my facebook page). As you can see they are vibrant and intensely pigmented. Easily blendable and can be built upon with primer or no primer, so if your new to makeup this is perfect. I would say if you want these colours more vibrant, use a white primer/base and they will become more intense. The shades above are swatched with no primer.  

Look book 

My look i chose to use green with a partial cut crease, using the mix of darkest brown and gold mixed. The dark brown and gold tones work better with green, rather then a flat black plus they can be built and defined more. Then the brow and inner highlight of the pale yellow help keep this crease blended and clean. I will be doing a host of looks with this palette so watch my Instagram and facebook for the tags. Overall i love Bh cosmetics and have many of there product's and brushes. For the price they are pigmented and the perfect range of products for anyone who loves makeup. Some shades can be a little powdery but i use shadow shield's so a little fallout for amazing pigment is a small price to pay. I even have fallout with some high end shadows, so its just part and parcel of powder shadow formulas.

Instagram : @makeupnailstan

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Kiss Lashes - True Volume *Chic

Lashes are essential addition's I love to add too my look to help boost my eye-makeup, when mascara just isn't enough oomph. Kiss lashes were what I used to learn with using there applicator kit. The confidence and boost a set of lashes can give to an eye look is phenomenal. 

They say :
Bring the Salon Home.  97% of lash users feel the difference. They say looks so natural and feel softer than other fake lash. *Result observed in a consumer panel study.
  • Looks fuller yet natural 
  • Natural plump
  • Tapered end lash
  • Contact lens friendly
  • 100% natural hair

How to apply
- Check fit : Lay lash on top of your natural lash. Trim if needed. Apply Kiss adhesive to lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become slightly clear and tacky. Apply lashes along natural lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely. *Tip: For best results use with Kiss Strip Eyelash Adhesive.

These lashes give a flirty boost to my eye's natural lashes. Adding much needed volume and length. They fit the eye area well and also apply very easily. You can use a whole strip or cut in half, to add length to the outer edge of the eye. The thin band goes snuggly up to the natural lash, they are multifunctional and also re-usable. 

The look above shows the lashes look natural and fit well to the lash line. They blend well with your lashes and if they are too long they can be trimmed down. I will curl the length back on next use, as they are long when i open my eyes. As always Kiss deliver beautifully designed lashes for all occasion. I find they are the easiest lashes to use and apply, even for beginners. 

If you are new to applying lashes then you can use the Kiss lash application kits, which can help you become more confident. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...